Verday – Drink Green Chlorophyll Water For Health Benefits?


Verday Review – Worth Trying?

Verday is a 0 calorie beverage that uses the power of chlorophyll to give you a daily dose of antioxidants and other healthy nutrients. Here’s our Verday review.

What is Verday?

Verday is a lineup of healthy beverages that promises to give you a strong dose of chlorophyll with 0 calories, 0 diet sweeteners, and 0 preservatives.

The beverages are targeted towards those who are cleansing or anyone who wants a burst of antioxidants. Three flavors have been released so far, although the makers of the beverage claim more flavors are on the way.

Today, Verday is based in New York. However, the company claims to have been “born in Tulum”.

All Verday beverages are available to order from Amazon, where a 12 pack is priced at around $39.

Studies have shown that taking chlorophyll can help you lose weight, reduce your risk of cancer, and detoxify your body. The compound is a powerful antioxidant that also binds with contaminants in your body – including heavy metals and cancer-causing carcinogens. It’s shown some exciting new developments in recent research (see the “Benefits” section below for more information).

How Does Verday Work?

Verday works using a blend of natural ingredients, including 100mg of chlorophyll in each serving. Those natural ingredients include filtered water, organic lemon juice, “natural flavors”, and organic evaporated cane sugar.

Chlorophyll is an antioxidant found in plants. 100mg of chlorophyll is the same amount found in 2 shots of wheatgrass, 4 cups of spinach, or 12 cups of arugula. If you remember elementary school science class, then you’ll remember that chlorophyll is also the part of the plant that lets plants harness energy from the sun. It converts solar energy into energy the plants can use to grow.

Although organic lemon juice is the second listed ingredient on Verday, the product contains 1% juice. So the majority of the beverage is filtered water and chlorophyll.

Three Flavors Available

The three flavors of Verday available today include:

  • Lemongrass Ginger
  • Watermelon
  • Cucumber

The beverage lists “natural flavors” and claims numerous times that it’s “naturally flavored”, although we never specifically learn what those natural flavors are.

Benefits of Chlorophyll

Does drinking chlorophyll actually lead to meaningful health benefits? Let’s take a look at what science has to say.

Chlorophyll and Weight Loss

One study published in Appetite in 2014 found that there was a connection between chlorophyll consumption and weight loss. Researchers discovered that when adding chlorophyll to someone’s diet, it led to greater weight loss results over a 12 week period. The longer the study went on, the more weight was lost compared to a control group.

That study was performed by researchers at the University of Lund. These researchers also noticed that participants taking chlorophyll experienced fewer cravings for junk food and lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels.

That same research group published a similar study in 2013 showing that chlorophyll could lead to increased feelings of satiety (fullness). In that study, researchers added chlorophyll to a high-carb diet given to overweight women. They found that chlorophyll suppressed the hunger motivation of these women and increased the secretion of a hormone called CCK, which helps to metabolize protein and fat in the body.

Chlorophyll and Cancer

Research is still early, but chlorophyll appears to have a connection to a reduced risk of cancer. Taking chlorophyll – at least in one study – was shown to mitigate the oxidative damage from cancer-causing chemicals and radiation.

Researchers observed that chlorophyll worked by binding to carcinogenic molecules. This bond creates a molecule that your body has trouble absorbing, which means carcinogens pass harmlessly through your system without increasing your risk of cancer.

Chlorophyll and Detox

Liquid chlorophyll is often taken to support a detox. It’s been shown to bind and remove toxic heavy metals like mercury from your body while also destroying and removing germs.

Chlorophyll itself is also a strong source of magnesium, which many people use to alkalinize the body. Plus, it works as an antioxidant, so it prevents harmful oxidation and cleanses free radicals from your system.

About Verday

Verday is a New York City-based company that lists the following address:

270 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10012

The company claims to have received the idea for Verday in Tulum before growing that idea in New York. They call chlorophyll “the elixir of life”. You can get in touch with them by emailing [email protected].

Should You Buy Verday to Add Chlorophyll to your Diet?

Verday is a nutritional beverage that adds 100mg of chlorophyll to your diet in each serving. You can get a similar amount of chlorophyll from two shots of wheatgrass, 4 cups of spinach, or 12 cups of arugula. However, Verday promises to be the tastiest and most convenient way to add it to your diet.

Verday isn’t the cheapest nutritional beverage on the market. It’s priced at $39 for a 12 pack from Amazon. The ingredients include no calories, no dietary sweeteners, and non-GMO products: it’s pretty much just filtered water blended with a tiny amount of lemon juice (1% juice content) and chlorophyll.

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