Cruise Control Diet – Legit Healthy Weight Loss Plan?


Cruise Control Diet Review

The Cruise Control Diet was created by a regular Joe named James Ward, he doesn’t hail from any particular nutritional or medical background. During two whole years he experimented and tried out many of the so-called diet regimens that were out but didn’t find any of them effective enough to his satisfaction. This sparked in him the idea to try and create his own diet solution for both himself and the masses.

Most yo-yo type diets are rely on calorie counting and food journals but these are only short term solutions when in the real world people crave for long term results.

Introduction to the Cruise Control Diet

What’s different about the Cruise Control Diet is that it takes away all the hogwash associated with the majority of diets and makes dieting both fun and simple. You can be naughty and treat yourself to your favorite delights once or twice a week and you will not be at a loss – except for a few pounds.

Doctors around the world also endorse the Cruise Control Diet because it’s a common-sense diet that will work for everyone all the time. Unlike most diets that stop working and result in the painful and dreaded plateaus. The focus with the Cruise Control Diet is to maintain a healthy body weight. and the hormones known as leptin and insulin. Once these two hormones are stabilized, the body can heal itself and function like clockwork.

Instead of focusing on calorie counting, weighing yourself daily and keeping food journals, you will be taught a very simple method that will allow you to fine-tune your eating habits and instincts. Basically, you will be resetting your body and teaching it how and when to eat. You’ll learn HOW to listen to your body’s signals and you’ll correctly identify when you’re hungry and when you are full. You will follow some simple guidelines that will teach you to eat natural and unprocessed foods without having to give up some of your goodies.

How Cruise Control Diet Works

The Phases:

The Cruise Control Diet works in three stages and takes around 8 weeks to complete its cycle. It’s no nonsense approach to weight loss is gaining momentum daily as people see that other weight loss systems are just not up to par.

— Metabolic Reset Phase: Balancing your blood sugar levels is one of the most difficult exercises but once you can achieve it you have won half the battle. In these first two weeks of the program, you will be taught how to control your blood sugar levels and balance your insulin. You will learn to get rid of processed foods and focus primarily on eating and cooking foods in their most natural form. This will allow your body to send you the right signals including when it is really hungry as opposed to when it is craving certain foods and sugar.

— Cruise Control Phase: In this phase of the program you will be learning to eat natural foods in a balanced way but it will also allow you to eat junk foods twice a week. There will be a valid reason for this outlined in the instructions. This may seem quite strange to someone embarking on a diet but it is part of the success of the Cruise Control Diet. The eating habits you will pick up during this cycle will enable you to follow this diet so you can say goodbye to crash dieting forever!

— Rapid Fat Burning Phase: By now you will have notably reduced your weight so now you will learn to accelerate your fat burning activities by fine-tuning what you already learned along with some more strategies that will complete your diet program. At this stage, you will not only be losing weight but you will also be living much healthier lifestyle.

Included In Cruise Control Diet:

Here is what is included in your Cruise Control Diet:

— If you decide to move forward with this program, you’re going to immediately gain instant access to digitally downloadable copies of the following resources:

— The “Core Program” – The whole program is centered around making the right food choices to aid your metabolism into functioning at its best. There are no strict exercise programs or hunger pangs here. You will even enjoy eating some of your favorite foods but most of the time you will need to behave and eat fresh and natural foods.

— The Weekly Recipe Guide – 8 weeks of delicious and nutrition-packed recipes and ideas that will make your diet much easier and your shopping be a breeze. Of course, you can play around with the different recipes and come up with your own variations but at least, you will be given guidelines so you don’t feel lost or overwhelmed from the onset. Diets can seem daunting but the Cruise Control Diet will help you sail through the journey.

— The “Jumpstart” – Cheat sheets are great for shifting your mindset and this is exactly what it is meant to do for you. Dieting is about changing habits permanently and here you will have access to all the tangible secrets that the Cruise Diet has to offer.

— The Cookbook – A collection of more recipes for you to be able to use even after you finish the Cruise Diet course. You will be able to incorporate these delicious meals into your daily life forever!

Cruise Control Diet Conclusion

There has been resounding success with James Ward’s simple weight loss system. It has helped many people find happiness within themselves and their bodies. Although there isn’t an in-depth guide to exercise routines, it does outline the fact that 80% of the problem with weight-loss is in the habit of eating itself. If your body can eat the proper food at the right times it can learn to function and regulate itself without the need to crash diet, exercise like a monkey, or pop pills.

At a reasonable price of 67 USD, this Ebook Guide is affordable and it has a 60 day money-back guarantee making it a real no-brainer.

The Cruise Control diet comes right to your email address, ready to access and download at your leisure. You can reset your body efficiently and easily to achieve outstanding results.

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