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TribX90 Review – Right For You?

TribX90 is a nutritional supplement that uses the active ingredient tribulus terrestris to purportedly increase your testosterone. Here’s our review.

What is TribX90 Tribulus Terrestris?

TribX90 is a bodybuilding supplement that contains pure Bulgarian Species Tribulus Terrestris. The makers of TribX90 claim that tribulus terrestris is nature’s most powerful testosterone booster. It isn’t nearly as powerful as anabolic steroids, but it has a similar effect on the body.

By taking the pill daily, you can raise testosterone levels. This translates to better performance at the gym (and better performance in the bedroom).

TribX90 is made by a nutritional supplement manufacturer named Allmax Nutrition. It contains pure tribulus terrestris with no other ingredients.

Some people take TribX90 as a bodybuilding supplement to boost athletic performance. Others take it as a sexual health supplement. Some take it for both.

Today, you’ll find TribX90 sold all across the internet at prices of $18 to $25 for 90 capsules.

How Does TribX90 Work?

TribX90 works by delivering a high dose of tribulus terrestris directly into your body. Each capsule (there are 90 capsules in each container) contains 750mg of formula. The manufacturer claims that there’s nothing but pure tribulus terrestris in each capsule: so there are no added ingredients, stimulants, or other unwanted formulas.

So what exactly is tribulus terrestris?

Also known as “devil’s weed” or “goat-head”, tribulus terrestris is an herb that grows naturally all across the world. The fruits of the plant flower in late spring before hardening into small, spiked seeds.

You may have seen these annoying spiked seeds in your punctured bike tires or in your dog’s paw. That’s tribulus terrestris.

Tribulus terrestris has been used since ancient times as a natural aphrodisiac. Like all herbs, it has many active ingredients. However, modern scientific testing has shown that it’s particularly rich with the steroidal saponins protodioscin. This is the ingredient that has been linked to higher testosterone levels.

How Does Tribulus Terrestirs Work?

In one study, researchers from Lithuania gave athletes 625mg of a 40% saponin-concentration formula of tribulus terrestris for three times per day for 20 days. These researchers noticed a significant increase in circulating testosterone during the first 10 days of the experiment (although continued study after the 10 day period showed no further rise).

Researchers in that study – and others – believe tribulus works by increasing levels of luteinizing hormone (LH) or follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) within the body.

Other evidence shows that tribulus significantly reduces blood glucose, and that forces your body to produce more testosterone in response to this drop.

There are also plenty of other studies that show tribulus has no effect on testosterone levels. Some studies have shown that tribulus only increases the testosterone of infertile men while leaving the testosterone of most men unaffected.

The funny thing about tribulus terrestris is that the concentration of steroidal saponins varies from country to country (which is true for most herbs). The strongest formulas tend to come from Turkey, Macedonia, and Bulgaria. Meanwhile, tribulus terrestris sourced from India, Vietnam, and China report significantly lower concentrations.

Ultimately, not enough studies have been performed on tribulus terrestris thus far. However, early evidence has been promising.

It’s also important to note that most studies use a dose equal to or less than the amount in TribX90. So the dose of 750mg per capsule would be considered relatively high. Allmax Nutrition also claims that testing has shown each capsule contains a minimum of 90% saponins – which is double the concentration of the next best tribulus terrestris supplements.

TribX90 Tribulus Terrestris Pricing

TribX90 is available from multiple retail websites all across the internet, where you’ll typically see it priced between $18 and $25 for a 90 capsule bottle.

Amazon,, and the official Allmax Nutrition website all sell it.

About Allmax Nutrition

Allmax Nutrition Inc. is a bodybuilding supplement company known for a wide range of supplements, including Isoflex, Vitastick, AminoCore, RapidCuts Shredded, TestoFX, and more.

The company’s products are available across the internet.

You can contact the company using the customer service information found here:

Should You Use TribX90 to Raise Testosterone Levels?

TribX90 is a high-quality tribulus terrestris supplement created by a well-known company. Unlike many other tribulus supplements sold online today, TribX90 has a high dose of 750mg in each capsule. That’s similar to the dose used in many studies. It also has a higher saponins content (90%) than any other tribulus supplement.

The jury is still out on tribulus. Some studies show that it has no effect on testosterone. Others show that it only affects the testosterone of infertile men. And some studies show that it increases testosterone. However, if you personally believe that tribulus terrestris increases testosterone, then TribX90 is the best nutritional supplement to get your daily recommended dose.

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