For centuries, people across the world have looked for the magic ‘cure’ for losing weight. Over the years, these methods have ranged from weight loss pills manufactured in labs and herbal supplements to specific exercises, all aimed at helping people lose weight easier. And each and every time a new method comes out and is praised or celebrated, people flock to it, hoping that this time they’ll actually find the key to losing weight.

The desire for a ‘miracle pill’ or cure for losing weight makes complete sense, especially considering the obesity problem facing the Western world today. Over the past several decades, more and more people are struggling with their weight, with one in three adults being overweight or obese. What makes it so hard for many of these people is that they know they need to lose weight to be healthy and fit, they just don’t have the support they need.

To lose weight, people are told they need to diet and exercise on a regular basis. The problem is, the foods that most people need for these diets are often extremely expensive. In addition to being so expensive, it also takes a lot of time to prepare healthy meals, especially for those with jobs and families. And exercise takes time, too, as well as support, which so many people are lacking. It’s because of all the roadblocks that people face when trying to lose weight the right way that they want help or an easy solution to their problems.

Until recently, scientists and researchers have sworn that there is no such thing as a pill that can help users lose weight, that diet and exercise are the only ways to really get fit and healthy. However, in recent years, more and more of these people are taking back their words, realizing that there are options on the market that can help users reach their dreams. And one of the reasons these experts in their fields are taking back their words is because of Vysera-CLS.

Vysera-CLS is a supplement that was created based on extensive research and study. Made up of a compound that is able to activate fat burning in users, Vysera-CLS truly is a capsule that can help anyone and everyone lose the weight they want.

What is Vysera-CLS?

Based on the latest advances in health and weight loss, Vysera-CLS is a supplement that contains a compound that has been formulated to help users lose fat in the most effective way possible. Vysera-CLS isn’t like other ‘miracle pills’, however. What makes Vysera-CLS so amazing isn’t just that it is able to help users burn fat, it’s that the supplement has been scientifically and clinically proven to help users lose weight more effectively.

While Vysera-CLS was designed to help users burn away unwanted fat on their bodies, once it was tested, another benefit of the pill came to life. One of the biggest problems people who lose weight face is that even if the fat starts to decrease, they’re often left with bodies that aren’t shaped in the fit, attractive form they wanted. However, with Vysera-CLS, not only do users lose weight, their bodies are also reshaped.

The power behind Vysera-CLS is found in the way it burns away fat. Most weight loss supplements are exactly that: Weight Loss. The difference between weight loss and fat loss isn’t something that’s considered often, but the two phrases are actually profoundly different. With weight loss, anything can be lost to decrease the numbers on a scale. People losing weight can be losing fat, but they could also be losing water, muscle, or even bone mass. While ‘weight loss’ is often praised, it’s actually fat loss that people want. With Vysera-CLS, users will get the fat loss help they need. Vysera-CLS doesn’t help people lose weight, it helps them burn away fat, so they’re losing inches from their thighs, arms, and waists, leaving them feeling and looking better than ever.

Benefits of Vysera-CLS

One of the biggest benefits of Vysera-CLS is that it is based on groundbreaking research. So many weight loss supplements on the market make huge claims, but have no scientific evidence to back up these claims. With Vysera-CLS, users can start the program and start losing weight with complete peace of mind. Because Vysera-CLS has been proven over and over again to work, users know they’ll get results, finally making steps towards losing weight and getting the body they’ve always wanted.

In addition to being based on scientific research, Vysera-CLS is also extremely versatile. Most weight loss supplements state that they’ll work, when combined with diet and exercise. While Vysera-CLS will work much faster and much more effectively when users also exercise regularly and diet, for those who aren’t able to eat the way they want or exercise as frequently, Vysera-CLS still works. Studies on Vysera-CLS found that even users eating more than 2,000 calories a day were able to drop weight while on the supplement.

For those who are worried that as they lose weight, their bodies won’t take the shape they want, Vysera-CLS is the perfect solution. Another benefit of the supplement is that it doesn’t just help users drop fat, it also helps reshape the body. Everyone knows the stories about people who lose vast amounts of weight, but are still unsatisfied with their bodies because they don’t have the small wastes, perky buttocks, or toned arms they wanted. Because Vysera-CLS burns away fat and not muscle, it is able to give users their ideal bodies as they lose weight, so they don’t have to worry about how fabulous they’ll look when they’re on Vysera-CLS.

While the points described above are amazing, there are several other benefits that come with using Vysera-CLS. A list of these benefits can be found below.

– Reduces Waist Size

– Decreases Hip Size

– Reduces Thigh Circumference

– Decreases Buttocks Flab

– Decreases Belly Fat

– Reduces Overall Body Fat

And because Vysera-CLS is able to do this using potent, but natural, ingredients, users can take the supplement and not be worried about any side effects. Because Vysera-CLS is natural, it doesn’t come with the scary side effects so many other weight loss options have.

Ingredients in Vysera-CLS

Because Vysera-CLS is such a breakthrough in the weight loss world, many of the ingredients used in its formulation are being kept under wraps. Those who purchase the supplement will be given a clear list of the ingredients used in Vysera-CLS. However, those who are considering it are only given the basics, like the active ingredients used in the formulation. The good news, the active ingredients used in Vysera-CLS offer more than enough insight into the amazing supplement, giving user’s peace of mind that they’ll actually be able to get results while on the supplement.

A list of the three main active ingredients used in Vysera-CLS, as well as their benefits, can be found below.

L-Lysine HCL: An essential amino acid that helps turn fatty acids into energy, preventing them from being turned into fat.

L-Arginine HCL: Another amino acid, though not an essential one, that is able to increase nitric oxide in the body, supporting the growth of lean muscle mass and supporting the burning of body fat.

Oxo-Proline: An antioxidant that is able to protect the body from harmful effects of free radicals, while also reversing the aging process.

Again, for those who want a fuller description of the ingredients used in Vysera-CLS, they will need to call Vysera-CLS customer support or purchase the product. However, even the three ingredients above are enough to support healthy and effective weight loss.

Purchasing Vysera-CLS

Vysera-CLS is currently available for purchase on the company website ( While Vysera-CLS usually costs $119, there is a special being offered for those who are ready to purchase the supplement today. For a limited time, Vysera-CLS is being offered at $99. However, those who sign up for the preferred customer subscription offer, the first order of Vysera-CLS is $99, with all subsequent orders being only $79.20, including free shipping.

Vysera-CLS also comes with a money back guarantee. If users aren’t satisfied with their results, they can return any unused product and get a full refund, making the purchase of Vysera-CLS completely risk-free.


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