MaxQ Nutrition Pre-Workout & Post-Workout – Real Muscle Builders?


A balanced diet is essential to the process of building an athletic, strong, and fit physique. Ensuring that your diet provides your body with all of the critical elements it needs to build lean muscle and recover from the damaged caused by essential in reaching your health and fitness goals.

Combining a nutritional diet with a comprehensive strength training routine that targets all of the major muscle groups in the body will definitely result in muscle gain over time, but there’s a way to speed up the natural rate your body can build lean muscle mass, recover from training, and burn fat- without the need for dangerous chemical substances.

Pre-workout and post-workout supplements are popular dietary aids that are used by athletes, strength trainers, power lifters, and everyday fitness enthusiasts to increase their performance at the gym, getting the most out of each and every workout. Pre-workouts are formulated to enhance strength, endurance, and pump to assist fitness enthusiasts in maximizing the results of strength training routines at the gym.

Post-workout supplements, however, are designed to help the body recover from intense training sessions and speed up the healing and recovery process, increasing the amount of nutrients and protein available to the muscles while they grow. Choosing the right pre-workout or post-workout supplement, however, can be difficult- there are now so many different supplement providers on the market today that making the right choice can be hard.

MaxQ Nutrition, one of the biggest, oldest, and most popular supplement producers has recently released a new set of supplements that are intended to provide a combination pre and post workout boost. MaxQ Nutrition Pre-Workout and MaxQ Nutrition Post-Workout offer a combined solution with formulas that complement each other to deliver maximum strength and muscle gains.

In this article, we’ll check out both the pre and post workout solutions from MaxQ Nutrition and find out how they work to help you decide whether they’re the right supplements for you.

Who Are MaxQ Nutrition?

MaQ Nutrition is a supplement company that provide a a level of quality that is uncommon in the saturated supplement market. Unlike most supplement manufacturers, MaxQ Nutrition are geared specifically toward providing supplement solutions for performance athletes and professional sports players.

This doesn’t mean, however, that they’re not suitable for all fitness enthusiasts– in fact, the scientific formulation of the MaxQ Nutrition range delivers a number of advantages not found in other supplement brands.

All of the supplements in the MaxQ Nutrition range are composed of Pro-Sports Compliant ingredients. The formulas MaxQ use on their products are all backed by large amount of clinical research, providing highly targeted nutrient timing techniques and cutting edge nutritional science to provide solutions that enhance strength, endurance, muscle size, and recovery.

One of the most compelling features of the MaxQ brand is their avoidance of shady “proprietary formula” practices that obfuscate the ingredients of their products. Each of the supplements in the MaxQ Nutrition range are provided with a fully transparent ingredient list, a practice that is rare in the modern supplement industry.

MaxQ Nutrition Pre-Workout

MaxQ Pre-Workout is a scientifically proven pre-workout formula that is designed to reinforce the natural performance capacity of the body with a completely natural formula. Free from controlled substances or harmful chemical or pharmaceutical compounds, MaxQ Pre-Workout is able to enhance vascularity and pump, increasing energy levels, endurance, pump, and muscle strength.

The high-performance composition of the MaxQ Pre-Workout solution delivers more than five times the amount of active ingredients than the average pre-workout supplement, and is manufactured in cGMP adherent production facilities from the highest quality products available.

The MaxQ Nutrition Pre-Workout Formula

The MaxQ Pre-Workout formula contains a long ingredients list, for which MaxQ provide compelling and detailed scientific evidence from third-party research institutions on their website.

The formula itself consists of a basic vitamin complex of C, B12, and B6, as well as a novel magnesium creatine chelate compound that delivers both of the benefits of creatine and magnesium supplementation at the same time.

The formula relies heavily upon the pre-workout strength and endurance capacity of BCAAs, or branched chain amino acids. The ratio of BCAAs in the product, however, is unique- MaxQ use a 2:1:1 ratio of L-Leucine, L-isoleucine, and L-valine, respectively.

The formula also contains a few other amino acids, notably L-Citrulline and a unique L-arginine compound, both of which function as powerful vasodilators that increase blood flow efficiency.

Backing up the amino acid complex of MaxQ Pre-Workout is Carnosyn Beta Alanine, as well as powdered caffeine and betaine solutions. Interestingly, the formula contains both caffeine anhydrous as well as caffeine citrate, which have different bioavailability timeframes, delivering a timed-release energy boost.

Choline is also added to the formula, presumably to increase key neurotransmitter production levels and increase focus during workouts, while lastly bioperine, a black pepper extract, enhances the bioavailability of the entire formula.

MaxQ Nutrition Post-Workout

The MaxQ Post-Workout is the after-gym counterpart of the MaxQ Nutrition Pre-Workout solution. Consisting of a targeted blend of highly effective nutrients, the MaxQ Post-Workout formula is able to greatly enhance the rate at which the body is able to build new lean muscle mass and recover from the microtrauma caused by strength training.

The increased healing and recovery capacity offered by MaxQ Post-Workout also offers the added advantage of minimizing after-workout DOMS, or delayed onset muscle soreness– an issue that can be particularly annoying after a big leg day.

MaxQ Post-Workout is intended to be taken in the post-workout nutrition “window of opportunity”, preventing catabolism and inducing optimum muscle growth.

MaxQ Nutrition Pre-Workout & Post-Workout Verdict

Together, the MaxQ Nutrition Pre-Workout and Post-Workout solutions create one of the most powerful strength training dietary aids on the market. The professional sports industry compliant formulation of each product makes them both extremely effective and extremely safe, able to significantly improve overall performance, muscle growth, and recovery time.

Combining the MaxQ Nutrition Pre-Workout and Post-Workout solutions creates the “perfect storm” of performance nutrition, with each formula complementing each other in a synergistic manner. If you’re looking for a clinically proven, intelligently formulated, and highly effective pre-and-post-workout stack, MaxQ has you covered.

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