Think Gum – Effective Nootropic Brain Boosting Chewing gum?


Can Chewing Gum Make You Smarter?

According to those at “Think Gum” it definitely can. Their chewing gum is designed to enhance concentration and memory – according to their website. Made up of natural herbal ingredients such as peppermint, rosemary, bacopa, ginkgo (etc) this sugar free, naturally caffeinated gum might just be the answer to make you smarter.

Having sold more than two million pieces since their launch in 2007, this college student (now PhD candidate at Stanford Medical School) – he describes this ‘project’ as a way he felt he could help his fellow classmates and students with their education.

In peer-reviewed studies, the gum is said to actually work. Its highest consumers being high school and college students primarily, however some businesses have opted to provide the gum to their employees as well.

One particular study noted that students who chewed “Think Gum” remembered 25% more than students who didn’t. Improved alertness, concentration and performance.

About Think Gum

“Think Gum takes advantage of proven brain-boosting herbs and herbal extracts, potent antioxidants, the principles of aromatherapy, the stimulant qualities of naturally occurring caffeine, breakthroughs in memory research, and the physical properties of chewing gum itself”.

Improving overall mental performance.

What Is Think Gum Made of?

Think Gum is made up of six herbal ingredients that are suggested to assist in cognitive function in healthy individuals. Each of them are FDA approved, and are approved as a dietary supplement.


Traditionally, peppermint’s known uses included increase energy, breathe easier, brighten mood, and mental clarity. Rooms freshened with a peppermint scent have shown to reduce careless errors – general arousal to attention. Contributing to the taste, in addition to its benefits.


Traditionally, rosemary is used to energize, relieve tension, headache relief, brighten mood and improve clarity. More recently, it’s suggested that rosemary acts to keep your brain cells healthy. Contributing to Think Gum brain-boosting characteristics.


Derived from the periwinkle plant, it’s been shown to enhance memory and cognitive functions. Increased blood flow to the brain during specific mental activities is important, and this is the role vinpocetine plays in Think Gum – in addition to increased energy suggesting one will think harder and better.


A small creeping herbs, found in the tropics and India. Suggested that it improves speed when processing information, verbal learning and memory consolidation. The bacosides compounds are responsible for the ability to enhance nerve transmission.

Unlike the other ingredients in Think Gum, this one is suggested to be more effective when taken long term versus simply short term. This gives an opportunity to repair first, then enhance nerve functions.

Ginkgo Biloba

Commonly recognized as a cognitive enhancer – taken by many to help with forgetfulness and promote overall mental health. Science is still trying to catch up with all of its functions, but is more likely to have effect in middle aged to elderly persons specific to memory. It’s composition in Think Gum is suggested to help in aspects of the memory.


This extract is derived from the berries of Paullinia cupana. Containing approximately 5% caffeine, and often found in sodas in countries like Brazil and Venezuela, this energy booster is its primary function in Think Gum.

Think Gum contains 20 mg of natural caffeine per serving. As a comparison, some energy drinks contain up to 280 mg of caffeine – Think Gum’s commitment is to more effective work, not ineffective work faster. It’s suggested that when chewing the gum, the caffeine and other ingredient benefits are released slowly, resulting in more long term effectiveness.

Think Gum is dairy, wheat, gluten, vegetarian friendly and nut free.

How To Purchase Think Gum

Think Gum can be purchased online in three different ways;

  1. Twelve Piece Blister Pack
  2. Twelve Pack Box
  3. Case of Blister Packs (containing 144 packs)

I addition to online purchasing, Think Gum is said to be available in various convenience stores around the United States and in Great Britain. Online however, ships globally.

‘Stop Cheating. Start Chewing’ Their slogan.

Think Gum has opportunities for distributorship and anyone interested in expanding its distribution is encouraged to contact the company.

Overall, there have been more extensive studies performed on bubble gum, versus an herbal chewing gum, similar to Think Gum – and there is documented results, that chewing gum can improve overall mental function, memory and cognitive behavior.

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