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Prosvent is a natural health supplement which promises to reduce prostate inflammation using herbs and nutrients. You take one capsule per day orally to enjoy powerful health benefits.

Find out everything you need to know about Prosvent today in our Prosvent review.


What is Prosvent?

Prosvent is a prostate health supplement which contains a mixture of herbs and nutrients specially chosen to reduce prostate inflammation.

At the official Prosvent website, you’ll encounter scary marketing slogans like, “Chances are you may already have an enlarged prostate.” You may have seen similar commercials on TV: Prosvent is one of those “As Seen On TV” products.

In any case, the manufacturer of Prosvent claims that over 30 million men in America suffer from an enlarged prostate, and half of all men will be affected by this problem at some point in their lives.

Prosvent claims there are three ways to fight back against prostate problems: take expensive drugs with painful side effects, undergo “painful and bloody” prostate surgery, or take a simple oral supplement once per day.

Prosvent is made by Prosvent, LLC. That company is based at 4910 Longley Lane 101 in Reno, Nevada. Coincidentally, this is the same address as a sex supplement called Cyvita and a logistics company called Innotrac.

The product was launched in 2011 by a medical doctor named Dr. Larry May. To date, Prosvent claims that over 2 million bottles have been sold.

How Does Prosvent Work?

There have been no scientific studies performed on Prosvent thus far. Searching for Prosvent at turns up no results.

Even the official Prosvent website doesn’t list any research: you can click on a page called Prostate Studies, but that page simply talks about prostate problems without listing any factual studies.

The lack of clinical and scientific studies tells us that there’s no factual proof that Prosvent actually works. However, according to anecdotal evidence online from other reviewers, Prosvent works exactly as promised.

The manufacturer claims that the power of Prosvent lies in its ingredients.

Prosvent Ingredients

Prosvent contains a total of 10 different herbs and nutrients, including:

— Saw Palmetto Extract
— Pygeum Africanum
— Nettle Root Extract
— Lycopene
— Black Pepper Extract
Vitamin E
Vitamin D
— Pumpkin Seed Oil
— Zinc
— Selenium

Unfortunately, Prosvent doesn’t tell us exactly how much of each ingredient is included in a capsule of Prosvent. Instead, it simply tells us that each soft gel Prosvent tablet contains 363mg of the proprietary formula, which contains at least some of all of the above ingredients.

It appears that saw palmetto extract is the most active ingredient in Prosvent. Some studies have shown that saw palmetto extract could reduce the size of an enlarged prostate and lead to the following benefits:

— Reduce Urges To Urinate
— Reduce Hesitant Urination
— Reduce Frequent Urination
— Reduce Having To Get Up At Night To Urinate

However, another randomized trial study showed that saw palmetto extract worked no better than a placebo. An additional study echoed these results: men took 320mg of saw palmetto extract for three years and researchers measured the results. The conclusion was <href=”#t=articleTop” target=”_blank”>that saw palmetto extract didn’t work.

The second and third most common ingredients are nettle root extract and Pygeum Africanum. Unfortunately, neither compound has been extensively studied. One study showed that Pygeum Africanum could help BPH symptoms – although researchers also stated that more research was required.

How to Buy Prosvent

You can buy Prosvent online from the official Prosvent website, That website offers a 30 day “free” trial which includes a 60 day supply of Prosvent. That trial also includes two free bonus products: a free 30 day supply of “Ultimax Male Enhancement” and “Dr. May’s Complete Guide to Prostate Health.”

A single bottle of Prosvent costs $34.95 plus $9.95 shipping and handling. At the start of the 30 day trial, you’ll only need to pay the $9.95 shipping and handling fee. However, at the end of the 30 day period, you’ll be charged for the original bottle. You’ll also be charged $39.95 every month until you cancel.

Just by signing up for the free trial, you’re enrolling in a Prosvent autoship program. If you don’t like Prosvent, you’ll need to contact their customer service hotline at (800) 743-9854 to cancel.

You can also buy Prosvent from, where a single bottle costs $48. You will, however, avoid the costly autoship program.

Conclusion: Who Should Use Prosvent?

Prosvent is backed by limited scientific evidence. Some of its ingredients – like saw palmetto extract – have indicated prostate health benefits in some studies. But in other studies, they’ve proven to be ineffective.

Dr. Larry May, the creator of Prosvent, claims that the supplement will go to work within 30 days when taken as directed. There is anecdotal evidence online supporting that claim, but very little scientific evidence.

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