Turbo Fusion – Height-Adjustable Toilet Stool For Easier Pooping?


You may not know this, but the way you sit while using the toilet may be causing a wide range of negative health effects on your body. The modern toilet, although extremely convenient and hygienic, doesn’t actually place the body in a position that is optimized for healthy defecation.

The human body evolved not to use toilets, but instead to defecate whilst on the move. In a paleolithic hunter-gatherer society, which is the state in which the human body as we know it evolved, humans primarily performed bowel movements in a squatting position, which offers a wide range of health benefits over the seated position that a modern toilet forces a user to sit in.

Recently, a wide range of clinical investigations have demonstrated that returning to paleolithic lifestyle choices yields a broad spectrum of positive and powerful benefits that can protect the body from a wide range of diseases and promote higher health levels, such as the paleo diet.

While there are many solutions that promote paleo habits for what we put in our bodies, there are virtually no solutions that are able to apply paleo health concepts to what we eliminate from our bodies. Performing bowel movement in a squatting position promotes the healthy elimination of stool, prevents digestive buildup, protects the body from pelvic floor issues, colon disease, and hemorrhoids, and can even prevent cancer.

Unfortunately, in the modern Western world, installing a squat toilet is not really possible, and even if it was it would raise a few eyebrows when guests came to visit. A new crowdfunding campaign that is being run on the Kickstarter platform, however, is providing health conscious defecators around the world with the ability to take advantage of the benefits offered by the squatting position in their own home.

The Turbo Fusion is a revolutionary new adjustable toilet posture system that transforms the unhealthy modern toilet posture into a healthy, paleo inspired position. In this article, we’ll assess the Turbo Fusion Kickstarter campaign and find out why it’s so popular to help you decide whether it’s worth backing.

What is Turbo Fusion?

Turbo Fusion is one of the most successful health and lifestyle based crowdfunding campaigns on 2017, and has achieved $30,000 in funding from hundreds of eager backers from around the world. Promising to elevate your bathroom posture and transform your bathroom experience, the Turbo Fusion is a fully height adjustable stool that is intended to help users poop in a healthier way.

The Turbo Fusion is incredibly intuitive and well designed. Unlike other toilet posture management systems, the Turbo Fusion can be adjusted to the height and preferences of each user, making it simple and easy to get the right position for your needs.

The position created by using the Turbo Fusion avoids the colon deformation that is caused by normal pooping positions, providing users with a comfortable and stable position from which to eliminate their daily waste.

By using the Turbo Fusion, health conscious individuals are able to avoid a wide range of negative health effects and promote higher metabolic function that can even speed up weight loss and deliver higher overall energy levels.

Turbo Fusion Design & Functionality

The Turbo Fusion offers a number of unique design element that make it the most dynamic and useful toilet posture accessory on the market. The height and angle at which the feet of the user are placed can be adjusted in seconds via an innovative toe platform adjustment system. The adjustment process requires no tools or fiddling, and is free from cumbersome mechanisms, making it easy for the whole family to use.

The Turbo Fusion offers four levels of poop incline- Hip, which offers a slight incline, Pro, which is suitable for most users, Uber, which is ideal for more hardcore squat poopers, and Insane, which is reserved for only for the use of advanced, highly experienced squat pooping masters.

The Turbo Fusion is available in three different colors, which are labelled as “designer fusions”. Users are able to select from white, carbon, and a unique cloud pattern. The Turbo Fusion is sized to fit most bathrooms, and is 21 inches wide, 14 inches high, and 8 inches high. The Turbo Fusion is able to fit all toilets up to 10 inches wide, and is constructed from durable, easy to wash plastic.

The early design process for the Turbo Fusion began in 2015. The research and development process for the Turbo Fusion took more than 2 years, and involved the release of the Turbo Stool product in January 2016. Based on consumer feedback received from the first release of the Turbo Stool the creative team behind the Fusion refined their concept and design, resulting in a stronger, more durable, lighter, and overall better product.

Turbo Fusion Verdict

The Turbo Fusion is the ultimate fusion of healthy traditional paleo pooping practices and modern western hygiene. If you’re looking for a solution that will improve your pooping posture, protect your colon from disorders and disease, and improve your overall health, the Turbo Fusion is a crowdfunding campaign that’s definitely worth backing.

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