Trimethylglycine – TMG Super Nutrient Sleep & Bodybuilding Benefits?


Also known as bataine, Trimethylglycine is an important nutrient that plays a vital role in enhancing the health of the cardiovascular system.

Many clinical studies that have been conducted have shown that Trimethylglycine together with other nutrients can help to reduce toxic levels of homocysteine, a naturally occurring amino acid that is harmful to the body and has been linked to stroke, heart disease, and peripheral vascular disease.

Health Benefits Of Trimethylglycine

It Helps To Lower Homocysteine

Did you know that the average American usually ingest 500mg to 2,000mg of Trimethylglycine each day? Trimethylglycine has been termed as one of the most effective nutritional agents that help to suppress after meal surge as a result of homocysteine, slashing the surge level by up to 50%.

An increased homocysteine level is not good for your health, because it affects the normal flow of blood, especially to people who are above the age of 50.

However, when at a lower level, homocysteine helps to promote the oxidation of bad cholesterol, thus enhancing your health. Trimethylglycine helps to lower homocysteine, improving your overall health.

It Helps To Protect Your Kidneys From Damage And Enhance Liver Function

Trimethylglycine is a very important nutrient and it functions closely with folic acid, choline, a form of amino acid methionine referred to as s-adenosymethionine, and vitamin B12. All these compounds are very important because they actually function like methyl donors.

This means that they donate and carry methyl molecules, a factor that helps to facilitate important chemical processes. The donation of the methyl groups by Trimethylglycine is crucial because it helps to enhance proper functioning of the liver detoxification reaction as well as helping in cellular replication. It also plays a vital role in the production of carnitine and protects your kidneys from damage.

Trimethylglycine is related to choline, and the only difference is that choline has 4 methyl molecules that have been attached to it.

It Helps To Enhance Heart Health

Trimethylglycine is a component that helps to lower homocysteine levels in the blood, which has had been termed as one of the main causes of heart diseases. As mentioned earlier, high homocysteine levels are actually not good for your health, because they increase the risk factors for getting cardiovascular diseases.

However, various scientific studies that have been conducted have shown that heart related complications can be reduced significantly by taking Trimethylglycine supplements on a regular basis.

Trimethylglycine helps to fight blockages and hardening of arteries, a factor that helps to reduce the risk of having a stroke or heart attack, among many other forms of heart related diseases and cardiac arrest.

It Helps To Increase Muscle Mass

Research has been conducted by various credible institutions and has revealed that Trimethylglycine helps to reduce fat and increases muscle mass. As a result, many bodybuilding supplements use Trimethylglycine as one of their main ingredients.

A study conducted in 2015 showed that Trimethylglycine helps to increase muscle force and power output. One study that was conducted in 2016 showed that people who took Trimethylglycine had better muscle endurance when doing exercises such as squats and pushups.

If you are professional athlete or bodybuilder and you want to increase your muscle and endurance naturally, then integrating Trimethylglycine into your daily diet will help you realize your dream faster.

It Helps You Lose Fat Quickly

Various clinical studies have revealed that Trimethylglycine plays a vital role in determining how the body partitions and processes nutrients. This helps your body to burn fat quicker without breaking down your muscle tissues or risking loss of your muscles mass. It is recommended for people who want to lose fat and get a lean body shape that they have always wanted.

It Helps In Digestion

Trimethylglycine is commonly used to create Trimethylglycine hydrochloride supplements. This is because various scientific studies that have been conducted have revealed that Trimethylglycine helps to boost the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which is a very important acid that aids in digestion.

Many people take Trimethylglycine before eating their meals to help aid the digestion process. It is widely recommended to people who suffer from indigestion problems. Your immune system is heavily reliant on the efficiency of your gut. Trimethylglycine helps to aid digestion, hence boosting your immunity.

It Provides Relief From Pain And Aches

Various clinical studies have shown that Trimethylglycine can help provide relief to those suffering from muscle pain and aches. It is widely recommended for people who conduct intense training and also to those who suffer from joint tissue damage.

It Helps To Repair Damage Caused By Alcohol On The Liver

Trimethylglycine is widely used to treat liver damage that has been caused as a result of excessive consumption of alcohol. Trimethylglycine helps eliminate fat that has accumulated on the liver because it has amazing fat reducing properties.

Who Is The Right Candidate For Trimethylglycine?

Anybody can include Trimethylglycine in their diet regardless of their age or gender. However, it is widely recommended for people who are suffering from liver complications caused by alcohol, athletes and bodybuilders who want to improve their performance and endurance, and those suffering from indigestion.

However, people suffering from long term diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes are advised to first consult their physician before using them.

In addition to that, pregnant and lactating mothers are not advised to use this unless they have been allowed by the local physician. Patients suffering from heart disease, liver complications, and muscle pains are advised to consult their doctor to guide them on the right doses.

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