Amy Goodrich's Thin Forever – Healthy Weight Loss Program?


Thin Forever is a step-by-step program that helps consumers slim down and maintain their new weight for the rest of their lives. Read on to find out more about how this program is so successful, and how you can achieve this success in your own life.

What is Thin Forever?

Millions of women and men all around the world struggle with being overweight or obese. Your weight problem may have started with just a couple of extra pounds, but those pounds add up over the course of months and years. You may have even tried to diet with no success or with poor results. Luckily, Thin Forever is able to show you the right way to get back to your former body, while keeping the pounds off as well.

Thin Forever aims to teach you how to change your lifestyle, which is the only true way to eliminate weight without gaining it back. The program is described as “insanely easy,” which is probably because of the step-by-step style of the guide.

This innovative “diet” is completely family-friendly, which means that every person in your family can start getting healthier as soon as you apply the program. With a few minor but powerful changes, you can improve your health and your body with “one bite at a time.”

About the Author

ThinForever was created by Amy Goodrich, who has a background in studying biology and nutrition, giving her the qualifications for creating a healthy eating program. After working in Belgium as a plant biologist for several years, Goodrich decided to pursue her passion for nutrition to help women achieve a healthier body. She suffered from heart rhythm disorder and high cholesterol, but managed to use the lessons she details in Thin Forever to help her control it.

How the Thin Forever Program Works

The Thin Forever regimen starts with a 10-day cleanse to help eliminate all of the toxins and unhealthy foods that you have been eating until this point. While the website doesn’t go into too much detail about this cleanse, it is clear that you won’t have to endure another cleanse that involves lemon or beans to eliminate waste from your body.

After the cleanse, you will make small changes as you enter into your day-to-day diet. Rather than just tell you what to do, the author shows you the tools you need to make real changes to the way you approach food as a whole.

While it seems like this approach may be tiresome, the way you change your food seems to be more of a lifestyle change, rather than an actual diet. Diets are set up to fail from the start, since you often have to go to extremes to lose weight, and always end up gaining weight when the diet is over. However, since ThinForever shows you how to completely reinvent your daily meals, you are able to keep up with the minor changes indefinitely.

What’s Included in the Thin Forever Program

When you decide to try out the ThinForever program to reinvent your body, you may think that all you are getting is access to the online program. However, along with the step-by-step guide, you will be able to view:

• Healthy recipes that you can make for yourself and your family

• Tracking charts, to help show the progress you’ve made and estimate future success

• Access to an email address that directly connects you with the author of this program, for personal coaching sessions

• Access to a private Facebook group for Thin Forever participants, offering group support on your journey

• Immediate updates, if the author changes anything in the online program

While all of these features are included in the program, you actually get two bonuses for no additional charges. Those two bonuses are available as e-books titled “Creative Salad Recipes” and “The Green Smoothie Lifestyle.

Creative Salad Recipes helps to expose you to different ways you can prepare natural greens, dressings, nuts, fruits, and herbs to make balanced salads. The book encourages consumers to “be creative” with the different color combinations you can achieve through your salad, which can help prevent you from becoming bored or apathetic about your dietary changes.

The Green Smoothie Lifestyle is filled with directions for making “super smoothies,” which are meant to give you natural energy with flavorful ingredients. These smoothie recipes are even kid-friendly, for children that need to supplement their nutrition.

Pricing for Access to the Thin Forever Program

According to the website, this program normally doesn’t come as cheap as the current price. In fact, most consumers that want to try out the program for themselves have to pay a total of $49.95 for complete access. Instead of leaving the prices this high, the makers behind ThinForever decided to make it more attainable to the frugal consumer, bringing down the price to $17.95. This special pricing is only good for the first 500 customers that decide to invest.

As soon as you pay, you have access to all of the information you will need to take control of your weight. You will even be able to access the bonus e-books right away as well.

Contacting the Author Behind the Thin Forever Program

Contact information for this company is relatively limited, which can be credited to the fact that there is no page or link that is dedicated to it. However, the only listed way to speak with someone is described in the privacy section, in regards to your personal information.

If you want to speak with someone about your participation in the program, you can send an email to [email protected] There is no indication of how long you will have to wait to receive a response, but the reviews on the website imply that the company maintains high-quality customer service.


In all of the information you will find about Thin Forever, there is one fact that rings true both in and out of the program – the only way to keep your weight off is to make a lifestyle change. Diets are doomed and just put you through false success, since it all comes back. By pursuing a healthy eating plan with Thin Forever, you can keep the pounds off of everyone in your family for good.

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  1. Diets are not the answer to lose weight.

    I used to be overweight. For any ladies struggling with weight loss, I recommend reading a review of a weight loss system called The Venus Factor.

    This program focuses on a hormone called “leptin” that is more concentrated in women. I can’t stress enough that women should try this before wasting her money on things that don’t work. It changed my life.


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