Following a diet that focuses on whole foods and natural ingredients delivers a wide range of health benefits, from improved digestive function and higher energy levels to weight loss, protection from disease, and reduced inflammation. While preparing wholesome natural meals is relatively simple, it can be difficult to find healthy snacks that don’t contain artificial preservatives, added sugar, or GMO ingredients.

Power bars and energy bars are an extremely popular way to provide the body with extra nutrients while on the go, but finding an option that fits into a healthy macro balance can be frustrating. Many of the power bar options available on the market today contain extremely large amounts of sugar and synthetic ingredients.

One of the most damaging ingredients that is included in power bars is GMO foods. Genetically modified crops are grown extensively throughout the United States, and have been proven to cause a serious negative health effect. Clinical investigations into the effects of GMO foods have shown that they cause permanent changes to the brain, reproductive system, and other organs of the body.

Eliminating GMO foods from your diet is a positive choice for the long term health of your body, but GMO foods aren’t the only ingredient that can make selecting a power bar difficult. Many health-conscious individuals eliminate gluten from their diet, either due to gluten intolerance or for the digestive benefits offered by the gluten free diet.

A new completely natural power bar is offering consumers a healthy alternative to the chemical and sugar rich options currently available on the market. The Toosum Gluten-Free Oatmeal Bar is a super-healthy satisfying snack that contains only organic ingredients, and is free from synthetic or GMO foods.

In this article, we’ll assess the Toosum Gluten-Free Oatmeal Bar and examine its nutritional profile to help you determine whether it’s the right healthy snack for you.

What Is The Toosum Bar?

The Toosum Gluten-Free Oatmeal Bar is a highly nutritious new health bar that uses only natural ingredients. Offering health conscious consumers a delicious and guilt-free alternative to the sugar-rich bars that flood the market, the Toosum Gluten-Free Oatmeal Bar is designed to complement the natural health lifestyle, and, as the name implies, is completely gluten free.

Toosum Gluten-Free Oatmeal Bars are made from gluten free rolled oats that provide the body with low glycemic energy that burns slowly, delivering long lasting energy that helps keep dieters feeling fuller for longer. The Toosum Gluten-Free Oatmeal Bar formula is certified gluten free, which isn’t common in the health bar market, and contains no artificial ingredients or additives.

Toosum offer four different flavors- Cranberry and Acai, Cherry and Plum, Blueberry and Sunflower Seeds, and Coconut and Banana. All of the flavors offered by Toosum are packed with natural ingredients that deliver a wide range of health benefits such as lower cholesterol levels, higher cardiovascular health, and antioxidant properties. Toosum bars also contain a rich blend of vitamins and minerals, delivering micronutrient benefits.

The Toosum Difference

The biggest difference between Toosum bars and other power bars on the market is their natural composition. Each Toosum bar contains just 100 calories, and is low in sugar. The sugar content of each Toosum bar is sourced from natural fruit, and doesn’t contain any processed sugars. The formula is GMO free, gluten free, and contains absolutely no artificial ingredients, making it suitable for paleo dieters.

The rolled oats used in the Toosum formula contain healthy fiber that has been proven to improve cardiovascular health. The recipe for each Toosum bar also contains acai berries, which contain extremely high levels of antioxidants. The natural antioxidants in the Toosum formula are able to eliminate free radicals in the body, dramatically lowering oxidative stress.

Toosum also pack their bars with cranberries, which contain natural compounds called proanthocyanidins, a class of polyphenols. These helpful organic compounds prevent negative and harmful bacteria from colonizing the digestive tract, promoting probiotic balance in the body which lowers inflammation.

The base of the Toosum bar is made from cashew butter and chicory root. Cashew butter is extremely rich in monounsaturated fat, which helps to shuttle bad cholesterol from the blood to the liver for processing. Chicory root is a great source of natural fiber, which promotes digestive health and also promotes cardiovascular health.

Lastly, the Toosum Gluten-Free Oatmeal Bar contains sunflower seeds, which are a potent source of vitamin E and antioxidants. Vitamin E is able to significantly lower inflammation, reducing the risk of developing neurodegenerative disorders or heart disease.

Toosum Gluten-Free Oatmeal Bar Review Summary

Toosum offer one of the healthiest power bar solutions available on the market. The Toosum Gluten-Free Oatmeal Bar is ideal for gluten intolerant individuals, school lunch boxes, or as a simple healthy treat that won’t imbalance macro intake. If you’re looking for a healthy snack option, the Toosum Gluten-Free Oatmeal Bar is a great choice.


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