TruSkin Invisible Glasses – Ultra Thin Nanowire GSUwear Eyewear?


Eyeglasses and corrective lenses are worn by roughly half of the US population- according to statistics released by the Vision Council of America, about 75% of the adult population use a vision correction solution of some from, with roughly 50% of the adult female population wearing eyeglasses, and 42% of the adult male population.

Despite the necessity and functionality of eyeglasses, they can be seen by some individuals that required them as inconvenient. Eyeglasses typically limit the total field of vision, splitting it into two separate vision fields, one corrected, and one out of focus. They also have the propensity to fog up when in humid environments, restrict sports performance, and can’t be worn in a wide variety of situations.

Around 11% of the total adult population turn to contact lenses as an alternative to bulky eyeglasses, which come in a wide variety of forms. Not all individuals that required eyesight correction, however, are able to use contact lenses. Some have preexisting medical conditions that prevent them from using on-eye lenses, while others are incapable of performing the insertion and removal that is associated with contact lenses.

Moreover, contact lenses can be expensive. The ongoing cost represented by contact lenses is between $500 and $800 USD yearly, depending on the type of lenses and how frequently they are worn. Aside from contact lenses, however, there are few options available for individuals that require vision correction that don’t want to wear eyeglasses.

A new eyewear solution, however, is leveraging cutting edge nanotechnology to deliver a corrective vision device that is literally invisible. Although it may sound like science fiction, the TruSkin Invisible Glasses are a new type of glasses that are invisible to the naked eye just a few feet away from the wearer, offering individuals that need vision correction an alternative to invasive contact lens solution.

In this article, we’ll check out the Truskin Invisible Glasses and find out how they work and whether they’re really invisible to help you decide whether they’re suitable as your next frame purchase.

What Are TruSkin Invisible Glasses?

TruSkin Invisible Glasses describe themselves as the “eyewear revolution”, and are crafted from groundbreaking new nanomaterials that have the ability to turn almost invisible under certain conditions. There are times at which individuals that required corrective eyewear want to wear an outfit that doesn’t mesh with the frames they own.

Eyewear and glasses are typically rather costly. Purchasing a collection of frames in different styles to complement all of the different clothing styles you own is generally prohibitively expensive, as quality frames generally cost several hundred dollars, plus the cost of having lenses prepared and shaped. Short of moving to contact lenses, there aren’t any cost-effective ways of creating a “one size fits all” solution for eyewear.

The TruSkin Invisible Glasses solution, however, comes close. Instead of attempting to create a neutral or boring frame design that works with any outfit or appearance, TruSkin have created an incredibly new and lightweight method of manufacturing eyewear that renders them essentially invisible at a short distance, and so light that they can be completely forgotten about.

How the TruSkin Invisible Glasses Work

If you’re familiar with the way in which a chameleon lizard is able to change the color of its skin to avoid predators, then you’re already aware of the basic principles behind the way in which the TruSkin Invisible Glasses Work. Strangely enough, the TruSkin Invisible Glasses are bright fluorescent green while not being worn, which is particularly visible.

The glasses, however, change color once worn due to the heat emitted the the human body. TrusKin Invisible Glasses incorporate a cutting edge new metamaterial called GSUwear technology that allows them to turn invisible once they are warmed up by body heat due to a thermic chemical reaction. GSUwear technology uses advanced nanotechnological manufacturing techniques to create a surface that bristles with microscopic nanowires.

These nanowires bend both natural and artificial light, delivering a cloaking effect that renders the TruSkin Invisible Glasses effectively invisible. The frames themselves are also treated with a uniquely nanoengineered castor oil solution that reacts to the pH level of the skin of the face, which causes a chemical reaction cascade, changing the color of the frames to match that of the skin of the user.

The lenses of the TruSkin Invisible Glasses, like the frames, are constructed from an innovative high-index nanomaterial plastic that offers similar properties, but are able to bend light in a similar fashion to the lens material of traditional glasses. The lenses are actually invisible to the naked eye from just 5 inches away, but offer all of the same benefits of traditional corrective glasses.

The ultra thin construction of the TruSkin Invisible Glasses not only creates super-light and almost imperceptible glasses, but renders them incredibly strong. As they glasses are made from advanced plastic nanomaterials, they’re also shatterproof, making them stronger than traditional eyeglasses. The TruSkin Invisible Glasses work efficiently in any lighting environment- outside or inside, and in dark or light settings.

TruSkin Invisible Glasses Verdict

The TruSkin Invisible Glasses solution is one of the most innovative and groundbreaking developments in eyewear technology since the inception of disposable contact lenses.

Offering a third option that combines the best aspects of contact lens and glasses wearing with none of the disadvantages, TruSkin Invisible Glasses are quickly becoming one of the most popular and exciting developments in eyewear for 2017.

Although the TruSkin solution isn’t available yet, users are able to sign up for notifications via the product page.

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