Sensoria Fitness – Smart Workout Tracking Apparel Technology?


Sensoria is a lineup of smart sportswear – including smart socks and shoes. Find out how Sensoria products work today in our review.

What is Sensoria Fitness?

Sensoria is a series of smart fitness devices – including upper garments that can track your heart rate and “smack socks” that track your cadence and foot landing. Just like fitness trackers changed the way you track your activity, Sensoria promises to change the way you track your movement.

All your Sensoria motion is tracked through the mobile app. The mobile app works like many other conventional fitness tracker apps on the market, tracking your heart rate and distance traveled, for example, and letting you track your goals over time.

However, unlike other fitness apps, the Sensoria Fitness platform promises to deliver more actionable data. A big reason behind this promise is the fact that Sensoria claims to get more accurate data: wrist-born devices aren’t always accurate, but chest-based heart rate monitors are ideal.

Sensoria Products

Sensoria recently debuted a new lineup of products at CES 2017. Today, core products include sports bras and short sleeve shirts with built-in heart rate monitors along with the smart socks.

T-Shirt Short Sleeve ($69)

This is a plain short sleeve shirt that comes with a chest strap – but no heart rate monitor. It’s an ideal choice for those who already have a heart rate monitor. Sensoria claims the shirt is compatible with most Bluetooth smart heart rate monitors with standard snaps. You can also, obviously, use the standard Sensoria HRM. The material, like other Sensoria products, is antimicrobial, machine washable, and will evaporate moisture.

T-Shirt Short Sleeve + HRM ($99)

This is the same short sleeve we mentioned above, but with the heart rate monitor attached. The heart rate monitor is attached directly to your shirt, so there’s no need to wear an HRM strap. The HRM works best with the Sensoria HRM or Sensoria Fitness mobile appl. However, it’s also compatible with third party fitness apps, including Strava, Endomondo, Runkeeper, and Caledos Runner, among others. The heart rate monitor connects to your device via Bluetooth.

Sports Bra Red + HRM ($99)

This sports bra features an elastic band around the bottom, just over top of your heart. It’s made from 74% polyamide, 18% polyester, and 8% elastane. It’s specially designed to be breathable and lightweight, and features antimicrobial, moisture evaporation technology. Again, the heart rate monitor is compatible with many apps via Bluetooth, but is specially designed to work with Sensoria’s apps.

Sports Bra Red ($49)

This is the normal version of the Sensoria Fitness sports bra with no heart rate monitor. Like the t-shirt short sleeve listed above, the Sports Bra Red has two prongs you can use to attach any standard heart rate monitor. If you already own a heart rate monitor, but want to own a piece of fitness apparel that lets you ditch the strap, then the Sensoria Sports Bra Red may be the right choice for you.

Heart Rate Monitor ($79)

If you just want to buy the Sensoria Heart Rate Monitor, you can buy it for $79 from the official website. The HRM features Bluetooth connectivity and works with most fitness apps. It can fit onto Sensoria apparel – including the t-shirts and sports bra – and will also fit into conventional HRM chest straps.

Sensoria Fitness Socks and Anklet ($199)

Have you ever paid $200 for a pair of socks? Probably not. But the Sensoria fitness socks are no ordinary pair of socks. These socks come with a smart anklet (sold separately for $159). The anklet tracks your movement, while the socks have technology that tracks the way your feet are impacting the ground.

Your $199 purchase gets you two pairs of smart socks (4 socks in total), as well as one electronic anklet that magnetically snaps to the cuff of the sock. You also get an anklet charger.

While running with the socks on, you’ll receive various cues through the mobile app. The app tracks the way you’re running, including your cadence and foot impact, then guides you using real-time audio cues. It’s like having a personal trainer watching you run.

The socks work because they’re equipped with textile sensors (metal strips that run down the length of the sock, along your feet). These sensors – combined with the anklet – let you track things like step counting, speed, calories, altitude, and distance tracking, along with more unique things like cadence and foot landing technique.

Foot landing technique is crucial for runners. It can help you identify injury-prone running styles – like heel strikes or ball striking. After (or during) a run, you can open the app to get a heat map of where your foot is contacting the ground.

How to Use Sensoria

Sensoria products are straightforward to use. Whether you’re using the socks or the heart rate monitor apparel, the process is essentially the same:

Step 1) Download the Sensoria app for your phone (there’s a special Sensoria Walk app for your iPhone)

Step 2) Wear the smart socks or heart rate monitor shirt, then wirelessly connect your phone via Bluetooth

Step 3) Start exercising and let the tracking equipment do the rest

Who Makes Sensoria Fitness Products?

Sensoria is made by a company of the same name. The company was created by three co-founders, including former Microsoft executive Davide Vigano (CEO and Co-Founder), software professional and entrepreneur Maurizio Macagno (CTO and CO-Founder), and innovator (and original inventor of Sensoria) Mario Esposito (currently Innovation Advisor and Co-Founder).

The company also has multiple accomplished doctors on its board of advisors. You can learn more about the company and its personnel here.

Sensoria, like Microsoft, is based in Redmond, Washington. You can get in touch with the company by email at [email protected] or by phone at 425-533-2928.

Sensoria Fitness Tracking Apparel Review Summary

Sensoria is a unique series of products that will change the way you work out. The company is best-known for its $200 pair of smart socks, which will track your cadence, feet striking, and other crucial running data. Sensoria has also recently introduced a lineup of fitness tracking apparel – like sports bras and t-shirts – that come with ports for heart rate monitors. You can use Sensoria’s own heart rate monitor or attach a third party HRM.

One of the nice things about Sensoria is that it plays well with other technology. It pairs with Strava, Runkeeper, and other fitness apps, for example.

If you want to get additional insight into your fitness activity, and don’t like to wear a chest strap or wrist-based fitness tracker, then Sensoria’s lineup of fitness apparel may be the right choice for you.

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