UX3 Perfect Meal Formula – John Rowley’s Nutritional Protein?


People use meal replacement shakes for a variety of reasons. They may use them for weight loss, weight gain, controlling calorie intake or simple a convenient way to eat healthy when you are busy or on the go.

UX3 Perfect Meal Formula has put together a shake that is not only good for you, but tastes great too. And, taste matters – there are hundreds of shakes to choose from on the market, and some are simply, gross.

Others, are filled with preservatives or fillers, and overall you are not doing your body any favors. UX3 was careful in their formulation, jammed a ton of good quality stuff into their product and did not want it to be a meal you have to choke down.

They are simple and convenient. Whether you are on the road, at home or at work – meal replacement shakes like this can be consumed anywhere, and mixed in seconds. Simply add it to water, juice or milk shake it up and you have a complete meal you can enjoy anywhere.

Meal Replacements and Weight Loss

Simply stated – portion control. This meal formula allows you to know exactly what you are putting in, and can do so without having to measure different foods, count calories, etc. After drinking it, you will know exactly your calorie intake and this is key for those who are on a weight loss journey.

Counting calories and fat can be a tedious task. Weight loss is tough enough as it is – so being able to simplify the process using UX3 is an ideal way to create great habits, receive quality nutrition without even having to really think about it.

UX3 will also give you that satisfying feeling, longer. It won’t have you looking for in between snacks or binging on junk food because it too is (way to) convenient.

It is time efficient, and time should be our biggest commodity. Using meal replacement shakes mean no more cooking and grocery shopping for every meal. It is convenient to take when you have a busy schedule and would sooner spend your valuable time doing ‘something else’.

UX3 Perfect Meal Formula Nutrition Strategy

They describe their product as having three (3) goals in mind. First, they wanted to be a ‘total, perfect meal that tastes delicious and mixes in seconds’. Secondly, they wanted a product that would ‘drip-feed’ your body – meaning providing your body with the nutrients it needs, when it needs them. Lastly, they needed to ensure that all the added ingredients came from the highest quality labs globally.

They are happy to announce they were able to accomplish these three (3) goals with the UX3 product.

They describe their nutrition as being based on three (3) ‘E-Factor’ Foods; Enzymatic, Endothermic, and energetic.

Enzymatic factor foods mean that, they are easy to digest and absorbed with ease into your body. And, because they use a whey protein isolate it is time released providing you with a healthy dose of digestive enzymes that make it easier overall for your body to eat and reduce fat storage as well. In addition, they have included healthy probiotics that are especially helpful for your immune system.

Endothermic factor foods work to increase your body fat burning naturally. It promotes the production of energy producing hormones while increasing the thermogenesis in your body. This process occurs when you are burning more calories – and with goals like weight loss, this is ideal.

Energetic factor foods naturally increase your energy levels without giving you the caffeine high or loading up with other stimulants. This is only going to set the foundation for a crash later on. And, with the energy increased it will help you get through those tougher workouts and days that you simply need more energy!

And if we throw a fourth factor into the mix – they call it Enjoyment factor foods. The team at UX3 know that most people love great tasting food – so they wanted to develop a product that would not only be great for you, but taste even better.

Key Ingredients in UX3 Perfect Meal Formula

Whey Protein Isolate which is derived from grass-fed cows, and is safer than other bases found in meal replacement shakes like soy based for example.

Fiber blend which will help keep things, ‘regular’. This allows for the process to rid your body of foods that may otherwise be stored as fat. Fiber is an important factor to anyone with healthy weight loss and nutrition goals.

The ‘E-Factor’ blends contain a variety of minerals and vitamins that will help stimulate your body systems, boost your immune system and keep everything working – as it should.

For a full list of the ingredients included in the UX3 product, they are available on their website. The transparency is a nice addition to this quality product – no guessing games.

Directions for Use

When using as a meal replacement, mix two (2) scoops of UX3 Perfect Meal Formula into eight (8) ounces of water, milk or your favorite liquid. For weight loss goals, it is recommended to add to water to keep calories low.

Mix or blend it until smooth – which should only take a few seconds. Now most importantly, enjoy!

In case you have an allergy to nuts, milk, eggs, soybeans, wheat, shellfish, fish oil, tree nuts or peanut flavor – you should know that the UX3 Perfect Meal Formula is manufactured in a facility that also makes products with those ingredients.

The formula itself contains milk and soy.

How to Order UX3 Perfect Meal Formula

You can order the UX3 Perfect Meal Formula online. To order, there are a few different packages to choose from;

  1. One (1) package retails for $57.00
  2. Three (3) packages retails for $53.00 (each) – saving you 10%
  3. Six (6) packages retails for $49.00 (each) – saving you 20%

There are several testimonials to the product taste and effectiveness available on their website as well if you are interested in hearing what others are saying before ordering your own.

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