Vaseline – Healthy Skincare For Dry Skin & Chapped Lips?


Dry and cracked skin are issues that many people face on a daily basis. Whether the issue is seasonal or due to skin problems, it is important to find the right moisturizing products to make skin healthier. It takes time and effort to have healthy skin, starting with a quality moisturizing regimen with top products on the market.

Vaseline is a well-known moisturizing brand that offers a variety of products to assist with promoting healthy skin. The brand believes that instead of masking problems or trying for a quick fix, the most effective way to combat dry skin is with deep healing moisture. Founded in 1870, Vaseline has provided safe alternatives for healthy skin for more than 140 years.

What is Vaseline?

Vaseline is a petroleum based substance that was first discovered by British chemist Robert Augustus Chesebrough. Robert had been creating kerosene from sperm whale oil and was working to see what else he could create with a petroleum base. After watching oilmen use the substance to heal cuts and burns, he began to develop a product that is now known as Vaseline.

It would take five years for the extracting technique to be perfected by Robert but soon the Vaseline Jelly brand would be born. Over the years, the brand has created several products, items that can be used for babies as well as adults to help moisturize the skin for a healthy look and feel.

How Does Vaseline Work?

Vaseline Jelly is created from 100% pure petroleum jelly. Such jelly is a mix of mineral oils and waxes. The Vaseline Jelly works to moisturize and heal the skin by creating a sealed barrier between the cells in damaged or dry skin. The barrier will lock in the moisture and help to speed up the natural recovery process of the skin, essentially healing from within. Dry skin is protected along with any cuts, scrapes, burns or cracked areas of the skin. The appearance of fine lines can also be reduced by using Vaseline. Use the product on the skin or on the lips to avoid any dryness or chapping.

Who Can Benefit From The Moisturizing Products?

Babies to adults can all benefit from using Vaseline products. From the actual petroleum Jelly to lotions and creams, Vaseline has a variety of products that moisturize and heal. From the time a baby is born, Vaseline is used in a variety of ways. A cotton swab is used to add Vaseline to the umbilical cord area to heal and protect. Vaseline can also be used for diaper rash and other irritations in the diaper area. For adults, Vaseline can be used to protect the lips and skin. Use Vaseline in jelly form for all areas or apply lotions to the skin for a healing moisture barrier.

A few statistics involving the Vaseline brand:

  • Triple purification process that involves distillation, de-aeration and filtration
  • Made from 100% pure petroleum jelly
  • Discovered in 1859 by Robert Chesebrough
  • Recognized by the National Eczema Association

What Type Of Products Are Available?

Vaseline has four main product categories available for purchase. Choose products from the original Vaseline Jelly line, Vaseline Intensive Care, Vaseline Lip Therapy and Vaseline Men. Each category offers specific products that can be used on the skin or lips to promote health and well-being. With continual use of the products, skin or lips will see dry and cracked areas disappear with the added moisture of Vaseline products.

Vaseline Jelly

There are three main products in the Vaseline Jelly category. Each product can be used for soft skin and includes 100% pure petroleum jelly with the purity of the jelly guaranteed by the Vaseline brand.

  • Vaseline Jelly Baby
    • Created specifically for baby’s skin, this jelly will keep skin protected, providing a smooth and soft feel. The product locks in moisture, keeping out wetness, helping to prevent as well as treat diaper rash.
  • Vaseline Jelly Cocoa Butter
    • This product will provide a glow to the skin and help to promote quality skin health. The addition of cocoa butter is there to help with nourishing the skin. The product will not clog the pores and contains triple-purified jelly.
  • Vaseline Jelly Original
    • In its original form, Vaseline Jelly has many uses. The hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic product ill not clog the pores and will help to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Use this product to protect scrapes, burns and minor cuts as well as to protect the skin from chapping or windburn.

Vaseline Intensive Care

The intensive care line of Vaseline products contain micro-droplets of Vaseline jelly and come in several forms including serums, sprays and lotions. Each product can be used to heal dry skin, starting deep down below the skin surface.

  • Healing Serums
    • There are three healing serum options provided by Vaseline for intensive skin care repair. Choose from Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Repair Healing Serum, Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Relief Healing Serum and Vaseline Intensive Care Radiance Restore Healing Serum. Each product works well for dry and cracked skin.
  • Lotions
    • To continue to heal dry skin for as long as three weeks, use Vaseline intensive care lotions. A clinical study has proven that after four weeks of daily use, dry skin will heal when using such products as the Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Healing Lotion, Advanced Repair Unscented and Aloe Soothe Lotion.
  • Spray Moisturizers
    • Absorbing in seconds, the Vaseline intensive care spray moisturizers work quickly to help heal dry skin. This unique product can be purchase in four varieties including Essential Healing Spray, Cocoa Radiant Spray, Aloe Soothe Spray and Advanced Repair.

Lip Therapy

To soothe dry cracked lips, Vaseline has created three lip therapy options. From basic to intensive care, apply Vaseline lip products to promote healthy lips without cracking or dryness.

  • Lip Therapy Tins
    • Choose from Original, Rosy, Cocoa Butter and Aloe when using lip therapy tips. This product works best for dry lips.
  • Lip Therapy Minis
    • Small containers of original Vaseline can work well to heal dry and chapped lips. Apply the original formula, cocoa butter or rosy mini solutions to the lips for soft skin.
  • Advanced Healing Tube
    • For the toughest lip issues, use the Vaseline lip therapy advanced healing tube. The small tube can be used to directly apply the product to the lips to provide much-needed moisture.

Men’s Skin Care Line

Created specifically for men, products include lotions and spray moisturizers. Choose from Extra Strength, Fast Absorbing, Cooling and Fragrance free with pump lotion bottles. Sprays are available in Fast Absorbing and Fast Cooling for the ultimate in skin care.

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