Vaxxen Labs Keto1 – Pure BHB Salts For Ketogenic Ketosis Benefits?


About Vaxxen Labs Keto1

The Vaxxen Labs Keto1 salts are designed to help burn fat while in a keto induced diet. They work without fad, crash dieting and are Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Have No Artificial Dyes. They come in Sour Apple Flavor.

How Does Vaxxen Labs Keto1 Work?

One jar is a 30-day supply. And there a multitude of benefits for anyone looking to use the keto salts to improve their health. They can save time, because you don’t need a blender to use the salts. All you do is mix the powder with water and enjoy the benefits.

They are said to reduce hunger so you can stop snacking throughout the day. Taking just one scoop of Keto1 with water is guaranteed to make you less hungry. The salts are also said to help improve mental clarity to help improve focus and cognitive functions. They help you stay sharp so you can get the job done right in the fastest way possible.

Vaxxen Labs Keto1 Salts are a carb-free fuel. The salts offer the same benefits of being on a ketogenic diet minus the needs to restrict carbs from your diet. And they are said to create a metabolic shift that will help you stimulate the body’s ability to function without the need of glucose dependency.

Yet one more benefit of taking the Vaxxen Labs Keto1 salts are they help with weight loss. You can count on BHB salts burning unwanted body fat as an energy source rather than glucose. The liver will turn fat into ketones and use them for energy instead of carbohydrates.

One thing to note, the statements made by the company have not been evaluated by Food and Drug Administration. This is said to be a product to help lose fat, but not treat or diagnose any pre-existing diseases.

What Ingredients Are In Keto Pure BHB Salts?

One scoop of the salts contains sodium as Beta Hydroxybutyrate (GoBHB) and potassium. Also, there is sugar alcohol in the salts as well as calcium in the GoBHB compound and Magnesium as well.

The goBHB formula is a proprietary formula. Designed with Erythritol, L-Taurine, Caffeine Anhydrous, L-Tyrosine, Glucoronolactone, Natural Flavor, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Stevia, Katemfe Fruit Extract, Beet Root Juice Powder and Silicon Dioxide.

The ingredients combined together help you lose weight like you would on a ketone diet without having to worry about the carb restriction. These salts are said to be one of the best supplements for staying healthy, burning fat and packing on lean muscle.

The goBHB compound is said to aid you in the transition to a ketogenic diet and is perfect for those in a ketogenic state. Stevia is a compound derived from herbal plants, designed to help with flavor without using added refined sugar.

Katemfe Fruit Extract is a low-calorie flavor modifier and naturally occurring protein that is extracted from the Katemfe fruit. Finally, caffeine is used to stimulate the central nervous system and suppress appetite while giving focused energy.

Where Can I Buy Vaxxen Labs Keto1?

You can buy the salts on the company website at You can buy it in one bottle, two bottle or three bottles. One bottle is $89.99, two bottles is $159.99 and three bottles is $199.98. You obviously save when you buy more than bottle at a time.

There is also a good return policy. If you don’t like the results you receive from taking the salts, then you can return them for a full refund within 30 days time.

Vaxxen Labs Keto1 Review Summary

If you’re on a keto diet, then you’ll benefit from taking the salts. They’re great for anyone looking to benefit from a keto style diet without having to restrict yourself from eating carbs. Basically, if you want to get results and improve your health, then the salts are ideal for you.

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