Tiberian Growdome – Healthy Food Farming & Production System?


The Tiberian Growdome is a new do-it-yourself food growing system designed to liberate readers from the cycle of the food system. Author Chris Petersen offers to assist readers with a guide on creating an entirely self sufficient food growing system and survival farm to provide healthy pesticide and chemical free fruits and vegetables in any climate. The Tiberian Growdome system educated readers in how to construct and maintain a full cycle food growing system through a simple, easy to understand step by step process for beginners and experts alike, providing accessible information for all skill levels, budgets and living spaces.

In this article we’ll take a look at the reasons to start growing your own food, learn about the author of the Tiberian Growdome system, and provide a detailed assessment that will help you decide whether the Tiberian Growdome system is right for you.

Why Grow Your Own Food?

The core principle behind the Tiberian Growdome System is that the food that is widely available in modern society is chemically saturated with herbicides and pesticides, heavily genetically modified, and overall incompatible with the healthy development and function of the human digestive system, leading in an increase in allergies, ilnesses and even a contributing factor to diseases such as cancer.

Author Chris Petersen claims the party responsible for this surge in unhealthy food is the agricultural source of the food that is produced- namely the Monsanto Corporation. Readers may have heard of the Monstanto Corporation before, as the inventors and distributors of the widely used herbicide and defoliant Roundup. Roundup is a chemical developed by the Monsanto Corporation to kill weeds and other pest plants. The active ingredient in the Roundup formula is Glyphosate, which many proponents of homegrown food believe is harmful.

The Monsanto Corporation is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of genetically modified agricultural products, or GMO’s. GMO’s are a highly debated and controversial element in the agricultural process, and Monsanto created 90% of the GE seeds that are marketed to farmers worldwide. Monsanto genetically modifies the genetic makeup of the plant seeds they sell to be resistant to Glyphosate, which allows farmers using Monsanto seeds to effectively treat their crops with Glyphosate to remove pests and create more efficient crops. There are benefits to GMO crops, such as drought resistance, pest resistance and increased hardiness, but as GMO food is a relatively new technological development many people who oppose genetically engineered food argue that the effects of GMO food crops are not properly understood and may have harmful effects.

The primary issue opponents of GMO food crops have is that the chemicals that are sprayed onto the crops remain on and in the food when it is harvested, and make their way through the production process to end up on the table, and in the digestive systems of the buyer, potentially contributing to illnesses and allergies. Most corn and grain crops are sprayed with chemicals such as Roundup, and as grain crops are harvested and fed to livestock, these chemicals also make their way into meat products. According to the author of the TIberian Growdome, Christopher Petersen, over 75% of the food that is available at supermarkets contain traces of potentially harmful Glyphosate, with no alternatives available.

Petersen posits that the only way to ensure that these chemicals don’t reach your plate is to eschew the supermarket and agricultural process chain entirely and grow your own food at home. The system Petersen outlines in his guide is simple, easy to follow, and provides fresh and healthy vegetables and fruits year round with no damaging chemicals, and can even be used to produce herbs and salves with medicinal qualities.

The Tiberian Growdome System

The Tiberian Growdome system is composed of four separate processes that are designed to make the process of setting up a self-sufficient food growing system as simple as possible. The first section is dedicated to the construction of Petersen’s Growdome system. Petersen outlines the history of this system, tracing its roots back to the 14th century, and delineates the construction process of a small scale food factory that can fit in almost any backyard. The Growdome blueprint creates a lightweight, portable growdome that can be quickly disassembled and moved in the event of a crisis.

The second element of the TIberian Growdome system offers comprehensive instruction on the construction of a hoophouse, which is a simple and easy to construct building that facilitates the growth of a variety of plants. A hoophouse can double the capacity of the standard growdome system and can potentially provide enough food to feed a family for an entire year.

The third section of Petersen’s Tiberian Growdome system explains how to design and construct a ‘Stand Up Growdome’, described by Petersen as the most popular and most efficient in home food growing option. The Stand Up Growdome is designed to endure harsh weather, a wide variety of temperatures, and provide a large amount of internal space for growing large food crops. The third section clearly explains the construction process and maintenance of a Stand Up Growdome for meeting the food requirements of large families.

The final element of Petersen’s Tiberian Growdome System details the construction and maintenance of a ‘Reverse Growdome’ that is designed for creating healthy food crops in hot or sunny environments. Reverse growdomes are designed for use in climates where high temperatures and hot sun may cause food crops to wither. The TIberian Growdome System also comes complete with detailed blueprints, plans and instructions with carefully constructed material lists to make the construction process as simple as possible.

Tiberian Growdome Pricing & Availability

The Tiberian Growdome System is available for download via the TIberian Growdome website in ebook format. The entire system is priced at $37.00 USD and comes with bonus guides on food storage for the safe storage of food grown with the system and a guide on water storage in crisis situations. Petersen offers a 60 day ‘No Questions Asked’ money back guarantee

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