Varibike – Fun Cycling For A Full Body Workout?


The standup Varibike is a new concept; a full kick scooter that operates as a handbike. A new way of cycling that offers users the ability to alternate between foot, and hand operation, read the review below to find out more about this unique vehicle.

What Is Varibike?

Varibike is a very different style of cycle. The standup bike had different driving styles that can correspond comparatively to the sports of the user's choice.

Whether it is cross-country skiing or stand up paddling, this option is great for everyday use since there is no water needed, just stand and go. Skiing can be great exercise, and with this unique equipment anyone can get the effects of a day at the hill without the need for snow and cold temperatures.

Regardless of the sport of choice, this versatile bicycle has a style that will suit the need, mimicking the sport, and making for a personalized workout. No other bike can offer the versatile cardio workout of this bike which incorporates arm pedals to ensure a full and complete workout for the upper body.

How Does Varibike Work?

Whether preparing for an upcoming ski trip, or entering a paddle competition, Varibike can help users to prepare their body without any snow or water.

More like a giant scooter, Varibike has placed the pedals near the handle bars, which also make this a hand bicycle, something that is normally an esoteric piece of stand alone equipment.

It can be ridden like a scooter simply by pushing off the ground with a foot to propel it forward, and can also be pedaled with arms, building upper body strength while traveling. These features saw this model catch much attention at the Eurobike 2015 event, making it a crowd favorite.

Designed in such a way that anyone can find their style, it can be used for everyday riding or for intense workouts to prepare for other events. Visit their website to read reviews by the many satisfied customers.

The bike has regular flat handlebars to hold and steer with if its hand pedals are not being used. There is an efficient mechanical system in place that works in conjunction with the front wheels and hand brakes: The front wheel offers a disc brake assembly, and the rear wheel has a V brake.

The chain runs length of the handlebars down to the front tire, and the chain guard is in place to protect the driver's front leg. The arm cranks feature knob-like end pieces, and the bars are CNC-machined.

Who Makes The Varibike?

Varibike has manufactured this very unique bike, now available to the public.

Depending on model, Varibike is available starting at 1799 Euro or about $1900. The bike features include Schwalbe Big Apple tires, a CroMo frame, and a clean, slick white paint job.

Varibike Review Summary

Unlike regular bikes, this bike can offer an extreme workout while also being a dependable mode of transportation. With maximum power output increased by over 30%, the combination arm and leg cranking is a much more intense workout than that of a regular bicycle.

Varibike can be used by everyone, and is great as a bike, sports trainer, and therapy machine for muscles. It works to engage the entire body while being gentle on the back and not creating muscle strain, and is available in multiple styles to suit every bike need.

For those looking to get an extreme workout while moving through town, the bike is designed to provide.

Visit the website at to learn more and to see the available styles. Varibike offers a great workout for the entire body, something no other bike can offer.

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