Vortix Technology – Innovative Abs & Eye Massager V2 Products?


This innovative technology company manufacturers two high end products to help people live healthier and more comfortable lives. Two different devices are available one designed to help reduce eye strain and support eye health and an abs massager than improves blood flow.

The Eye Massager V2.0 offers eye support and the Abs Massager offers circulatory support. Both men and women may benefit by using these products to enhance health and reduce pain on a regular basis.

Please read below to learn more about Vortix Technology and their products as well as how to purchase.

What is Vortix Technology?

Two different products are offered through this technology company. People who regularly experience migraines may greatly benefit by trying the Vortix Technology’s Eye Massager V2.0. This device is designed to offer people a way to gently relieve eye strain which can lead to vision loss and headaches.

Consumers who love the next best product may be willing to spend the nearly five hundred dollars that this eye massager costs. Additionally, Vortix Technology offers an abs massager that works to enhance the body’s blood flow without causing a change in blood pressure or heart rate.

Vortix Technology Products

Vortix Technology offers two innovative products designed to help alleviate pain and restore health the Eye Massager V2.0 and Abs Massager.

Eye Massager V2.0

This device fits similar to a sleeping eye mask. Controlled by an embedded chip this mask gently massages the eye sockets helping alleviate pain and tension caused by eye strain or headaches.

Those who regularly experience painful migraines may benefit by the warm, soothing motion provided by the Eye Massager V2.0.

The way this mask works is by massaging the area around the eyes to help relax tension that has built up in the nerves. Users simply choose between six different modes and if they want heat or not. By improving nerve function and blood flow this device can actually help improve vision and eye health.

People who spend a lot of time on the computer can help prevent vision loss and eye damage by helping reduce strain by using this device. This is especially true for people who work with detailed computer work such as photo retouching.

Children who spend a lot of time playing video games may also benefit by using the Eye Massager V2.0.

It is recommended to use this max for short sessions lasting roughly fifteen minutes up to four times per day. The battery charges fully in less than an hour and lasts through many uses before needing to be recharged.

Abs Massager

An innovative piece of equipment that helps improve blood flow without causing an increase in heart rate or blood pressure. Users simply apply the Abs Massager to their body with the sticky silicone grips.

Both men and women can use this device to help enhance blood flow which can support people with diabetes or who are regularly cold. Replacement gel pads are available for purchase separately making this product last much longer.

Vortix Technology Product Pricing

Interested consumers can purchase Vortix Technology products online through the company’s website at www.cortex.technology.com.

Eye Massager V2.0

Each device is available for $485.00.

Abs Massager

Available for $185.00, replacement gel packs cost $20.00.

It appears that these two products are only available for purchase through the Vortix Technology webpage.

Should You Use Vortix Technology Products?

Probably the biggest drawback of these products beyond the price is the limited information on the manufacturer. With high price points it seems that consumers would want much more information to help them make an informed decision before purchasing one of these devices.

There are actually no manufacturing details or reviews on Vortix Technology of their products. With this reality it is recommended that consumers do further research before purchasing the Abs Massager or the Eye Massager V2.0.

Further yet limited information is available at www.Vortix.technology.com. There are photographs of the products but actual specifications are limited.

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