Universal Nutrition Arbuterol H2-NO – Advanced Diuretic Complex?


Universal Nutrition Arbuterol H2-NO is a product intended to be used as a diuretic. The product aims to works well at reducing water retention and excess water weight. Read the review now to find out.

What is Universal Nutrition Arbuterol H2-NO?

This product is an herbal supplement that works as a diuretic complex. It contains advanced water regulating technology, H2. The unique attributes of this product allows it to eliminate excess water, yet does not rid the body of essential potassium.

Excess water weight is one of the most common complaints regarding weight, and is often a concern of dieters. Diuretics line store shelves and many will offer results, however, there is no product that can offer what Universal Nutrition Arbuterol H2-NO does.

By eliminating just the subcutaneous water the puffiness of skin is reduced, and the lines and creases that often plague skin when there is a buildup of excess water diminish.

How Does Universal Nutrition Arbuterol H2-NO Work?

Universal Nutrition Arbuterol H2-NO works to eliminate water retention, but does not deplete the body of important nutrients; it replaces them. The ingredients in this supplement work together to reduce subcutaneous water.

75% of muscle tissue is comprised of water, and the water within muscle cells can create an anabolic type structure, which encourages muscle growth. Subcutaneous water that is beneath the skin makes the body look puffy, or swollen. Arbuterol may help eliminate this excess water under the skin.

The specially blended six high potency herbs and additional nutrients make this product one of the most potent diuretic products available. Other products may offer diuretic properties; however this supplement is unique in its class, and it does not eliminate potassium. It is replaced instantly as it targets the water just under the skin, eliminating that puffy appearance.

The serving size is 3 tablets with a full glass of water, with 20 servings in each container. The Potassium, vitamin B6, and magnesium will replenish vitamins and nutrients, while preventing leg cramps that often accompany diuretics.

Users' bodies will rid themselves of that bloated feeling and maintain stamina and high energy levels.

Who Makes Universal Nutrition Arbuterol H2-NO?

Universal Nutrition is proud to offer this promising product to the general public.


Arbuterol H2 is currently available on Amazon for $12.16. Visit the website at https://www.amazon.com/Universal-Nutrition-Arbuterol-Tablets-60-Count/dp/B000GOT5GK?th=1

Should You Buy Universal Nutrition Arbuterol H2-NO?

The unique blend of the six high potency herbs combined with other nutrients make this product very effective as a diuretic. It is the most potent potassium sparing diuretic available without a prescription.

This new supplement aims to revolutionize the diuretic industry, with the unique capability of eliminating unsightly water weight, while maintaining the vital nutrients that the body needs.

Water weight can be not only displeasing to look at; it can be uncomfortable and even dangerous as it can cause blood pressure to elevate. Over the counter diuretics will rid the body of excess water, however, they also rid the body of essential nutrients which can lead to dehydration, and an overall feeling of tiredness.

With this product the excess water will disappear, but the nutrients, such as potassium, stays in place, allowing the body to continue to perform at optimal levels.

Losing water weight can be unhealthy, however, doing so with Arbuterol H2 allows the body to retain its vital nutrients while shedding unwanted pounds.

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