Unbeetable Beet Juice – Natural Sports Nutrition Performance Aid?


Unbeetable Beet Juice is a beverage that uses beetroot juice to boost your energy and provide health benefits. Find out how Unbeetable could improve cardiovascular health today in our review.

What is Unbeetable Beet Juice?

Unbeetable is a carbonated drink that comes in the form of a can. The formula promises to be natural, vegan, and gluten-free. As you may have guessed from the name, Unbeetable uses beetroot juice as its active ingredient.

Beetroot juice is becoming increasingly popular. A growing amount of research shows that the ingredients in beetroot juice can lead to some powerful health benefits. They can boost cardiovascular performance, for example, and enhance muscle efficiency. The official Unbeetable website also states that the beverage helps maintain normal blood pressure and can increase blood flow to your brain.

There are two versions of Unbeetable Beet Juice available, including a fizzy version and a non-carbonated version. The drink is made by a St. Augustine, Florida-based company, which developed the beverage in partnership with researchers at Wake Forest University. The company also partnered with Nike to market its beverages.

How Does Unbeetable Beet Juice Work?

The ingredients in Unbeetable, according to the manufacturer, have been linked to all of the following benefits:

Unbeetable Pricing

Unbeetable is priced at the following rates when ordered online through the official website or through Amazon:

  • Unbeetable 24 Pack (24 x 8.4 oz Cans): $48 USD

Unbeetable Beet Juice Ingredients

Unbeetable FIZZ contains all of the following ingredients:

Carbonated water, beetroot juice, beet or cane sugar, citric acid, cranberry powder, natural flavors, malic acid, and stevia.

There are 90 calories in each serving along with 17g of sugar. However, a new version of Unbeetable just launched that has no sugar added and just 45 calories.

Unbeetable Reviews: What Do Customers Have to Say?

Unbeetable is well-reviewed among Amazon shoppers, who have given the product an average rating of 4.0 stars out of 5. Some of the pros and cons from reviews include:



  • Not all customers notice any major health benefits or blood flow improvements

Who Makes Unbeetable Beet Juice?

Unbeetable was created by company president Craig Van Horn, who developed the formula in partnership with doctors and scientists at Wake Forest University. The beverage was launched in 2012.

The company describes itself as a local, independent company with the goal of bringing customers “the highest quality beetroot we can”. The beets are grown in the United States, and Unbeetable is produced in the United States.

Prior to launching Unbeetable, Craig was a consultant in the beverage industry for 10 years. Craig claims he was inspired to launch Unbeetable during the London 2012 Olympics, which he calls the “Beetroot Olympics” because so many athletes drank beetroot juice to improve performance.

Unbeetable took off quickly. One of the company’s first customers was Nike.

Should You Buy Unbeetable Beet Juice?

Unbeetable is a beetroot juice that’s aiming to make beetroot the next big superfood. We’ve known about the health benefits of beetroot juice for years. Unfortunately, most beetroot juice tastes gross. Unbeetable aims to change that by delivering a convenient, ready-to-drink beetroot juice in a can. You can order cans online today at around $2 each ($48 for a 24 pack).

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