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WellWell Review – Taste Great?

The world is facing a huge problem. Unfortunately, it’s a problem that most people suffer from, but very few people notice. This problem is dehydration. While most people notice when they’re thirsty, what many people don’t know is that by the time they’ve noticed they’re thirsty, they are more than likely chronically dehydrated. Even with access to as much clean water as they could ever want, most people in the Western world go through their lives constantly dehydrated.

Studies and research has shown that at any given time, almost 75% of the population in the United States is suffering from dehydration. These numbers are astounding, especially given how easy it is for people in this country to find and drink water. The problem is, most people don’t realize they’re dehydrated, overlooking the symptoms of dehydration as being part of everyday life.

While most people don’t drink enough because they don’t realize it, there are also those who don’t drink water simply because they don’t like water. For these people, there is an even bigger problem that they face. For one, they have to drink something, even if it isn’t water. Secondly, this often leads to them drinking things that are not at all healthy for them.

From sodas and coffee to sugar filled fruit drinks and sports drinks, even when people in the United States are drinking, they’re drinking the wrong things. A huge reason for this is because there is such easy access to the types of drinks that aren’t good for the body. And, even if people aren’t drinking water, they need to be drinking things that have some sort of benefits, instead of the sugary drinks that will cause them crashes and only contribute to their dehydration.

WellWell is a new type of drink. While it’s not water, it’s the perfect drink alternative for those who want to stay hydrated, but also provide their bodies with a little extra boost to get through the day. WellWell is offering people across the country a new way of drinking juice, a healthier, better, and improved way.

What is WellWell?

WellWell is a new line of cold-pressed juices that is taking the world by storm. Even people who don’t like drinking water are drawn to juices, which is why WellWell knew it had to do something to make the juices available to people healthier. In an effort to change the way the world sees juice, WellWell started making its own high quality juices, ones that were both refreshing, rejuvenating, and good for the health.

WellWell only uses organic fruits and vegetables for its juices. Not only are the fruits used for WellWell of a superior quality, but the process in which WellWell makes these juices is also superior. Because WellWell uses a cold pressured method to make its juices, the nutrients that are such a huge part of the ingredients used in juices are kept intact. These nutrients, ones that are so often not found in more traditional juices, are able to give the body the boost it needs to get through the day.

The key to the success of WellWell is found in its ingredients. Because every juice is crafted to offer drinkers specific benefits, they are able to provide users with exactly what they need to exercise better, focus more, and keep going, no matter what life throws at them.

WellWell Ingredients

Each bottle of WellWell contains three crucial ingredients. And, each of these three ingredients was added to WellWell in order to give drinkers important and very specific benefits. It is these ingredients that separates WellWell from more traditional drink options available on the market today.

The first ingredient found in WellWell is lemon. WellWell uses biodynamic lemons to help support the immune systems of its drinkers. Lemons are filled with flavonoids and vitamin C. Both these nutrients work as antioxidants, helping the body clear itself of toxins and buildup that could negatively affect the digestive system, as well as general health. By adding these biodynamic lemons to the WellWell mix, the juice is able to keep the immune system running hard, all day, so users can stay performing their best.

The second ingredient found in WellWell is organic watermelon. Not only does the watermelon in WellWell give drinkers the water they need to stay hydrated throughout the day, but watermelon is also a rich source of l-citrulline. L-citrulline is an amino acid that plays a vital role in the recovery of the human body. When ingested, l-citrulline is able to reduce soreness and provide more nutrients to the muscles in the body. In addition to this, watermelon has double the potassium of a banana and 40% more lycopene than a tomato.

The third and final ingredient found in WellWell is organic tart cherry. Praised all over the world for its amazing antioxidant capabilities, tart cherry is a favorite in the juicing world because of its sweet, tangy flavor. As already mentioned, tart cherry is a powerful antioxidant, more powerful than blueberries, and is able to help flush the body of toxins. However, tart cherry has a few other benefits that make it a perfect third ingredient.

In addition to being a powerful antioxidant, the tart cherry found in WellWell is able to help muscles recover faster, alleviating the damage done to them. And, these amazing cherries are able to reduce inflammation throughout the body, helping keep drinkers of tart cherry well and feeling healthier. Finally, tart cherry is able to improve the quality of sleep, which is vital for those who have to get through their busy lives every day.

Purchasing WellWell

At the moment, WellWell is not available for purchase online. However, it hopes to be available soon, so those who are interested in purchasing WellWell online in the future can visit the WellWell website (Drinkwellwell.com) to get updates on when it will be available.

At the moment, WellWell is mostly available for purchase in select Whole Foods locations. Because the Whole Foods that WellWell is located varies, those who are interested in purchasing the juice should visit the website and use their store locator to find if there is a location near them that sells the product.

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