Ultherapy is a non-invasive ultrasound cosmetic procedure, which can significantly reverse the ravages of the aging process on the skin. It utilizes the body’s natural regenerative process to lift and tighten sagging skin. This is particularly around the eyebrows, beneath the chin, on the neck, and even on the chest.

At this juncture, it is important to note that this cosmetic treatment is currently the only one approved by the FDA when it comes to skin lifting procedures. This treatment is also the only one that leverages on ultrasound technology to do so. As such, it lets cosmetic surgeons see through the layers of muscles as well as connective tissues to determine just where the energy should be targeted. In turn, this guarantees that this given energy is only concentrated where it will have the most benefit.

Granted, this cosmetic treatment cannot effectively replicate the drastic outcomes of surgical procedures such as facelifts. Still, it can be a very practical solution for those who are hesitant to undergo invasive cosmetic surgery. This is also the case for those who wish to enhance the outcomes of the latter cosmetic treatments. Ultherapy sets to work by channeling concentrated ultrasound energy deep below the skin’s surface, at just the ideal temperature to trigger collagen regeneration.

So, it can efficiently fast track the natural process, which is referred to as ‘neocollagenesis’, in a markedly hassle-free manner. This particular process enables the body to produce new collagen that is the building block of the skin. Therefore, this cosmetic procedure can totally do away with the need for fillers, toxins, and creams that are necessary in other options. Rather, it quite simply leverages on the body’s very own natural collagen building process to bring about noticeable outcomes.

After undergoing the treatment, you will be able to notice some visible results almost immediately. However, the real outcomes will only manifest after at least 2 months. This is when your body will have naturally regenerated the collagen production.

Still, as the procedure relies on the patient’s own collagen building capacity, the exact period of time needed to see conspicuous results tends to vary from one person to the next. This cosmetic treatment does indeed promote new collagen creation, but there are some critical factors that determine the length of time when the changes within can be manifested outwardly. One of them is, without doubt, the unique aging process of the patient.

Generally speaking, a single treatment session will suffice for some individuals. Nevertheless, there are some issues which may make others require additional treatments. This includes their skin laxity, their body’s biological responses to the ultrasound energy, and even their distinct collagen creation process. After Ultherapy, your skin will still continue to age, so having follow up procedures done can enable you to keep up pace with your body’s aging process. Basically, it is highly advisable to repeat the treatment at least once after every year to be able to uphold the initial outcomes you gained.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Ultherapy Cosmetic Procedures?

This non-invasive cosmetic procedure does indeed present a number of key advantages when contrasted with other alternatives, especially the surgical ones. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most notable of these benefits.

Ultherapy Can Reverse The Ravages Of The Aging Process Naturally

By far the biggest benefit of this cosmetic treatment is it that it is in an excellent position of making you appear much younger than you really are in a completely natural way. By its exceptional ability to tighten loose skin, it can considerably impede the ravages of aging. In turn, this can allow you to have a youthful outward appearance for much longer than you would have deemed possible.

Ultherapy Is A Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedure

Ultherapy cannot mimic the drastic outcomes you could obtain from surgical cosmetic procedures such as facelifts. Still, it does offer a very feasible solution if you don’t wish to undergo an invasive procedure. At the same time, you will not need any downtime when the treatment is over as it is executed on an outpatient basis. So, you can always return to your normal routine immediately after going through this cosmetic treatment. Also, it is noteworthy to state that you will not require any post treatment after-care either.

Ultherapy Is A Personalized Cosmetic Procedure

This cosmetic procedure can be effortlessly customized to suit the patient’s distinctive needs as well as preferences. For instance, the ultrasound equipment which is utilized can be customized to precisely determine just how far down beneath your skin the energy can be relayed.

On the other hand, the exact length of time the treatment takes can as well be personalized to match your very own requirements. Finally, this cosmetic procedure can be used hand in hand with other sorts of cosmetic treatments, including botox and restylane. Doing this goes a long way in greatly improving the overall outcomes you can access in a highly stress-free manner.

What Are The Possible Side Effects Of The Ultherapy Cosmetic Procedure?

Immediately after undergoing Ultherapy treatment, your skin will appear somewhat flushed. However, this particular redness usually disappears after a couple of hours. You may also experience some minor swelling, tenderness, or even tingling of the skin, but all these are temporary side effects that will fade quickly.

Ultherapy Review Summary

As you can evidently see, Ultherapy can be just what you need if you wish to reverse the ravages of the aging process on your skin and regain a youthful appearance. This cosmetic procedure is non-invasive and also sets to work in a completely natural way. This, as you remember, is by tracking the natural neocollagenesis process, which stimulates the building of new and fresh collagen.

So, if for one reason or the other, you loath going under the knife, this cosmetic treatment can be just what the doctor ordered. Additionally, if you wish to improve the outcomes of other cosmetic procedures like botox or restylane, this treatment can be just what you need.


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