CoAqua: Electrolyte-Rich Pure Coconut Water Delivery Service?


Coconut water has been one of those quiet, best kept secrets. And really has never received the credit it deserves. Coconut water is not only a great way to quench your thirst after a great workout or yoga session – but it also contains a ton of great nutritional value.

What Is CoAqua?

CoAqua has set out to bring that to you – safely. You see, the founder of this company formed its mission and its concept after the Tsunami crashed into Golden Buddha Island, where he was building an eco-resort hotel. They say things happen for a reason and Grier knew his purpose wasn’t over yet. He set out to find the best coconut water and bottle it in glass.

His goal is to stop the use of single plastic bottles, worldwide. Glass is one of those materials that is forever recyclable. This, is what CoAqua is all about.

CoAqua Electrolyte-Rich Pure Coconut Water Benefits

So, we mentioned the powerful thirst quenching abilities, but what about the fact that coconut water is actually made up of 95% water, so it’s much different than reaching for a glass of juice for example. In fact, coconut water can hydrate the body the same way plain water can – except with the added benefits.

CoAqua is low in calories and is a great alternative for those who are mindful of calorie intake and/or weight loss goals. Now, you might be surprised to know just how many minerals and vitamins are packed into this goodness.

CoAqua Ingredients

Potassium –

Vital, to say the least. This helps your brain and your nervous system to function as it should. One serving of coconut water will give you almost 13% of the daily recommended amount.

Magnesium –

Low magnesium can cause poor energy levels and lead to more serious diseases like asthma, diabetes, etc. Only 32% of the population consumes enough magnesium – don’t let the other percentage be you!

Copper –

Ideal for your organs and metabolism functions. Basically, copper helps your body work like it should and one serving can yield you about 11% of your daily requirement.

Cytokinins –

Pardon?! These are little know but incredibly powerful compounds that are found in coconut water. They help slow down the development of cancer cells and slow down the aging process.

Antioxidants –

Neutralize those free radicals!! Coconut water can help prevent the damage caused by free radicals and help balance what may already be there. Antioxidants are crucial to a healthy body.

CoAqua Premium Coconut Water

They believe, you will taste the difference right away. It is described to taste sweeter, more coconut flavor and is bottle in sustainable glass, only. Coconut water mixes well with anything really – the mission is to live and let live, so feel like mixing your favorite vodka, by all means.

How To Order CoAqua Delivery Service

CoAqua Super Premium coconut water is sold in 8.4 fluid ounce bottles and come in a 12 pack. A one-time order costs $48.00 and you can save 10% with a subscription service option.


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