Triple Leaf Tea – Best Source For All Types Of Healthy Teas?


Even though the Western world is considered to be made up of coffee drinking countries, the fine art of drinking tea is becoming more and more popular.

Like coffee, tea comes in a variety of shades and flavors, offering an assortment of options for those who get bored easily.

Also like coffee, tea can be enjoyed hot or cold, making it the perfect winter or summer drink.

And finally, like coffee, finding the right brand that offers the best quality tea leaves is vital for truly enjoying a good cup of tea.

Triple Leaf Tea has long been a leader in the world of tea. Offering authentic, delicious, and varied Chinese tea options, Triple Leaf Tea is the perfect brand for those who want the flavor and health benefits that come with drinking tea.

What is Triple Leaf Tea?

Combining ancient herbal formulas and the knowledge of modern Chinese herbalists, Triple Leaf Tea creates teas that offer the perfect balance between traditional healing herbs and soothing relaxation.

Due to the high quality of the tea leaves and blending process used by Triple Leaf Tea, it is one of the most popular tea companies in United States, where it is currently based.

And because Triple Leaf Tea focuses on the medicinal aspects of its teas, a cup of these products aren’t just delicious, but beneficial for the health.

Triple Leaf Tea is a family owned business that has deep roots in Chinese herbs. As a result, the teas offered by the company are able to meet many needs of drinkers, allowing them to truly benefit from the blends.

Coming in convenient tea bags instead of the more difficult to use loose tea options, Triple Leaf Tea makes it easier than ever to enjoy a delicious cup of tea that offers a wide range of health benefits.

Benefits of Triple Leaf Tea

The biggest benefit of Triple Leaf Tea is that the company has such vast experience. Started by a Chinese-American family, Triple Leaf Tea is based on the ancient and respected herbal formulas that have been used for hundreds of years in China.

This vast information has allowed Triple Leaf Tea to create teas unlike any in the Western world.

Not only are they steeped in tradition, but with the more modern herbalists adding their experience to the formulations, Triple Leaf Teas have been found to support the health and wellness of users.

For those who have very specific tastes when it comes to their teas, Triple Leaf Tea offers another benefit.

Instead of focusing on just one form of tea, Triple Leaf Tea has expanded its expertise to offer a wide range of tea leaf options.

Not only does Triple Leaf Tea sell more traditional green teas, but it also offers black and white teas, oolong teas, and the rarer pu-erh tea.

By offering such a wide range of teas, Triple Leaf Tea is able to meet the different tastes and needs of its customers.

Finally, the many health benefits of tea is preserved in the formulations used for Triple Leaf Teas.

Unlike other tea companies that add artificial flavorings to make the taste of their teas pop more, Triple Leaf Tea keeps things authentic and natural.

As a result, it is able to give users all the antioxidants and polyphenols with which tea has become so closely associated.

Triple Leaf Tea Types

For those purchase Triple Leaf Tea products for the first time, it’s very important to understand the different tastes and benefits that come with the varying tea types.

A list of the different tea options offered by Triple Leaf Tea can be found below, as well as a brief description of what differentiates these teas from each other.

Black Tea – The leaves are oxidized during drying, turning them black. Black tea has a strong flavor and higher caffeine content.

Oolong Tea – These tea leaves are only semi-oxidized, giving it a smoother, more mellow flavors, as well as a lower caffeine content than black tea.

Green Tea – The leaves are heat treated before quickly being dried, preventing the oxidation process. Green tea is mild, but aromatic, and has a low caffeine content.

White Tea – Picked early and air dried, white tea is the least processed, giving it a subtle and fragrant flavor. The caffeine content of white tea varies.

Pu-erh Tea – Derived from an ancient tea plant, pu-erh is oxidized, dried, and fermented. Despite its low caffeine content, pu-erh has a distinct earthy flavor.

The Triple Leaf Tea website provides more information on these different tea types and their benefits.

Purchasing Triple Leaf Tea Products

Triple Leaf Tea offers a wide range of products, ranging from all the tea types listed above. The Triple Leaf Tea website has a store locator, for those who want to find a place near them that sells the product. The teas are also available online.

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