VIITA Smartwatch – Personal A.I. Fitness Coaching Wearable?


VIITA Smartwatch is a device that users wear to track multiple aspects of their health, though it is primarily geared towards improving physical fitness. The product is presently offered in the pre-order stage through Indiegogo, and will be released in December 2017 with proper funding.

What Is The VIITA Smartwatch?

Getting in shape takes a lot of work, but too many people become discouraged when they do not see their progress. However, the individual may not know how to track their progress.

Weight is only one factor of a broader spectrum, but by understanding what is happening to the body, users can make the adjustments that they need to see results. The VIITA Smartwatch is the first product of its kind to make a difference.

The VIITA Smartwatch tracks multiple parts of the body, helping the user to understand their sleeping, exercise, and stress habits. Consumers switch between three main functions – fitness, overall health, and daily readings. It also has various programs built in, including:

  • The VIITA coach, to guide the user through the training
  • VIITA Scan, for the various vitals on the body
  • Sleep analysis, to see how the user’s REM cycle impacts their workout
  • VIITA Wake, an alarm clock
  • My Mission, to enter different goals
  • Notifications, which apply to all the apps
  • My Challenge, to out the user to do more in their routine
  • My Sets, to track the user’s progress
  • Steps & Cals, which tracks a different aspect of the progress
  • Battery life, to show how much longer you have to use the watch
  • Dehydration, to remember to drink water
  • iOS & Android app, to connect to the user’s phone

Even though the VIITA device offers these benefits, it does not look like other fitness watches. Instead, it looks like a classy and refined watch, featuring different bands to coordinate with the ensemble of the user. In addition, there the user needs to choose between the VIITA Casual and the VIITA Active.

VIITA Casual is the hybrid version of this watch, featuring a black and white display, and it is perfect for everyday use. The VIITA Active is meant primarily for fitness. Regardless of which one that the user takes on, the user will see how much they have exerted themselves, so that anyone can safely engage in a workout. If their body is too exhausted, the notification tells the user to take it easy.


Everything on the VIITA Smartwatch can be controlled by the use of the app. With this app, transition between the different programs to decide what the smartwatch is meant to track. However, as long as the user continues to wear the watch, the sensor under the device continues to track their vitals to record the data for later use.

Pricing For The VIITA Smartwatch

Right now, the VIITA Smartwatch is unavailable for direct purchase, because it is still gaining funding from its Indiegogo campaign. However, anyone who contributes to the campaign receives special pricing. When the device comes out, the retail cost will be $339, but consumers can choose to pledge the following amounts to get a variety of rewards at a lower cost.

  • $12, for a black rubber strap for the watch, or $17 for a premium strap
  • $135 and up, for a watch with the user’s choice of housing and bezel

Greater pledges are required for different band choices. The smartwatch should be sent out and made available to the public in December 2017.

Contacting The Creators of VIITA Smartwatch

If the consumers have other questions about the VIITA Smartwatch, they have a few options for communication. First, since the entire campaign for the device is on Indiegogo, consumers can post questions through that venue.

For a more direct method of communication, they can also call or email the team.

VIITA Smartwatch Review Summary

VIITA Smartwatch is a helpful device for anyone that wants to keep track of their health. With this watch, no one will even know that the user is keeping track of their health information. With easily accessible data on the app, consumers always have a clear understanding of the stress that the body is enduring.

If you are ready to make a change in the way that you approach your health, then the VIITA Smartwatch may help.

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