UroClub – Urologist’s Golf Club For Santiary Urgent Relief?


UroClub is one of the most bizarre products we’ve ever reviewed: it’s a golf club you can pee into. Yes, that’s right. Here’s our UroClub review.

What Is UroClub?

Have you ever been out golfing and needed to pee? You probably drink a lot of beer, water, or sports drinks while you’re finishing 18 holes, right? If so, then one helpful inventor has created the product for you: it’s called the UroClub, and it’s going to change the way you golf.

Instead of peeing in the bushes beside the golf course, you can pee into a golf club-shaped device. The UroClub is essentially a plastic tube designed to look like a golf club. It even has a metal head similar to any other club. You can store it in your bag discreetly – and put it back in your bag after you’re done using it.

The club comes with a sealing cap and a “privacy towel”. You take out the club, clip the towel onto your belt, and then pee into the hollow shaft of the club. Nobody can see you peeing, and you’re left with a club full of urine. You can either dump it out into the bushes, or store it in your bag to be dumped out at home (you should probably dump it out as quickly as possible).

As the makers of the UroClub describe it, you “discreetly relieve yourself & then get back into the game.”

Oh, and did I mention the club was created by a board-certified urologist? That’s right. This product was created by a real life doctor. You may have seen commercials for the UroClub on TV.

What’s the Story Behind the UroClub?

The board-certified urologist who created the UroClub describes how he plays golf year round. Golf’s largest demographic, as you may know, is older men. Many older men suffer from urinary frequency – a condition that can begin in men as young as 30, according to the UroClub’s official website.

Even if you don’t have this condition, all of that walking around and drinking on the golf course could still lead to some urination problems – and there aren’t a lot of private bathrooms on a golf course.

With that in mind, the urology created the UroClub, a product he describes as “a camouflaged portable urinal, designed to be discrete, sanitary and create an air of privacy.”

When you use the product, it doesn’t look like you’re peeing into your golf club. Instead, it looks like you’re “giving the appearance of taking a practice swing”. Yes, it’s a really weird looking practice swing – but it’s better than just peeing in the bushes without privacy.

In any case, the maker of the UroClub claims the product gives you the confidence to “drink whatever you wish during your game” without worrying if you’ll make it to the clubhouse in time.

UroClub Pricing

The UroClub is priced at two different rates from the official UroClub.com website, depending on whether you’re buying a single club or buying six clubs at a time:

-1 UroClub: $24.95

-6 UroClubs: $112.27

The company also has coupon codes where if you buy one club, you get your second club half off. Free shipping is available to the continental United States.

If you have any questions about shipping, returns, or other problems, you can contact the makers of the UroClub at [email protected]

The UroClub has previously been sold on Amazon.com, although it’s currently listed as “unavailable” from the online store.

UroClub Review Summary

The UroClub is a great gag gift for many golfers – but it’s also a legitimate product that could be genuinely useful to other golfers, especially older men who have urinary frequency conditions.

The UroClub comes with some creative marketing. It calls itself “the only club in your bag guaranteed to keep you out of the woods.”

If you find yourself frequently urinating in the woods while golfing, or if you’re constantly worried about making it back to the clubhouse, then the UroClub may be your new favorite club in your bag.


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