TheraGun G2PRO: Pain Relief Massager & Muscle Recovery Tool?


When the muscles are introduced to new movements and training regimens, its reactions are supposedly delayed. Because of the different type of work required, this results in microscopic damage to muscle fibers.

In most cases, consumers are advised to take a post-workout to maximize recovery, but how effective and time efficient is it? Unfortunately, how long it takes to attain full recovery may vary from consumer to consumer, with some requiring just as little as day, while others still feel slight pain. This no longer needs to be a concern with the TheraGun G2PRO in place.

The TheraGun G2PRO claims to relieve muscle spasms, releases knots, and breaks up scar tissue, while increasing one’s range of motion. To see how TheraGun G2PRO works, the following review will analyze it with respect to its purpose, how it has been engineered, and many more.

What Is The TheraGun G2PRO?

The TheraGun G2PRO is a handheld, battery-operated, percussion therapy device that has been created to relieve muscle and joint pain. Ultimately, its uses can help exercisers of all level attain recovery at an efficient rate that will allow each individual to train even harder the next day. What makes the TheraGun G2PRO unique is its ability to bring immediate results compared to the rather delayed ones provided by post workouts.

How Was The G2PRO Engineered?

G2PRO mainly consists of an ergonomic design, extended battery life and LED power indicator, an easy on/off switch, a ball-bearing attachment for the patent-pending AmpBITs and an improved internal, industrial motor.

A unique feature embedded in the G2PRO that sets itself apart from its competitors is the different AmpBITS. For starters, AmpBIT stands for Amplitude Blood Flow Increased Treatment and takes on the form of a ball. The reason for having four different AmpBITs is to ensure that all areas of the body attain relief. For example, the standard ball is said to be better for general use, the large ball for larger muscle groups, the cone for trigger points and small muscle areas and lastly, the Dampener for sensitive muscles and bony areas.

Who Should The G2PRO Be Used?

G2PRO can be helpful for anyone ranging from athletes, personal trainers, fitness fanatics and even those who are faced with muscle soreness. Its simple, easy-to-use and most importantly, all-natural solution for muscle aches is very commendable.

Why Choose G2PRO Over The G1?

The G2PRO is an advanced and updated version of the G1. Both serve the same purposes, but some of the updates made in releasing the G2PRO appears to be helpful for a broader of group of people with varying muscle pain. First, G2PRO weighs a pound less, which makes it apt for on-the-go training purposes. Second, the battery life has been extended to about 45 minutes, compared to G1’s 20 minutes. Next, there are twice as much AmpBITs included and for the first time, a dampener attachment. Lastly, it has been made for international compatibility, which is great as the previous model can only be used in the USA and Canada.

The TheraGun G2PRO Review Summary

Overall, G2PRO appears to be a valuable investment as it has the potential to bring optimal muscle relief in an immediate and natural manner. Several of its facets are attractive, but its ability to massage different muscle groups at different intensities is definitely new for the sports industry. Every muscle group, from large ones to the boney ones have been considered and G2PRO has been equipped with the necessary power that is considered safe on each respective area.

When considering its affordability, the current going price is approximately USD$599. Although it might be discouraging at first, consumers need to realize that the investment is made towards one’s health and the ability to achieve set weight management goals. In addition, its simple and effective features make it all-the more-worthwhile to consider. For more information, check out:

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