Uncle Matt’s Organic – Highest Quality Organic Fruits & Juices?


Uncle Matt’s Organic is a company that creates a variety of organic juices, which help to give you as much of the vitamins and minerals in the included fruits and vegetables as possible. The company only uses organic farms, which have been chemical-free for at least three years.

What Is Uncle Matt’s Organic?

Making healthy choices for your family is a major responsibility, and it’s sometimes hard to cater to everyone’s wants and needs. Realistically, with a small or big family, there are bound to be disagreements on the drinks that everyone wants, so you need to find a way for everyone to be happy and heathy at the same time. With the variety of flavors available for juices from Uncle Matt’s Organic, that task is incredibly easy.

Uncle Matt’s Organic started as a passion of Matt McLean in 1999, due to his passion for healthy food options. His family was prominent in growing citrus fruits in Florida for several generations, which is part of what stirred his goals. After establishing himself in the industry, Matt is now the CEO of the company, which owns multiple citrus groves for their company’s harvesting.

To help both kids and adults get excited about choosing healthy food and drink options, the company used to offer tours of the groves. However, recent insurance issues have come up that prevents them from letting the public leisurely stroll through the grove. You can still check out the pictures on the website to see exactly where and how this juice is made.

Why Choose Organic?

Organic food seems to be a growing and popular sector of the food industry, and that is for a good reason. Most people grab the organic foods because they think they are superior to the other food they are offered, but they don’t try to understand why it’s healthier. To understand the need for organic food, you should understand more about the cultivation that makes it organic.

Organic farming methods require absolutely no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides to be used in the soil or the care of your foods. In fact, for food to be certified as an organic option, the farm that harvests the produce must be free of those chemicals for three years, before they are actually considered. By eliminating these chemicals from your food, these farmers are also helping to protect the earth.

Every year, Uncle Matt’s Organic goes through an extensive process to make sure the products they offer to consumers are healthy and organic. Even though the process is incredibly tedious and time-consuming, the brand remains one of the highest-quality citrus juice companies in the industry.

Uncle Matt’s Organic Products

Every single product that you will find from Uncle Matt’s Organic is certified, to show the company’s commitment to a chemical-free beverage. There aren’t any flavor packets or peel oil – only the deliciously pure taste of the different juices.

The juices are available in two sizes – 59 ounces to share, or 12 ounces to keep to yourself. You can choose from a variety of pure flavors, including:

  • Orange juice
  • Grapefruit juice
  • Apple
  • Lemonade
  • Orange Tangerine
  • Orange Mango
  • Reduced-calorie orange coconut
  • Orange turmeric
  • Matcha lemonade

You can also choose from several probiotic waters, giving your body the bacteria needed for healthy intestinal flora.

Where to Buy Uncle Matt’s Organic Products

With so many different choices, it’s understandable that you would want to get your hands on the products from Uncle Matt’s Organic in the quickest way possible. The website features a store locator tool, which lets you search for your locator to determine the nearest retailer that sells the Uncle Matt’s Organic inventory. Most of the locations are stores that frequently offer healthy options, like Sprouts, Safeway, or Whole Foods.

If you don’t want to have to seek out the products in the store, you can also purchase online to have it shipped to your door instead. The online store is still being updated, but it appears that these products will be available through the company’s Shopify site.

Contacting Uncle Matt’s Organic

Whether you want more nutritional information, or you need help in making a decision, the customer service team at Uncle Matt’s Organic is available to help. You can contact them via phone or email, but a mailing address is also provided.

To get ahold of a representative directly, you can call either 352-394-8737 or 877-364-2028. There are no hours of operation posted, but you can email the team at [email protected], if you are unable to reach someone. To send a letter about your experience with their products, address your envelope to:

Uncle Matt’s Organic
P.O. Box 120187
Clermont, FL 34712

If you want to receive updates on any new products or changes to the company, you can enter your email to receive a newsletter.

Uncle Matt’s Organic Review Conclusion

Getting the right nutrition in your body is the key to staying healthy and promoting a healthier earth. When you purchase product from Uncle Matt’s Organic, you are also supporting the healthy treatment of soil and the farmers that dedicate their careers to growing healthy produce for the company.

Though pricing is unavailable, you can easily view the products at your local store that support organic farming methods.

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