Vitox Drinking Vinegar – Raw Juice, Probiotics & Apple Cider Tonic?


The natural health movement has made a wide variety of different health foods and beverages available to natural health enthusiasts all around the world. Characterized by a rejection of chemical-saturated, over processed foods, ingredients, and household goods, the natural health movement promotes a return to traditional herbal and botanical cures.

Modern medical science has recently begun to catch up to the ideals espoused by the natural health movement, with many clinical investigations demonstrating that many traditional folk cures such as essential oils, herbal extracts, and probiotic fermented foodstuffs offer a wide range of health benefits that are able to fight off disease, promote fat loss, boost the metabolic rate, and enhance the overall balance of the body.

Natural health beverages are now equally as popular as their unhealthy, sugar-rich counterparts, and are rapidly becoming the go-to-choice for healthy on-the-go hydration and holistic health benefits. From green vegetable superfood smoothies to natural fruit juice fat burners, detoxes, and cleanses, more and more people are harnessing the organic power of natural health beverages every day.

One of the most popular new natural health beverages is actually one of the oldest in existence. Drinking vinegar, created by fermenting apple cider vinegar until the alcohol content is transformed into vinegars, is one of the oldest health tonics in the world, and has been used by hundreds of different cultures throughout human history.

Ancient Roman soldiers used drinking vinegar, then referred to as posca, as a restorative tonic, while Japanese Samurai in the late Edo period consumed it as a natural health enhancer and digestive aid. Drinking vinegar has a wide range of health benefits, including the regulation of blood sugar levels, the promotion of healthy skin, weight management, increased immune system function, and detoxification.

Vitox Drinking Vinegar is one of the highest quality, most natural, and most popular drinking vinegar solutions available on the market today, and is made with 100% organic, completely natural ingredients. Offering a unique and powerful formula that is created with an innovative fermentation process, Vitox Drinking Vinegar is one of the most potent drinking vinegar blends available.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Vitox Drinking VInegar formula and find out what makes it different from other shrub and apple cider vinegar solutions on the market to determine why it’s so effective, and ultimately help you decide whether it’s the right natural health beverage for you.

What is Vitox Drinking Vinegar?

Vitox Drinking Vinegar is one of the most natural drinking vinegar blends available on the market today, and utilizes a number of unique natural manufacturing methods that make it extremely bioavailable and potent. Using a proprietary blend of cold-pressed apple juice and apple cider vinegar, the Vitox Drinking Vinegar formula is delicious, refreshing, and offers a wide range of health benefits.

The innovative fermentation process employed by Vitox to create their drinking vinegar range ensures that the powerful digestive enzymes, phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients in the formula aren’t damaged, and remain fresh until the bottle is opened by the consumer.

The Vitox Drinking Vigegar formula is also a natural probiotic solution. The human digestive system is home to a vast amount of tiny microorganisms that work in harmony with the body to assist with digestion, metabolism, and the immune system. Often referred to as the “hidden organ”, the gut flora of the body is extremely important, and is responsible for managing more than 70% of immune system function.

By providing the body with a natural boost of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, prebiotics, and probiotics, the Vitox Drinking Vinegar formula is able to significantly improve overall health, as well as speed up the metabolism and increase the rate at which the body is able to burn away unwanted fat. Vitox Drinking Vinegar also helps to eliminate free radicals, pathogens, bacteria, and toxins from the body, flushing them away to improve homeostatic balance.

The Vitox Drinking Vinegar Difference

The Vitox Drinking Vinegar formula is one of the only 100% natural drinking vinegar solutions available on the market. Completely free from GMO foods, artificial flavors, added sugar, preservatives, or synthetic colors, the Vitox blend is completely organic and is sweetened with natural herbal extracts.

The biggest difference between Vitox and other drinking vinegar brands, however, is the unique fermentation process that is used to create the formula. The apple cider vinegar used in the Vitox Drinking Vinegar formula is created from cold pressed apple juice, which preserves the nutritional content of the juice. After being fermented into apple cider, the ACV used in Vitox is then fermented for a further 14 days to transform it into a highly potent brew.

Most of the other drinking vinegar solutions on the market today aren’t fermented at all, yielding little to no health benefits. As the Vitox blend is made from 100% natural whole fruits that are manufactured with GMO and pesticide free farming methods, it’s completely free from any kind of contaminant or toxin, and contains only highly nutritive probiotics, vitamins, and minerals.

The Vitox Drinking Vinegar Formula

The Vitox Drinking Vinegar formula is available in three flavors- Grapefruit Vitox, which is naturally flavored with grapefruit extract, and Banana Apple Cinnamon Vitox, which is blended with organic banana and cold pressed apple juice, and Pineapple Vitox, a refreshing antioxidant blend.

Each serving of Vitox Drinking Vinegar contains just 20 calories, with just five grams of naturally occurring sugars. It should be noted, however, that the Vitox Drinking Vinegar formula isn’t intended to be consumed entirely in one sitting- each bottle contains a whopping 500 calories and nearly 130 grams of sugar. Consuming one teaspoon of drinking vinegar every day, however, offers a wide range of clinically proven health benefits.

Vitox Drinking Vinegar Verdict

The Vitox Drinking Vinegar Blend is one of the purest solutions available, and offers a selection of delicious natural flavors. If you’re looking for a potent natural health tonic that can significantly improve digestive health, metabolic function, and speed up weight loss, the Vitox Drinking Vinegar formula is a great option.

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