Vhoop – Smart Fitness Workout Tracking Hula Hoop Benefits?


Vhoop is one of the latest fitness devices available on the market. The device is designed for personalized steady exercise. The Vhoop is perfect for anyone looking to manage their own fitness regimen by tracking data on your workout.

It’s a system designed to make fitness fun and Vhoop also gives you the ability to share your results with your friends and family. The design on the Vhoop makes it easy and convenient for anyone looking to improve their health.

How Does Vhoop Work?

Vhoop uses a tracking system and phone application that works with your smartphone through bluetooth. It is used to enhance your workout so you can numerically measure the progress of each workout. Since the design is simple and the Vhoop is lightweight, it can be used anywhere.

It works in real time, so any information from your workout can be seen instantly on your smartphone. The real-time effect allows you to see aspects like length of your workout, the total number of rotations, how many calories are burned and apparently more. You can use this information to enhance your workout to get an advantage like you won’t find elsewhere.

Some of the benefits listed are the real-time sync factor, the personalized smart gym mixed with accurate sensors. Also, the Vhoop has an extended battery life and is easy enough for anyone to assemble. If the Vhoop gets to easy, you can add weights in order to make the workout more difficult. The creators have specifically designed to the Vhoop to burn calories at a massive rate. And machine is also made to the highest quality.

When the Vhoop is paired with the personal smart gym, it works not just as a fitness device but as a personal gym as well. The app will help you with progression so you don’t have to worry about hitting a plateau. Plus, you’ll be able to hit high levels of personal confidence and satisfaction since you can see your progress.

The main calorie burning factor comes from the motion which is based on the same mechanics of a hula hoop. It will accurately track your rotations, turns and a variety of other motions, movements and information. The device works with the use of a Bluetooth Transmitter 4.0 that is housed in one of the Vhoop sections. It will communicate with your smartphone so you can receive data instantly.

The sensors on the device can also help you by telling you what side of the body is primarily being used so you can balance your body and workout ideally. The battery life is very long term as they’ve developed the Vhoop with an auto power saving mode so you can use the device for longer. It takes one hour and 30 mins for Vhoop to completely charge and it last for 15 days off one charge.

Along with that, the machine is composed of eight pieces that are easy to assemble. This also means you can pack the Vhoop easily into its carry case and take it with you wherever you go. They wanted to make it easy to use anytime so there are no excuses. And the entire process of assembly only takes about two minutes.

It comes with 8 additional weights made of high quality stainless steel. They are designed to give the Vhoop different difficulty levels. There is essentially a beginner, intermediate and advanced level you can work out with depending on your current fitness levels. The muscles will help strengthen your core so you can get shredded and live a healthier lifestyle.

One of the main purposes of the Vhoop is to help you lose abdominal fat. And in order to do that, you must burn massive calories. Vhoop also helps strengthen the core so it will naturally begin to tighten up.

If you use Vhoop on a daily basis, they guarantee you’ll burn fat while promoting healthy, lean muscle. It’s made of comfortable silicone foam and polypropylene so it is waterproof.

How Much Does Vhoop Cost?

A sinlge Vhoop is $65 and comes with 4 weights. You can pledge upwards of $6,000 to support the development of the system.

Where Can I Buy Vhoop?

You can buy Vhoop on Kickstarter.

The Bottom Line On Vhoop

The Vhoop is a very innovative and fun looking way to burn calories, build muscle and get in shape. There are limited supplies as of now, so if you’re interested it’s important you pick one up today.

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