Uncle Matt’s – Refreshing Fruit Infused Probiotic Waters & Juices?


Uncle Matt’s Lemonade: Sweet Company or Sour Product?

The increasingly mechanized nature of the production industry continues to disenfranchise key portions of the consumer population. A growing movement in the United States and around the world has some potential consumers turning away from major corporations who employ traditional and mechanized means of production to fine-tune and mass-produce their product.

Increasing amounts of warnings from doctors, private researchers, and even governments all around the world continue to preach how important it is that consumers know where their food is coming from, how it is being made, and most importantly, what substances are present in the things they put in their bodies.

As a result of the increasing public spotlight on the food and drink industry, a few newer organizations have begun to spring up, making use of a brand new strategy of marketing, production, and expansion in order to capitalize on an increasingly concerned, and significant, consumer-base.

These companies deem themselves ‘homegrown’ companies, tasked with and committed to producing ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ products for their customers. The organic fad has no doubt grown in the past years—companies are making ample use of a shift in consumer demands, wants, and needs, reforming their own strategies to account for changes in a major global market.

Despite the optimism for those that would be interested in a normalized status quo of increased naturalism and transparency, problems still persist in the industry. As with anything that involves money, come companies are only taking steps to ensure their own profitability, blissfully ignorant to the actual wants and needs of their new consumers.

These companies apply the words ‘natural,’ ‘organic,’ and ‘homegrown,’ despite the realities hidden within their drinks and snacks. Though efforts are being made by independent and watchdog organizations within the food industry to fight for more open transparency, consumers are often left wondering if the label in front of them is being entirely honest.

Thus, it is important that consumers evaluate with both skepticism and careful examination the claims made by companies claiming that their products are organic or all-natural. With any industry, there are the good and the bad. Some companies claiming to have completely organic products have made waves in the industry, garnering both significant profits and a justified, loyal fan-base.

One company that has made much progress in the past few years goes by the name “Uncle Matt’s Organic.” Offering a wide range of organic juices with no added flavor packets, the company’s primary objectives seem to cater exclusively to the organic and health markets. For the most part, the company has received particularly high marks in the ‘consumer satisfaction’ category.

In this guide, we will outline some of the most important factors in our final verdict on Uncle Matt’s Organic. Including information from a variety of sources, this guide should give consumers the information necessary to develop their own opinions on this small company. Reviewing their purpose, their reality, and their reviews, we intend to give consumers a clear picture on the kind of realism and truthfulness to expect from this multinational corporation.

The Purpose

Nearly any company can be understood, at least to some extent, by their purposes and goals. For Uncle Matt’s, the purpose seems pretty simple. Using a variety of rhetorical strategies all over their site to further their image, the company paints itself as a family-run corporation whose commitment to product is only matched by their commitment to their customers.

To get a better picture on the kind of company in front of them, consumers should first take a look at the “About Us” page of Uncle Matt’s website. The founder and namesake of the company, Matt, elaborates on his family’s belief in the importance of organic juices for a healthy life:

“For me, organic just made the most sense. Fewer toxins to the environment and less toxic residues on the fruit are ultimately what are best for everybody.”

Though the company doesn’t claim to be run entirely by Matt’s “ten nieces,” the family theme is heavily stressed throughout the page, as well as all over the website. Additionally, Matt’s stress on the importance of organic drinks to the environment and personal lives of consumers furthers the view that the company seeks to cater to the growing market of consumers who want natural and organic drinks.

Going into the next section on reviews and opinions on Uncle Matt’s products, it is important that readers understand that the main purpose of Uncle Matt’s Organics, as one might guess, is to put forth an organic and all-natural product for consumers to enjoy.

The Reality Of Uncle Matt's Products

For many corporations specializing in organic drinks and foods, the reality of reviews and opinions is often an entirely different story than their initial proposed purpose. This does not seem to be the case for Uncle Matt’s juices and lemonades. However, a significant problem barring a definitive review on the company is the lack of larger amounts of consumer reviews.

For the most part, the reviews that are readily available for Uncle Matt’s products are highly positive. Their ‘Organic Pulp Free Orange Juice’ has won a favorable average of three-and-a-half stars from ten customers on Amazon.

Despite the generally favorable reviews, as well as the droves of reviewers on their own website, Uncle Matt’s seems to have a lack of substantive reviews on the typically verifiable sources like Amazon and Wal-Mart.

This actually could be one of the major selling points of the company, however. As a family-run and small organic company, Uncle Matt’s seems to be committed to providing an organic product unsullied by the nature of large corporations.

Despite the lack of thousands of unique reviews on the popular sites usually used to develop a substantive opinion on a company’s products, there seems to be enough information available on their website, as well as on the reviews currently available, to conclude that Uncle Matt’s is a company here to stay.

The open transparency displayed by the company, their commitment to satisfying consumers with unique, delicious, and healthy organic juices, as well as the reviews observable, paint a clear picture that the company seeks to change the way consumers view their market of choice.

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