Vosges Chocolate – Luxury Gourmet Chocolate Truffle Gifts?


Vosges Haut Chocolat was created by a woman named Katrina Markoff following her graduation from college. Katrina was inspired by all of the different flavors and textures that she encountered during her studies abroad and apprenticeship at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris.

Katrina wanted to create a world tour of sorts with the different flavors and aromas in her chocolate. She experimented with different flavors, add ins, textures, and consistencies, and she took her knowledge from her apprenticeship and travels and applied it to her chocolate. Thus, Vosges Haut – Chocolat was born.

What Is Vosges Haut – Chocolat?

Katrina believed in creating a company that follows an ethical business model: with certified organic manufacturing facilities, and 100% renewable energy (vosgeschocolate.com, 2016). They are also committed to packaging all of their products in 100% recycled material for their signature purple boxes. Katrina applied her belief that “we are accountable for our environmental impact” and decided to create a chocolate company that was eco conscious and environmentally responsible.

Vosgest Haut – Chocolat also sources their ingredients from sustainable resources and Rainforest Alliance certified sources. This ensures that the sources are being paid fairly and are not damaging the rainforest in their production.

Vosges Haut – Chocolat Kinds

  • Dark Chocolate Dark chocolate has a higher cacao content, making it richly bitter and satisfying. Vosges Haut – Chocolat has many different choices of dark chocolate offerings, all savory and unique.
  • Milk Chocolate Milk chocolate is rich and sweet. It is the satisfying confection that most people dream about when they think “chocolate”. Vosges Haut – Chocolat has many different choices to satisfy any sweet tooth and chocolate lover.
  • White Chocolate A sweet-lover’s favorite! Vosges Haut – Chocolat has plenty of different white chocolate offerings, including a 6-inch tall white chocolate mushroom filled with ganache!
  • Super Foods + Chocolate Known antioxidants covered in chocolate! Takes super food to a whole different level of YUM!
  • Bacon + Chocolate Who doesn’t love bacon? Vosges Haut-Chocolat mixes two of the world’s favorites into one savory treat with several different varieties!
  • Fair Trade Certified Fair Trade Certified means that Vosges Haut – Chocolat is not only sourcing responsibly, they are also supporting the communities that these products are sourced from. These products are guaranteed to be from a Fair Trade Certified source! To earn the Fair Trade certification, a business must be paying the local community a premium on top of what they purchase the materials for. This means that there is money going back into the communities that the most important ingredients come from, and resources are sent to areas that are in desperate need of help.
  • Gluten-free Chocolate Perfect for those of us who are gluten free by either choice or necessity. Vosges Haut – Chocolat has an array of delicious confections without the gluten add ins!
  • Organic Chocolate Certified organic chocolate offerings! Vosges Haut – Chocolat offers many choices that are certified organic and guilt free!
  • Vegan Chocolate Vegan is a way of life for some, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have chocolate! Vosges Haut-Chocolat offers vegan varieties to satisfy even a vegan sweet tooth!
  • Wine + Chocolate Vosges Haut – Chocolat has several packages that come with wine and chocolate together. Perfect for a gift or special occasion!
  • Flowers + Chocolate Who knew there were edible flowers? Get a taste of another place with edible flowers paired with chocolate!
  • Chilies + Chocolate A spicy and sweet treat
  • Salt + Chocolate Perfect mixture of salty and sweet. Vosges Haut – Chocolat has several different options for those of us chocolate lovers who like a bit of salt in our lives!
  • Beer + Chocolate Vosges Haut – Chocolat has several offerings that include the flavor of beer in with chocolate! The perfect snack for a beer lover or for a taste of something new!
  • Hazelnuts + Chocolate A timeless classic: hazelnut and chocolate. This is an all time favorite, and Vosges Haut – Chocolat does not disappoint!

Vosges Haut – Chocolat also has many offerings with ingredients such as caramel, marshmallow, truffle, ganashe, and toffee. You will find something for everyone at Vosges Haut – Chocolat, and there are plenty of gift options available as well.

They even have a collection of corporate gifts for professional gift giving on a large scale, and wholesale prices for retailers.

Where can I purchase Vosges Haut – Chocolat?

You can purchase Vosges Haut – Chocolat from their website at www.vosgeschocolate.com.

The company is based out of Illinois, but will ship anywhere in the United States. Vosges Haut – Chocolat is also in select boutiques in Illinois and New York, and is carried in some retailers around the Chicago area. For a list of these retailers and locations, you may visit their website or FaceBook.

On the website, you can also create a wish list, join the mailing list, and sign up for text updates on Vosges Haut – Chocolat. Katrina also has a blog on new happenings, upcoming events, and new products that you can follow as well.


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