Thermal Brush Review – Is It For You?

The process of straightening hair has changed drastically in the past two or three decades. However, even as tools and applications have evolved with the advancements in technology, one thing has remained the same: Heat. One of the only effective ways to temporarily straighten hair is to apply heat to it. Starting with heated combs and evolving into flattening irons, heating hair to straighten it has only changed the form in which it appears.

Until now.

Thermal Brush has changed the way people straighten their hair. Instead of spending hours using a flat iron, fighting static and causing irreversible heat damage to the hair, women can now straighten their hair by simply brushing it.

Considered the original thermal hair straightening brush, Thermal Brush is a quality hair care tool that gives users the innovation, function, and results they want when it comes to getting straight, beautiful hair.

What is Thermal Brush?

Thermal Brush is a hair straightening brush that uses anion technology to completely remove static from the brushing and hair straightening process. Now, women can straighten their hair by simply brushing it. Because the heat is combined with the brush, it is able to nourish and refresh the hair while straightening it. Being one of the biggest revolutions in hair care, Thermal Brush cuts down straightening times and leaves hair looking and feeling beautiful and healthy.

Thermal Brush Features

There are several heated brushes on the market, however none of them have the many features and benefits that can be found with the Thermal Brush. The first feature can be seen as soon as the box is opened. Thermal Brush is made of the highest quality materials, and this can be seen in its tourmaline ceramic, hard and durable plastic, and the piano lacquer used to protect the brush. Thermal Brush also has an alloy base, which helps minimize the static when brushing the hair.

Thermal Brush also comes with a 360 degree swivel, making it easy to reposition and brush. The tips of the ceramic bristles have heated contact points that spread the heat evenly throughout the hair as it’s brushed. This protects the hair, but also spreads the nourishing oils from the scalp evenly through the hair, so it is receiving the nourishment it needs, allowing it to look and feel healthy.

The Thermal Brush understands that no hair type is the same, so there needs to be variations in the heat levels of the brush. Due to this, Thermal Brush has temperature adjustment buttons, so those with finer hair can keep the heat low, while those with thicker hair can turn up the heat.

The temperature of the Thermal Brush can be tracked using the easy to read LCD temperature display. With the Thermal Brush, there isn’t low, medium, or high. These are vague terms that could mean multiple things. Instead, Thermal Brush allows users to find the exact temperature that works with their hair, adjusting it to be cooler or hotter depending on their needs.

Getting ready in the morning is enough of a hassle and waiting around for a straightening iron just makes it worse. With Thermal Brush, there is no wait time. It heats up and is ready to get to work within 30 to 60 seconds of being turned on. And, since everyone knows time is a precious thing, it only takes five seconds per brush stroke to straighten the hair.

As mentioned above, Thermal Brush comes with a patented anion technology. Because this technology is patented, it can’t be found anywhere else. The anion technology works to remove static from the hair as it is brushed through the strands. It uses the air and the moisture from the air to nourish the hair as it passes through. Due to this amazing technology, Thermal Brush is able to brush, straighten, and revitalize hair with every single stroke.

There isn’t a woman in the world who hasn’t suffered some sort of burn from a straightening or curling iron. Working with heated hair care tools almost comes with a disclaimer that someone will get burnt at some point. With Thermal Brush, this will never be an issue. It has anti-burn protection, so the heat stays exactly where it’s supposed to, protecting the hair and unsuspecting hands from being burned.

Thermal Brush Specifications

The many features that come with Thermal Brush are an amazing way to understand how the brush works and how it’s able to help users get the straight, beautiful hair they’ve always wanted. However, the technical specifications are also an important part of why Thermal Brush is such an amazing product.

Voltage: DC110v-220v (Dual Voltage)

Power: 29W

Wire length: 230cm

Heating time/optimal styling time: 30 seconds

Temperature range: 150°C-230°C or 300°F-450°F

Thermostat adjustment segments: 5°

Power cord is shipped out according to country of order placement

Thermal Brush ships to the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, supply power cords that match each of their different outlets. Thermal Brush is currently working on a portable, battery powered option that can be used without the power cord.

Purchasing Thermal Brush

Thermal Brush is currently having an offer that will last for the next few days. During this time, the Thermal Brush, which usually costs $150, will be on sale for $79.99, a savings of more than 40%. The price of the Thermal Brush comes with free shipping.

At the moment, the Thermal Brush is only available in the color pink.

For those who aren’t sure if Thermal Brush is for them, they can still try out the product with zero risk. Thermal Brush offers a 14 day money back guarantee, so those who want to try the brush can use it for 14 days and if after this time they are unsatisfied, they can return it and get a full refund. Because shipping is free, this is truly a risk free option.

Contacting Thermal Brush

Thermal Brush can be reached through a contact form on its website ( For those who prefer email, they can reach the company at [email protected] Most emails will receive a response within 24 hours.


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