VibraLung Review – Should You Try It?

For those who suffer from breathing problems, every day is a struggle. Even on the days there are no attacks or difficulties breathing, there’s the constant fear sitting in the back of the mind, worrying that an attack is just waiting to happen. While medicine and technology has advanced greatly in the past several decades, the treatment for many of these breathing conditions have remained very much the same. From inhalers to painful procedures, these solutions still seem to be stuck in the past, not offering the advancements that many other conditions have experienced.

Thankfully, those with breathing conditions have not been forgotten. While the medical industry at large may be slipping in keeping up with the demands of the market, other companies have stepped up, doing their own research and clinical trials to find a solution to these issues. And, as a result, alternative solutions have been found.

One of the most advanced solutions available today for those who suffer from breathing conditions is VibraLung. Using sound waves to help clear mucus from airways, VibraLung is able to give users the relief they need. And, because VibraLung is so gentle, it can be used by almost anyone, offering an easy and effective solution to breathing conditions.

What is VibraLung?

VibraLung is an acoustical percussor that is completely changing the way Airway Clearance Therapy (ACT) is being experienced by users. The VibraLung Acoustical Percussor releases sound waves that vibrate through users as they breathe in and out. These frequencies are able to vibrate the gas columns found in the tracheobronchial tract. The result of these vibrations is the loosening of the mucus from the airways, allowing them to be cleared. By using this principle of sympathetic resonance, the VibraLung is able to give users a gentle and efficient way of clearing their airways.

The frequencies that VibraLung is able to provide users is extensive, going all the way from 5 to 1,200 Hz. By offering such a wide range of frequencies, VibraLung is able to clear mucus from airways of varying degrees, getting even the toughest and most extreme mucus cleared from the tracheobronchial tract. When used with an aerosol delivery drug, which is required for using VibraLung, this system is able to offer a form of relief to users that has been very rare. And, because it is drug free itself, VibraLung is compatible with almost all other aerosol drug delivery systems.

Conditions VibraLung Treats

As mentioned above, VibraLung was created to treat a variety of breathing conditions, offering a simple, drug-free solution for those who suffer from mucus buildup in their airways. While VibraLung is very versatile in the conditions it can treat, there are several that it has been approved to treat by the FDA. Because ordering the VibraLung requires a prescription from a doctor, patients who suffer from these conditions will be more likely to be approved for the use of the VibraLung.

Conditions that VibraLung has been approved to provide relief for include:

  • -Asthma
  • -Chronic Bronchitis
  • -Cystic Fibrosis
  • -Pneumonia
  • -COPD
  • -Bronchiectasis
  • -Muscular Dystrophy
  • -Post Operative Atelectasis
  • -Neuromuscular Respiratory Disease

For those who feel the VibraLung would aid them with their condition, though it’s not mentioned above, they should speak with their doctor to see if their medical professional feels the VibraLung is best for them.

Benefits of VibraLung

While the biggest benefit of using VibraLung is that it provides relief for those suffering from mucus in their airways, there are several additional benefits that come with using the VibraLung. These benefits can be found below.

  • -Easy to Operate
  • -Battery Operated
  • -Lightweight and Portable
  • -Requires Little Breathing Effort
  • -Doesn’t Cause Discomfort
  • -Doesn’t Contact External Chest Wall
  • -Quick and Efficient Treatment Times
  • -Works Gently to Vibrate Secretions
  • -Provides Direct Acoustic Energy to Airways
  • -Can be Used as Sole Therapy
  • -Can be Used with Other Methods or Devices
  • -Offers Optional Simultaneous Aerosol Delivery
  • -Provides Positive Expiratory Pressure
  • -Works through Both Breathing Phases

By offering all these amazing benefits, VibraLung is able to provide the relief that users need to get back to their regular lives.

VibraLung Models

There are two VibraLung models available for users with a prescription. While both are able to provide users with the relief they need by using sound waves, each is unique and offers different benefits. The two models offered by VibraLung are the TCU model and the HCU model. Again, both offer the same solution, but come with their own footprint.

The VibraLung Acoustical Percussor HCU is a model that was designed to be used by individuals. Designed to be small, compact, and durable, the HCU is the recommended model for those who will be using VibraLung in their homes. It’s perfect for patients who are in a home care setting and is extremely easy to use. The VibraLung HCU model comes with a control box and a transducer that can be easily held in the hands. The VibraLung HCU model just came out at the end of 2015, due to the demand for a smaller VibraLung Acoustical Percussor option.

The second model offered by VibraLung is the TCU model. The original VibraLung Acoustical Percussor was created to treat multiple patients, like in a hospital or clinic setting. However, despite being made to treat multiple patients, the TCU is still available for individuals in a home care setting. What makes the TCU different from the HCU is that the TCU has a small control box that contains a speaker, which can be plugged in with a cable. For those treating multiple patients, each patient would have their own hand held transducer, or speaker, so they could all receive treatment at the same time.

By offering two different models, VibraLung has made sure that anyone and everyone who suffers from breathing conditions can find fast and effective relief through this form of Airway Clearance Therapy.

Purchasing VibraLung

As mentioned above, VibraLung Acoustical Percussor is a medical device that needs a prescription to be purchased. While VibraLung is currently working with DMEPDAC to make pre-authorizing VibraLung to make it easier to purchase, at the moment it needs to be prescribed and whether or not it is covered by insurance is usually decided on a case by case basis.

However, despite VibraLung being a very new medical device, more and more insurance companies are reimbursing their customers for the purchase of the device. The need for VibraLung is being recognized more and more by insurance companies, making it easier to get a reimbursement for the cost of the device. Even those who denied a reimbursement at first often reversed their decisions once an appeal was made going over the medical necessity for the device.

For those who want to purchase VibraLung out of pocket, the company offers a trial period so users have a chance to use the device. For 90 days, those who have purchased VibraLung with cash, private pay, or no-pre authorization can try the device and see if it works for them. If during this time of evaluation, users aren’t impressed with how well VibraLung works, they can return the device and get a refund.

For those who are ready to move forward with purchasing a VibraLung, a prescription is required. The prescription should be faxed to VibraLung by the medical professional who made the prescription along with the medical history and insurance of the patient.


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