True Brilliance – Best Teeth Whitening Pen & Tray System?


A clear, white, and glimmering smile is a beautiful one. Contrary to common belief, to achieve a beautiful and white smile, you do not need to pay a hefty price tag. It is wholly unnecessary to visit your dental office or to utilize at-home methods such as whitening strips that do a poor job. What you really need is an affordable product that provides you with the control over the process.

One of the best and most effective teeth whitening systems on the market that you can perform on your own is True Brilliance Teeth Whitening System. This product is a convenient and easy-to-use home solution that outperforms the complicated whitening strips and dental trays. Beyond that, it is much more affordable than your conventional dental visit.

What is True Brilliance?

True Brilliance is a brilliant teeth whitening system that you can perform from your own home. The product comes in a convenient applicator pen, which can be stored in your car or purse so that you can whiten your teeth on the go. Dissimilar to other teeth whitening system on the market, you’ll be able to achieve professional results with just a few applications per day.

The affordability, ease of use, and effectiveness of the solution are just some of the reason that many men and women are turning to this product to turn their teeth brilliantly white.

The “Hollywood Smile”

As the brand explains, its product is the most direct way to achieve the coveted “Hollywood smile.” The applicator pen is used by some of your favorite celebrities and now, you can attain similar results when you apply the pen to your teeth on a regular basis.

The pen itself is an inconspicuous product so that most people you’re around will not even know that you use this teeth whitening system.

Enhanced Confidence Levels

There are many reasons to whiten your teeth, but one of the most pertinent ones is that it enhances your levels of confidence. No longer will you need to hide behind your insecurities. You’ll be able to smile at work, while out with your friends, and in public – without having to fear that you’re presenting a set of stained and unsightly teeth.

The product provides you with uniform results, so long as you apply it to every tooth evenly. With regular application, you’ll notice yourself feeling more comfortable with your smile and as a result, multiple window in your life will open. You’ll feel better and happier wherever you go and wherever you are.

Shades Whiter and Brighter

There are many great qualities to this teeth whitening system, but one of the most significant is that it essentially combats against coffee, tea, fruits, and other staining substances. You can still enjoy your favorite beverages and foods, all the while developing teeth that are shades whiter and brighter.

To get a sense of how much brighter the product will make your teeth, simply visit the brand’s website. There is a nifty chart that allows you to compare the color of your teeth. In doing so, you’ll be able to see just how many shades whiter the product will promote. In nearly all cases and so long as you follow the correct application system, you’ll be able to achieve level 4 brightness, which is the whitest color that your teeth can be.

As the brand explains, it is important to keep in mind that results may vary. There are a number of reasons for the variation. For example, the results that you experience will be how well you apply the product, how well your teeth react to the applicator pen formula, and the time you keep the product on your teeth. In general, the product is meant to work very well and you should not have any issues as long as you do things correctly.

True Brilliance is a Three Step Process

True Brilliance is a three step process that is easy to perform at home and on your own. Here is the process involved with using True Brilliance:

Step 1: Brush and Dry Your Teeth

The first step is to thoroughly brush your teeth to remove all of the plaque and impurities. Once you rinse the paste out, simply try and dry your teeth by padding a paper towel over them.

Step 2: Apply the Gel

The second step is to apply the gel. To do so, rotate the bottom portion of the click pen so the gen dispenses from the opposite end – which is the tip. Once the gen dispenses, you can apply it directly to your teeth. When you apply it, it is important to avoid getting it on your lips. Moreover, prevent your lips from touching your teeth.

Step 3: Rinse

The third step is to since the solution you applied after 15 minutes. It is important to avoid eating or drinking for an hour after you rinse the solution off. This will keep your teeth clear and it will also prevent you from ingesting any solution that was left on your teeth.

As you can tell, the application process is simple and it can be performed at home on a daily basis. You can also follow the same application process while you are on the go.

Where to Order

If you are interested in using True Brilliance as your teeth whitening solution, then you can purchase it from the brand’s website. The website provides you with a safe purchase system so that your credit card is secure. Also, the system takes all major payment options, so you should not have any trouble.


True Brilliance is an excellent teeth whitening solution that has worked effectively on numerous men and women. Now, you too can use this affordable system from the comfort of your own home. Keep in mind that those who follow the application system as directed will benefit the most. Before you apply, make sure you read the instructions and that you have everything you need to achieve your glimmering white smile. To order, visit the brand’s website today.

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  1. Like a dummy, I clicked for this ‘free trial' and THEN noticed the fine print … DIRECTLY after placing the order, here is what I sent to the official site ….
    ” I took your free trial pen from ebay as a TRIAL, ONLY !!! From THERE, I will decide if I want a continued subscription with you, ANY attempt to draft any further money from my account and I will blast you AND ebay to the moon on social media for trying to rip me off !!!! If I like your product, I will continue to keep it going, I should not have to be on guard to cancel any thing that your corporate Prick lawers have used small print to weasel into a contract that I was railroaded in to, which was supposed to be a trial offer ONLY !!!! I'm on a fixed income and have no where to be, meaning, PLEANTY of time to use a ‘poison' pen on Anyone that invades my privacy !!!! Last, if your product was any good, you wouldn't Have to use your corporate , PRICK lawyers to figure out ‘legal' ways to RAILROAD us into subscribing to you !!!! I DARE you draft One Penny more than the 3.95 I agreed to pay for a free trial … Not Happy !!!!! John ” , with that, they sent a polite letter informing me that I was off the hook, we shall see … Good luck guys !!!! John

  2. Please be aware this is a major scam. I received an offer to purchase this whitening pen for only the cost of shipping. Since it came through Amazon I thought it legit and unfortunately made the purchase. After all, Holiday pictures, right? Well, turns out that if, after two weeks or so, you don't cancel your order (which seems to be difficult to do) they charge you a recurring payment of $119. Seeing the payment authorized on my statement I was obviously irate. I found the old shipping confirmation email they'd sent me, intending to double check what they had charged me. Tucked away at the bottom of the email is a brief explanation that you will be charged the above stated amount. Good plot, right? Hide that rather important info in what looks like an unimportant email. And since the information was there I'm sure that makes this scam legal. I followed the website directions to stop further payments… which I can do for another payment of around $30. Needless to say I have already cancelled the card I used, these f***** aren't getting any more money from me.

    • Gods I JUST fell for this too and agree it's a horrible scam. I can't cancel the order without paying almost $30.
      Think I should cancel my card as well, just in case?


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