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Vanarex Review

Vanarex is a hair loss treatment that promises to use a clinically-proven formula to regrow your hair in as little as 60 to 90 days. Here’s our Vanarex review.

What is Vanarex?

Vanarex is a hair loss treatment targeted towards men. The formula’s active ingredient is 5% Minoxidil. Minoxidil is an FDA-approved compound for hair loss. By applying Vanarex daily, you can purportedly regrow hair in “as little as 60-90 days” according to the manufacturer.

The treatment itself comes in the form of multiple products, including:

Hair Regrowth Treatment
— Volume-Max Thickening Shampoo
— VitaCaps

Not all of these products contain minoxidil. The capsules, for example, contain saw palmetto, which is purportedly used to inhibit DHT, which is the chemical that triggers hair loss. The shampoo, on the other hand, contains natural ingredients like sweet almond oil.

Altogether, the products are priced at around $99 for a 3 month supply.

So how does Vanarex work? Does it work? Let’s find out.

How Does Vanarex Work?

Vanarex comes in the form of three different core products. Each works in a different way to target your hair loss. The products include:

— Vanarex Hair Regrowth Treatment: FDA-approved 5% minoxidil topical treatment that’s clinically proven to regrow denser, thicker hair and reduce additional hair loss, according to the manufacturer.

— Vanarex Vitacaps: These nutritional supplements primarily contain saw palmetto, an herbal extract traditionally used to inhibit DHT within the body. DHT is the body chemical that triggers hair loss, reducing shedding and promoting hair growth.

— Volume-Max Thickening Shampoo: This unique shampoo is enriched with natural ingredients like honey and sweet almond oil and designed to promote thicker, fuller looking hair.

By applying the treatments daily, you may start to notice hair regrow in just a few weeks.

You use the shampoo daily, for example. You also use the dropper to apply the Vanarex Hair Regrowth Treatment to your scalp in the morning and evening, massaging it in for about 10 seconds with each treatment.

Finally, you take two of the Vanarex Vitacaps daily to give your hair the nutrients it needs to regrow from the inside out.

By following these instructions, the manufacturer of Vanarex claims you can notice the following results:

— 2 to 3 Weeks: You’ll start to notice less hair on your brush or comb.

— 4+ Weeks: Your existing hair will look fuller and thicker and you may start to see new growth in the balding areas.

Vanarex Pricing

Vanarex is typically sold in a bundle including all three core products, although you can also purchase each product individually. Here’s how pricing breaks down when you purchase from the official website:

— The Vanarex Complete Method – 3 Month Supply: $99
— The Vanarex Complete Method – 6 Month Supply: $198
— Vanarex Hair Regrowth Treatment: $59.99
— Vanarex Vitacaps – 3 Month Supply: $48
— Vanarex Volume-Max Shampoo and Conditioner Combo: $12.99
— Vanarex Volume-Max Thickening Conditioner: $9.99
— Vanarex Volume-Max Thickening Shampoo: $9.99

Both of the “Complete Method” sets include all three of the core Vanarex products, including the shampoo, Vitacaps, and Hair Regrowth Treatment.

Vanarex is also listed on third party retail websites like, although it was not available to order at the time of writing and appears to have been temporarily removed from the store.

Will Vanarex Actually Work?

Based on the listed ingredients, will Vanarex actually help you regrow your hair? Let’s take a look at some of the individual ingredients.

— 5% Minoxidil: Minoxidil is a popular hair loss treatment best known for being used in the Rogaine lineup of products. The FDA has approved minoxidil for balding treatment and it can be found in literally hundreds of anti-balding products. The formula typically comes in concentrations of 2% to 5%, so Vanarex would be at the higher end of the dosage range. In clinical testing, minoxidil has proven most effective at boosting hair loss on the crown of your head, while it’s been proven less effective at stopping hair loss on other parts of your scalp – like your receding hairline. Minoxidil also tends to stop being effective after about 2 years, so it’s not a permanent solution.

— Vitacaps and Saw Palmetto: Vanarex doesn’t list the ingredients inside its Vitacaps. It only claims that it includes “saw palmetto” in some mysterious dosage. Saw palmetto has indicated some evidence for successfully inhibiting DHT, although it has yet to exhibit any anti-balding benefits in largescale studies to date. In any case, without knowing the strength of the saw palmetto dosage inside Vanarex, it’s tough to compare the benefits of Vitacaps with the results of any clinical studies that have been performed to date.

Who Makes Vanarex?

Vanarex is made by a New York company named Vanarex, LLC. You can contact the company using the email form found here:

Ultimately, Vanarex’s core balding treatment is very similar to Rogaine and other anti-balding products in that it contains 5% minoxidil. The other ingredients included with Vanarex – including the sweet almond oil shampoo and the saw palmetto nutritional supplement – don’t have enough clinical evidence demonstrating their effectiveness at promoting hair growth. With that in mind, Vanarex appears to be an effective hair loss treatment, although it’s priced far higher than most of its similar competitors.

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