Vitamin F – Essential Nutritional Linoleic Acid Health Benefits?


Vitamins and minerals are essential compounds needed for the human body to function properly. The two groups are involved in almost all the processes and functions within the body, ranging from digestion and food metabolism to respiration, immunity, growth, and development.

In fact, most ailments and diseases are said to stem from vitamin and/or mineral deficiency. This is why it is important to incorporate vitamins and minerals into your regular diet, not only to optimize your health and body function, but also to keep the diseases away. Vitamin F, while not quite as popular as other known vitamins (B, D, A, etc), is one of the vital compounds the body needs to take care of various functions.

Without sufficient Vitamin F, one may suffer various deficiencies that include dry eyes, eczema, dry skin, excess weight, high cholesterol, and hair problems, among many others. Here is a brief descriptive review of this vital vitamin, including its benefits, possible side effects and the best offers in the market.

What Is Vitamin F?

Vitamin F is popularly known by the name unsaturated fatty acid. It mainly incorporates three acids; linolenic, linoleic, and archidonic, all of which are unsaturated and fat soluble. As such, any excess of Vitamin F you consume will be stored in the body. Nonetheless, the body can synthesize both linolenic and archidonic acids, provided you take sufficient amounts of linoleic acid.

Vitamin F can be found in food and several other natural sources. The top food sources include avocados, nuts, vegetable oils, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, wheat germ, soy bean, grape seed oil, fish, and evening promise oil, among others.

Benefits Of Vitamin F

Vitamin F has two main roles in the human body. The first is to burn saturated fats while the second is to repair and create new tissues. However, the benefits of daily Vitamin F consumption are probably inexhaustible.

For adults, it is recommended that you make Vitamin F 1-2% of your daily calories, especially since most deficiencies occur after long periods of insufficient vitamin intake.

The benefits of unsaturated fatty acid include:

Prevent High Cholesterol

Vitamin F helps to prevent cholesterol build-up in the body, thus regulating normal cholesterol in blood. It also lowers bad cholesterol LDL. This comes with all the other benefits of normal cholesterol.

Heart Health

By reducing cholesterol and burning saturated fats, Vitamin F helps to prevent heart diseases and reduces the risk of suffering strokes, among other cardiovascular attacks.

Regulate Blood Pressure

Vitamin F ensures your blood pressure remains within the normal range by eliminating excess fat that may thicken the walls of blood vessels and removing excess cholesterol from the blood. Improved heart function and balanced weight also contributes to normal blood pressure.

Skin And Hair Health

Vitamin F deficiency has always been associated with dry skin, dry eyes, and eczema. It also leads to healthier, thicker hair. Doctors have often recommended Vitamin F supplements to people suffering rapid hair loss.

Weight Management

As aforementioned, the main function of Vitamin F in the human body id to burn saturated fats. With sufficient intake of the vitamin, your body’s fat metabolism will hike, making it easier to lose excess fats and weight.

There are several other minor benefits of Vitamin F, including glands and hormone balancing, anti-aging, and regulating blood coagulation. Studies have also shown that unsaturated fatty acids increase the number of healthy intestinal bacteria.

Vitamin F has been associated with improved immunity against diseases, enhanced joint function (for arthritic patients), improved reproductive system, and manufacture of adrenal and sex hormones.

Possible Side Effects

Vitamin F is one of the natural vitamins derived from raw and cooked food. There are no side effects linked to consumption of the vitamin. Although the daily recommended dosage in 1-2% of the daily calories, no toxicity has been identified from exceeding the range.

What’s more, you do not have to take different supplements for all of the three unsaturated fatty acids. If you take sufficient linoleic acid, the body will naturally synthesize linolenic and archidonic acids on its own.

Top Vitamin F Products

With all the benefits Vitamin F possesses, it is only logical to have numerous products and supplements in the market. Finding vitamin supplements should not be a daunting task. However, landing top products can be overwhelming, especially since every offer is promoted as the best in the market.

It is important to carefully review the brand and supplement before incorporating them to your diet, more so if you are under other medications or have an underlying medical condition. Isolating one product as the best is definitely subjective, although some offers have desirable attributes that distinguish them from the rest. Most Vitamin F supplements are offered in the form of extracts from the natural sources of the vitamin.

Some of the top options include:

Grape Seed Extract

This vitamin is extracted from the seeds of grape fruit and is suitable for those allergic to nuts and fish.

Nature Most Vitamin F

Nature Most is one of the top brands offering vitamin supplements derived from natural sources. Each offer comes with a label description of the source.

G&G Vitamin F

G&G also provides safe and natural vitamin supplements and concentrates. Remember to check the label for full descriptions of the source and formula.

Octacosanol Concentrate Vitamin F

This vitamin is offered by Professional Formulas, a research company that specializes in dietary supplements and information.

There are many other top options in the market, and all you need to do is carefully review and distinguish them from other sub-standard offers. You can also ask your doctor for recommendations.

Vitamin F Final Words

There is no doubt Vitamin F is one of the essential nutrients needed by the human body for proper functioning. Without a sufficient dose of this vitamin over a long period of time, you may begin to suffer various deficiencies mentioned above.

It is therefore recommendable to incorporate it as part of your regular diet to make sure you get enough vitamin supply. If you are allergic to nuts, oils, fish, or other natural sources of the vitamin, you can always consider supplementation.

Supplements extract the vitamin only without the allergens and are thus safe to take. Nevertheless, take note to discuss this with your doctor before you start consuming supplements. More importantly, keenly review the supplement, formula, research studies, and brand reputation before spending your money. You can start by looking at reviews from previous and current users.

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