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In the modern world, acquisition of nutrients from natural foods is quite hard. This is because most foods these days go through a lot of processing. This processing takes away the nutrient content in pursuit of flavor and quantity. Most of the nutrients are replaced with either fats or sugars.

This is what has contributed to the obesity epidemic that has struck the world such a painful blow. The saddest part is that the natural organic foods that can hardly be accessed are the key to ending this tragedy. Clearly, there is a global need to bridge the gap between what we eat and what we should eat.

This is a need that is filled by the use of vitamin supplements, which are designed to provide the body with the vitamins that are missing in our diet. The pills are laden with specific vitamins that our bodies require. The largest setback with most of them is the fact that the proteins they have are made from inorganic products.

These synthetic vitamins have side effects that are yet to be uncovered. When looking for a vitamin supplement, you want one that keeps its ingredients natural and organic. This is where Touchstone Essentials comes in. The supplements they produce are designed to have the same nutrients as those that occur naturally in your food.

Touchstone Essentials was formulated in 2012. The company was started with a vision, the provision of organic vitamin supplements that are easily accessible to everyone globally. The company understands that acquisition of the right kind of nutrition is essential to you living at your full capacity. This is why they work so hard in ensuring all their supplements are completely organic and natural.

A Recipe For Good Health

In pursuit of the highest quality, most effective supplements in the market, the company turns to science. They have gone through thousands of scientific journals in search of plants that have been scientifically proven to have healing properties. They then put the same plants in their supplements to provide the consumer with a product that has all the healing capacity of these plants.

Their formulas are therefore scientifically proven to work. You will see and feel the difference for yourself when you try out the products. The formula cultivated in their products can be defined as a recipe for good health.

A recipe formulated with all the foods you require to live a healthy life. This is because the formula is filled with fruits and vegetables. The formula also has very little in terms of toxic substances because all of the raw ingredients are natural and organic.

Packed With Goodness

The ingredients are packed with all the goodies you need to lead a fulfilling life. The raw ingredients are all from organic sources, and the organic sources are also carefully selected. They have to be free from all forms of pesticides and herbicides. Organic sources are not just free from those toxins; they also contain a high concentration of anti-oxidants that help in removing the toxins from your body.

The company is also very selective in the plants they pick for their foods. They make sure there is a diverse range so you can acquire the right nutrients for healthy living. The plants chosen, however, are powerful enough to render concentrated nutrition to the user in the most convenient form.

Proprietary Formulation

All the blends and formulas are backed by scientific evidence. This means that they have all been proven in clinical trials to be effective in rendering the right blend of nutrients. The formulas for the products by Touchstone Essentials are not ones that you will find in any other product in the grocery store. The mixtures are extremely exclusive to the company.

All the ingredients used in the making of the blends are fully organic and all-natural. They have all been grown as naturally as possible with no pesticides or toxic herbicides. The processing of the products was also done in the gentlest manner possible to preserve the natural goodness of the ingredients. Because all the ingredients are sourced from fruits and plants, they are completely vegetarian friendly. They have a vast array of plant enzymes and probiotics.

Before the products are released to the public, they are tested in a closed environment. Thorough lab tests are conducted on the products to check the quality of the products. They also check the fitness of the product for public consumption. This means the chances of getting poor quality goods or products that are not fit for public consumption is eliminated.

In Pursuit Of Purity

To ensure the products have all of the good nutrients unfiltered, the company has eliminated all of the possibly toxic nutrients in the products. So they can give you a clean, holistic product, the company assures you they have no artificial colors in them. All the colors that you see in the products are all colors that occur naturally in the plants. They are colors that are made by nature.

The products also have no artificial flavors. To flavor their products the company has used natural juices that taste amazing. They have made the use of flavors like apples and raspberries to flavor their supplements. In addition to this, they do not make use of any unnatural sweeteners in their products. Organic berries and fruits are their source of sweetening.

In pursuit of the purity of the products, they do not have any artificial vitamins. The artificial vitamins are really unhealthy vitamins extracted from such sources as petrochemicals. They are dangerous and completely ineffective. The nutritious formulas also have no genetically modified sources.

All the foods in the products are foods naturally occurring in nature. They are all real foods and not chemicals that are artificial and are not good for your body. No fillers and binders are added to the foods.

Why They Are Needed

In the environment, there are numerous naturally occurring toxins. These are found everywhere from the food we take to the air we breathe. To eliminate the presence of these from the body, the company has come up with a product they call Pure Body. It is a product that cleanses all forms of toxins, including metal toxins. This will give you freedom from fatigue and poor metabolism.

It will also increase the amount of energy in your body that is lost to toxins. They have also produced Boost Focus Fuel that helps you to lose weight easier. It works to boosts your metabolism and therefore increases the rate of calorie breakdown, even without the need to exercise, and is formulated with natural herbs and teas.

The company also produces a product that is simply called Essentials. Packed with all the natural fruits and foods that are hard to find in the modern market, these supplements help to bridge the gap between what we take into our bodies every day and what we should be taking.

Benefits of Using Touchstone Essentials Supplements

By providing the body with all the natural nutrients it needs, the company is helping to bridge the gap between what we actually take and what we should be taking. They are also helping people to lose weight and increase their rate of metabolism.

Touchstone Essentials Downsides

All Touchstone Essentials products need to be taken under the advice of your doctor.

Also, the entire food supplements industry is not regulated by the FDA. This means the products are not medicine and are not intended to treat any illnesses. The FDA does not recommend the use of vitamin supplements over acquiring the nutrients naturally from food. Vitamin supplements are just a part of a healthy lifestyle and not the single solution to healthy living.

Touchstone Essentials Conclusion

Most of the vitamin supplements in the market are filled with unnatural vitamins and toxic products. Touchstone Essentials products are different. They provide nutrients that are fully from nature and organic. Nutrient supplements, however, are just a small part of a healthy lifestyle.


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