Toggl Superday – Automatic Time Management Activity Tracking?


Consumers who are looking for a smart app that allows them to have better awareness of their daily activities will want to check out his new app by Toggl OU.

Superday tracks all activities helping people see exactly how they spend their time whether it is walking, commuting, sleeping, or even eating. Users simply specify categories and let their phone do the rest. Sound intriguing? Read below to learn a bit more about Superday.

What is the Toggl Superday?

Designed to work on Apple devices this smart tracker helps users become more aware of how they depend their time helping them achieve better work life balance. Superday allows users to customize categories to see exactly how much time they spend doing various activities during the day.

This app can help people change bad habits or increase good habits like walking or exercise. Superday is currently only available on Apple devices but it may soon be available on Android devices as well.

How Does Toggl Superday Work?

Users can choose to follow preset categories like hobbies, food, commute, work, and leisure or they can change the categories to better reflect areas they want to track or become more aware of.

Data junkies will love how this app allows them to track behavior on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to help them become more aware of changes they may want to make to their lifestyle and activity choices.

Those who have iPhones can download this app online through the Apple App store.

Features of Toggl Superday

This app is designed to work on any Apple devices with iOS 9.3 or later. Superday once downloaded can be customized giving users a way to track their behavior data in ways they will help them make behavioral changes.

Toggl Superday utilizes the phone's GPS to track users location to keep accurate readings on how long they spend at home, work, and even commuting. By tracking every minute of every day users can make better informed decisions on how they spend their time based on real data.

The easy to read graphs make it simple to see a days’ worth of data at a glance. These visuals make it simple to see exactly where time is being spent helping people change poor habits.


Toggl Superday is currently only available for apple devices. The pricing details are unclear but the app may actually be free.

The app was just released October 7, 2017 so it is brand new and new features may be released as it has been on the market longer. Someday it may be available on Android devices but details are not available about this.

Should You Use Toggl Superday?

People who love data or want to have better awareness on how they spend their time will love this brand new app.

Since the categories are customizable users can truly tailor the Smartday app to help them achieve their life goals and perhaps even achieve better work life balance.

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