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True Prostate Flow At A Glance

Prostate problems hit 50% of males over the age of 40 and in aging men over the age of 60 that percentage begins to rise even further. The discomfort caused by an enlarged prostate is real and the symptoms associated with it are as follows:

Frequent Urination, Especially At Night
— Incomplete Emptying Of Bladder
— Erectile Dysfunction And Other Sexual Problems
— Weak Streams Of Urine Flow

Sometimes the enlargement of the prostate is so severe that an operation may be needed to remove the prostate, but if the problem is dealt with or even prevented this can bring men’s health to a better standing.

How Can True Prostate Flow Help?

True Prostate Flow by Whole Body Research claims to assist in easing the pressure on the bladder which is what causes all the discomfort mentioned above. To understand the benefits of using True Prostate Flow we need to understand what causes prostate problems in the first place. When your prostate first begins to enlarge it starts to place pressure on the urethral canal because of the fact that it increases in cell size. Keep in mind that the ideal size for a prostate is to be that of a walnut.

When the canal narrows more pressure is put upon the prostate to push the urine through even when small amounts of urine are present, causing frequent trips to the bathroom at night. Most men report a dramatic reduction in sleep and even more report as many as 5 to 6 trips to the bathroom at night. The added fatigue and lack of quality REM sleep, also adds to the impairment of cognitive function and mental clarity.

The main ingredients in True Prostate flow have successfully undergone clinical trials that indicate the success of this product in aiding to reduce the growth of the prostate in men. Being FDA approved and consisting of only natural and animal free ingredients, True Prostate Flow is a top of the range product that can help men reduce the risk of surgery that prostatitis can cause.

True Prostate Flow Ingredients and Benefits

So what exactly makes True Prostate Flow stand up to its reputation and what are the ingredients therein that make this magical proprietary blend tick?. A lot of knowledge and know how has gone into selecting the finest and most potent ingredients to help men get relief around the clock.

True Prostate Flow’s main ingredients are:

— Pygeum Extract: To help in the reduction of bladder swelling and discomfort associated with the enlargement of the prostate which makes it a key ingredient to the potency of this product.

— Beta Sitosterol: This impedes the production of dihydrotestosteron which is responsible for the enlargement of the prostate that causes it to mushroom in size.

— Saw Palmetto Extract: This is the herb of choice that is replacing the synthetic drug known as finasteride and best of all it has no adverse side effects.

— Cornsilk: Prostate inflammation and painful urination are things of the past once you get a dose of this ingredient.

— Pumpkin Seed Extract: The zinc and omega 6 in pumpkin seeds are renowned to improve men's health, but it is impossible to eat enough pumpkin seeds to notice a discernible difference. The extract is the most potent from that offers the prostate relief, and helps to balance the hormones and protect the bladder from infection.

True Prostate flow Review

Being a fairly new product from Whole Body Search, True Prostate Flow is just beginning to get the acclaim and recognition it deserves. Customers are reporting positive changes in as little as 6 weeks of consistent use. The product is produced in the U.S under strict health laws and regulations. I like the company’s ethical standards as this has no animal by-products or additives, thus it’s a cruelty free supplement. Men of any age can take this product and I encourage even the youngest men in their 30’s to begin this prevention protocol.

The most wonderful thing about True Prostate Flow is that there are no reported or known adverse side effects coming from the ingestion of this product. If you are trying out this herbal compound for the first time or you are on synthetic medications it is always useful to seek medical advice to see if this is right for you. Taking more than the recommended dosage is not recommended as the potent blend is powerful enough to work just by taking 2 capsules daily. For about a dollar a day you will be able to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in medical costs and discomfort by adding True Prostate Flow to your daily healthcare regimen.

Personal Experience Of Prostate Issues

My best friend had a very scary experience last winter in the middle of a blizzard, he had been experiencing lower stomach pains which he thought would pass uneventfully. Hours later when he went to the bathroom he was unable to urinate and the pain was so severe that he collapsed on the floor screaming. Luckily he had his cell phone in his pant pocket and he dialed 911. While emergency vehicles where quickly dispatched, the 4 feet of snow and the continuing snow fall of a blizzard delayed the arrival of the emergeny crew. The emergency operator kept him on the phone but by 4 am when the emergency crew finally arrived, they had to ram down and brake his door (he couldn’t get up to unlock his door). As they navigated into his house which by now had lost power, they found him unconscious on the bathroom floor.

Afterwards in the hospital, the doctor told him that if he had waited an extra hour he would have easily croaked! I confess I thought perhaps my friend was exaggerating but when he showed me the hospital document he had to submit to the insurance company it clearly read “life threatening acute prostatitis”. Poor guy had a cather inserted and he had to walk around with a urination bag attached to the inside of his pants.

On a positive note, he stated that it was the first time in 4 years he had been able to sleep for more than 6 hours uninterrupted as the catheter provided comfort so he just urinated automatically without having to get up every other hour. He was placed on 2 medications (flomax and finasteride) and his urologist has told him that he’ll need to take these for the rest of his life. Some studies show that drugs like flomax, tamsulosin (its generic) and finasteride cause impotence and tax the liver. Not all cases of prostatitis are so extreme, but I strongly urge you to begin a proactive approach to keep your prostate in optimum condition otherwise you could experience what my dear Oliver endured. Fortunately, these vegetarian capsules are completely natural, and with just 2 daily capsules accompanied with your meal you’ll be well on your way to having restful nights of sleep, proper urination flow and (hopefully) a fulfilling and functional sex life.

True Prostate flow Summary

So let’s recap:

True Prostate Flow is cost effective and you get more than what you pay for.

You only need to take 2 capsules a day to get the full benefits described above.

The potent formula harnesses the best that nature has to offer for keeping men's health at optimum levels.

Easy to order online with a 90 day money back guarantee.

No added preservatives or additives and made with the purest ingredients.

No adverse side-effects reported and only positive reviews.

This has to make True Prostate Flow one of the most attractive herbal formulas to make men feel comfortable and regain higher levels of health.

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