Veropure – Nutritious Grass-Fed Whey Protein & Collagen Blend?


VeroPure is a company that makes a natural protein supplement for eco and health conscious consumers. Their product is a 100% grass fed whey and collagen protein blend, and formulated for the most balanced nutrients and all natural ingredients.

What is in VeroPure?

VeroPure is made of whey that is non-denatured, hormone and antibiotic free, non GMO, and gluten and soy free. It has all natural ingredients and comes from cows that are 100% grass fed, so you know you are getting the highest quality available.

Any product that comes from a living creature is going to reflect the health of that creature. It is important to not have artificial hormones and antibiotics in the products that you consume, because these additives can cause issues in your own health later down the road.

Healthy animals also produce more product in a natural way; not forced by unnatural means. The nutrients that are essential to the success of the product are transferred to your body correctly when the animal is healthy, stress free, and additive free.

Hormones, antibiotics, and other additives can cause the animal unnecessary stress, reduce the nutrients in their product, and cause the products’ nutritional value to diminish. Hurried product from stressed animals will not be as high in nutritional value or as high of quality if the process is rushed.

VeroPure believes in natural products not only for their consumers, but for the principle of treating their animals the right way for quality of life.

VeroPure currently comes on vanilla bean flavor, and will soon be available in chocolate. VeroPure has an email list that sends recipes to add their whey to for maximum taste and effectiveness.

VeroPure – Benefits of 100% grass fed whey?

Whey protein is a great source of branched-chain amino acids, which helps in the processing of protein within the body. Processing the protein has been shown promise in aiding recovery and dealing with stressors. The advantage to grass fed whey is a product that is all natural and full of the natural nutrients that come from properly fed cows. The benefits to 100% grass fed whey include:

Contains all 9 essential amino acids- VeroPure is low in lactose content, but contains all 9 of the essential amino acids for the body. This is including branched-chain amino acids that aide in protein synthesis and recovery in the body.

Provides the healing benefits of glutamine- Glutamine helps the metabolism and the healing of muscle tissue. This can be a tremendous benefit when you are recovering from working out

Easy Digestion – Because there are no artificial ingredients or fillers, it is digested quicker because it is more natural for the body to process the ingredients from VeroPure. Because VeroPure does not contain soy, it is easier for your gut to process, and does not come with the side effects of artificial whey supplements such as gas, bloating, and pain.

No additives- The cows that VeroPure uses for their whey protein are not treated with antibiotics, are not fed GMOs and are artificial hormone free. This shows that the quality of the whey protein they produce is of utmost importance and is reflected in their product

Non-gluten and soy free- so even those with restricted diets and/or soy sensitivities can enjoy this product. Soy is used as a filler in many nutritional shakes and products, and can be counter productive to the other effects of the supplement. Because of VeroPure being gluten and soy free, it is processed easier and digested quicker.

VeroPure also adds collagen to their supplements. Collagen adds many benefits to the supplement such as:

Reducing Cellulite and Wrinkles –Collagen is a known supplement for reducing the look of wrinkles and cellulite. It keeps the skin hydrated and smooth.

Supplementing hair and nails – Collagen is a main building block of the hair and nail tissues. Many supplements that are directed at hair and nails have collagen as a main ingredient.

Healing the lining of your gut – it helps digestion by contributing to a healthy mucous layer in the stomach and digestive tract

Maintaining bone and joints – Collagen can reduce inflammation and keep the joints from becoming stiff and painful after working out or strenuous activity.

Anti inflammatory properties- collagen is high in glycine and proline which are anti inflammatory amino acids.

Where To Learn more About VeroPure

You can learn more about VeroPure and the benefits of their all natural, grass fed whey protein at their website You an also put an email question request at the website, or you can call them at 877-554-2187. They have a mailing list with recipes for the whey and updates on product information.

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