Finding time to create a comprehensive meal plan for your entire family between work, children and the pressures of modern life can be a difficult process. From deciding on a meal schedule to locating and shopping for ingredients, the process of deciding on which meals to cook and serve can take up hours of your week.

Busy working professionals and students also find it hard to determine which meals to cook and the best ways to prepare food, lacking variety and spontaneity in their diet. The best way to create original, delicious and tasty food is by following a recipe, but even the task of searching for and deciding on a recipe can take up critical time.

There are many factors that must be taken into account when preparing meals for a family. Variety and nutritional value are of high importance, but many questions arise when selecting meals to prepare.

What is the best way of determining the spiciness of an ingredient before using it in a dish? What is the difference between the various different types of olive oil, and is olive oil the best type of cooking oil?

Is cooking food in the microwave effective or healthy? Metric and imperial systems can also become a confusing situation, with no clear definition available between pan sizes and utensil types.

The best way to answer these questions and more is by finding a quality cookbook or recipe book written by an experienced chef that delineates the cooking process in simple terms.

Many of the cookbooks that are widely available on the market today, however, are inaccessible and designed to provide extravagant and complicated recipes written by celebrity chefs that use expensive ingredients and require extensive kitchen experienced to follow.

Advanced cooking methods and exotic utensils that are not available in a regular kitchen are common in these guides, which are not accessible to the average home chef.

Frustrated culinary enthusiasts that seek to create simple but delicious meals for their families can attest to the lack of practical cooking guides and easy to follow, simple instructions.

A new book by American author Deb Smith, however, provides a solution to this problem, with a new cooking and recipe book called ‘The Accidental Chef’.

Written by a dedicated mother and housewife, The Accidental Chef draws on the author’s decades of experiences as a homemaker creating interesting recipes for her family.

As a collection of recipes handed down through familial generations, shared between friends and developed through experimentation, this comprehensive cooking guide provides not only step by step instructions on the process of cooking creative, original, interesting, healthy and delicious meals, but also includes stories, inspirational quotes, demonstrative photos, helpful hints and much more.

In this article we’ll provide a breakdown of the types of recipes included in The Accidental Chef and details on the ease of use of this cookbook to help you decide whether this practical and easy to follow recipe guide can help you expand your culinary repertoire and create exciting and cost effective food combinations that nourish and interest your family.

What Is The Accidental Chef?

Perfect for everybody from kitchen novices to expert chefs of all ages and sexes, this simple and easy to read recipe collection has been collated by Deb Smith, who created a comprehensive recipe collection so varied and simple that it gathered interest from family and friends until she was convinced to release it and share it with the public to help others enhance their kitchen abilities.

Not just a simple cookbook, The Accidental Chef is also an entertaining read, providing relaxing brevity and anecdotes to amuse at home chefs while they follow Smith’s simple and concise instructions for creating tasty flavor combinations.

Designed with the contents of the average pantry in mind, The Accidental Chef doesn’t require fancy culinary skills or expensive kitchen equipment.

All of the recipes in Deb Smith’s ‘The Accidental Chef’ can be prepared in the average kitchen with inexpensive, easy to find ingredients that are compatible with all food preferences and adjustable for intolerances and allergies.

What’s Included in The Accidental Chef?

The Accidental Chef contains a huge range of exciting and interesting recipes guaranteed to please your whole families. Beginning with a section on appetizers and beverages, some of the starters offered by this practical cookbook include Salsa Pinwheels, Debbie’s Deviled Eggs, and Grandpa Harlan’s Tom & Jerry Batter, a family recipe passed down through generations.

A section on Soups, Salads and Stews provides detailed instructions on how to create a broad spectrum of dishes such as Chimichurri Sauce from a little known Hawaiian recipe and Mushroom, Beef and Barley Stew, a hearty and warming winter dish.

The main courses in The Accidental Chef focus on providing balanced nutrition and include such exciting recipe names as Lovely’s Crock Pot Stroganoff with Meatballs and Tater Tot Casserole, as well as Auntie Jo’s Breakfast Casserole, a family favourite.

Other main courses such as Roasted Rum Turkey and Beer and Wasabi Shrimp provide creative and dynamic fusion recipes to try yourself at home and deliver a new taste experienced to your family, while vegetarian offerings like Fresh Green Bean & Basil, Mexican Mashed Potatoes and Potato-Leek Gratin offer vegetarian options.

The full course of recipes is rounded off by a selection of desserts, including Peanut Butter Pie, Christmas Rum Cake, and Chocolate Peanut Clusters, as well as miscellaneous practical recipes for play dough, cooking spice mixes and a recipe for a happy life.

Tips on curing and preserving food from the garden for use in recipes like Pickled Jalapeno Peppers, Hot Picante Sauce and Spicy Salsa finish off a comprehensive and incredibly varied and interchangeable recipe book

Pricing & Availability

Unlike complicated celebrity cook books that can cost upwards of one hundred dollars, The Accidental Chef is available as a digital cook book and is priced at just $27.

This incredible recipe collection can be purchased at any point and downloaded instantly at any time of the day or night from the Accidental Chef Website.


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