Ultimate Keto Meal Plan – Healthy 21 Day Ketogenic Diet Program?


Scientific studies conducted in the last few decades have led experts to come to a conclusive understanding that a healthy diet, and regular exercise regime are the two most important factors for maintaining a healthy weight balance ratio in our bodies.

However, with the rising levels of hectic work schedules, it is becoming increasingly difficult to carve out time for working out, exercising. Even recent studies have shown that in terms of losing weight, 70% of all metabolic work is in relation to the food we ingest, while the other 30% is associated with the amount of physical activity we perform.

Therefore, by simply controlling what we eat, an individual can easily regulate his/her capacity to shed of extra weight and function more efficiently. In terms of dietary options, today there exist various meal plans that have been designed in specific ways, so as to optimise the burning of fats and other harmful substances in our bodies.

For example, a paleo diet is one in which a user relies on a protein heavy meal. These proteins are highly biocompatible, and thus can be used for the easy release of energy as well as tissue and muscle development. Similarly, there is a det call the ‘ketogenic plan’.

The ketogenic diet is essentially a ‘low carb high fat diet that mimics the physiology of fasting by shifting the basal working rate of the body’. Through a series of mechanical shifts within our bodies, this diet is able to induce a state of Nutritional Ketosis into our system. To understand this term more clearly, we have to introduce a more complex chemical framework of reference.

Therefore, Ketosis can be understood as a metabolic state in which our body has shifted from ‘burning glucose as its primary fuel source into using ketone bodies to do so’. In layman's terms this means that instead of using conventional carbs and sugars for energy release, the body turns towards its inner fat deposits to start fueling the working of the body.

Therefore, by maintaining a steady Keto diet, the system shifts its mode of operation and thereby allows for extra fats to be gradually oxidised and expelled va our excretory passages.

About the Ultimate Keto Meal Plan

The ‘Ultimate Keto Meal Plan’ is an all new dietary system that can thought of as ‘21-day meal plan’. During this time frame, users need to follow a specialized meal plan, wherein they are to only eat certain foods at certain times. As mentioned earlier, Ultimate Keto Meal Plan utilizes only healthy fats, and minimizes the intake of carbs and sugars.

Thus meats and other tasty dishes are part of this program (users therefore need not be worried about eating bland, unappealing food). The author has designed the plan in such a way that, it describes exactly what portions to consume and when. Similarly, there are various healthy recipes that have been outlined in the Ultimate Keto Meal Plan.

These recipes are easy to prepare, and they optimize the working of our inner metabolic centers (allowing us to maximize our weight loss potential). As described previously, this diet induces a specific ‘keto mechanism’ into our bodies’. When the body is in a state of ‘ketosis’, it is able to use fat as its innate energy production fuel source.

This means that the body automatically starts using all fat deposits in our system as energy fuel, rather than using carbs, proteins etc. This is especially beneficial as it requires users to not perform any special exercises or other physical efforts. When the inner gear shifts, the body simply switches to using fat as fuel, day and night.

Key features of the Ultimate Keto Plan

  • It clearly educates an individual about all of the fundamental principles involved with delivering optimal nutrition to human beings.
  • After initial teachings, the book demonstrates the difference between various diets and hence introduces the concept of a keto meal plan and ketosis.
  • After the initial basics have been covered, the book clearly starts delivering techniques to develop a ‘ketosis based’ metabolic rate of function. This allows users to induce a mechanism wherein the fat is gradually oxidised and used for energy transfer and release.
  • There are various meals in the book which have been outlined that are designed especially to induce ketosis in our systems.
  • The ‘Ultimate Keto Plan’ clearly identifies common mistakes that people make while following such a program. It shows the foods which people most commonly eat that should be avoided,as well exercise habits that need to be corrected.
  • The program clearly demonstrates practical ways of start a ‘Ketogenic Diet’. There are many simple practices that one can follow to get into the flow of things.
  • The system clearly delineates all of the essential food items and ingredients that one needs to incorporate into his/her diet for optimal benefits.
  • Through gradual use of the program, it allows users to Improve all of their biomarkers and increase their overall immunity levels.
  • The program has been designed to reduce inflammation and other problems caused due to their occurrence.

Ultimate Keto Meal Plan Pricing and Availability

The Ultimate Keto Meal Plan comes in the form of a clear, concise book that has been priced at $37.00. It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee in case users are not happy with their purchase, or if they do not receive the expected benefits.

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