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Max Nitric Oxide Review – Does It Work?

Max Nitric Oxide is a bodybuilding supplement that promises to raise nitric oxide levels to help you build a more powerful body. Here’s our Max Nitric Oxide review.

What is Max Nitric Oxide?

Max Nitric Oxide is a bodybuilding supplement marketed towards anyone who wants to build lean muscle mass and endurance. By taking the supplement before a workout, you can last longer at the gym, increase vascularity, and build a stronger body.

The supplement is available through a trial offer online. Whether you order it through the trial or not, the supplement is always priced at $87.47 + $5.95 shipping.

That’s a relatively high price for a Nitric Oxide supplement. what makes Max Nitric Oxide worth the high price? Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

How Does Max Nitric Oxide Work?

Max Nitric Oxide claims to be the ultimate bodybuilding and male enhancement supplement. it claims to give you a natural energy boost, for example, while also enhancing your strength, delaying muscle fatigue, and increasing aerobic and anaerobic endurance.

Basically, the supplement promises to be the best energy boosting pre-workout supplement ever made.

In order to achieve these benefits, Max Nitric Oxide raises nitric oxide levels in your bloodstream. Nitric oxide is a molecule that travels through your bloodstream, forcing your blood vessels to widen.

When your blood vessels widen (in a process called vasodilation), it makes it easier for your body to push blood throughout your body. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to your muscles.

Ideally, this promotes muscle repair and recovery. It also helps to oxidize your muscles during a workout, increasing your endurance.

There are plenty of Max Nitric Oxide supplements on the market today. Some use botanical ingredients. Others use synthetic formulas. Let’s take a look at the ingredients in Max Nitric Oxide.

Max Nitric Oxide Ingredients

Max Nitric Oxide never lists its ingredients label online – so we really don’t know much about the ingredients contained in each capsule.

However, the manufacturer does claim to use a “sustained release formula which ensures maximum nutrient absorption.”

The primary ingredient in that formula is arginine, which we see in plenty of nitric oxide supplements.

Arginine is a popular way to widen blood vessels. It’s an amino acid. Typically, bodybuilders take arginine in doses of 3 grams to 6 grams. Studies on this dosage of arginine show that it has a proven ability to widen blood vessels, thereby leading to enhanced athletic performance.

This is where Max Nitric Oxide goes from a good supplement to a bad one: the manufacturer refuses to give us the dosage of arginine inside each capsule.

Without this crucial information, we can’t determine whether or not the supplement works as advertised. However, when manufacturers refuse to disclose this information, it’s typically because they know the dose is very low.

It also appears there are other ingredients in Max Nitric Oxide. The manufacturer continues to reference some proprietary formula. So arginine has been mixed with other ingredients – although we have no idea what those ingredients may be.

Ultimately, we have to assume that Max Nitric Oxide comes with a low dose of arginine that is unlikely to affect your body.

Max Nitric Oxide Pricing

As mentioned above, Max Nitric Oxide is one of the priciest nitric oxide supplements we’ve seen, with a cost of $87.47 + $5.95 shipping.

Making things look worse for Max Nitric Oxide is that the manufacturer only advertises the shipping cost upfront. The sales page describes how you only have to pay $5.95 shipping today for a “trial” bottle.

In reality, that trial isn’t free and it isn’t really a trial. Instead, it’s a full-sized bottle you receive in the mail 3 to 5 days after ordering.

The manufacturer doesn’t charge you the full price right away. Instead, you’ll be charged the full $87.47 price 14 days after you order.

Then, after that charge goes through, the manufacturer charges you $87.47 + $5.95 shipping again 14 days later, and then continues to send you one monthly bottle of Max Nitric Oxide every month until you cancel.

To request a refund, return your trial, or cancel your autoship subscription, you need to contact the makers of Max Nitric Oxide at 1 (855) 445-4449 from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm PST. You can also email them at [email protected].

Who Makes Max Nitric Oxide?

Max Nitric Oxide is made by an undisclosed company in an undisclosed location with undisclosed ingredients. We know very little about the origins of Max Nitric Oxide.

However, the company’s terms and conditions section mentions the “laws of the State of Ohio”, so it appears the company may be based in Ohio.

All we really know about the company is that you can contact them at 1 (855) 445-4449 or email them at [email protected]. Aside from that information, they’re a total mystery.

Should You Use Max Nitric Oxide as a Bodybuilding Supplement?

Max Nitric Oxide claims to raise nitric oxide levels in your bloodstream using the amino acid arginine. Unfortunately, the manufacturer refuses to tell us the full list of ingredients or even the dosage of arginine – so we have no way to compare the effects of this supplement to current research or studies.

Despite the lack of evidence, dosage information, and ingredients, the makers of Max Nitric Oxide charge over $90 for each 60 capsule bottle of Max Nitric Oxide, making it one of the priciest nitric oxide supplements we’ve seen.

Based on this information, we have little reason to recommend using Max Nitric Oxide as a bodybuilding supplement.

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  1. This Company is a complete scam, the product didnt work. They bill you for 90 bucks after 10 days of the “free Trial,” Then refuse to give a refund when they do things wrong. Their customer service is garbage, Then when you want to talk to a manager they hang up on you. This happened twice! Do not order anything from them.

  2. This company is a scam. I followed their terms and conditions, sent email to cancel the Auto Ship Policy. I would like someone to explain to me why my account was charged and not cancelled. I was hung up on by 2 of their employees. They are telling me there are notes in the system, but yet I have the emails I sent and their responses. Everything that was required to cancel the program was sent in the original email. Name and Shipping Address, which was what was used to verify my account on the phone. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was promptly hung up on. The last person I was on the phone with was Jennifer, who refused to provide her last name. I was never given to a supervisor cause I was told that everyone followed the same policies so there were no supervisor. They cancelled my account, but said that since my account was cancelled I couldn’t be refunded any previous money.

  3. The company is a scam. They have hidden terms and conditions – once you buy you are stuck in a cycle of buying. There is no readily accessible place on their site to cancel and the contact number listed there doesn’t get answered (it even says that you can calling during off-hours when you call during the listed hours they state following that statement). The number to contact them is on your credit card statement, but once it’s there product has shipped and you are stuck paying for restocking fees for returned product. Oh, and I got sick when taking this, so I didn’t want to try it anymore but couldn’t stop the shipments because of the above until I owed them more money.

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