The Vape Fill Heater: Create Custom Blends & Refill Cartridges?


The Vape Fill is a device that helps consumers to get the most out of their vape oils, while giving them the option to customize their flavors from home. The device is only available through the official website at the moment, where consumers will have plenty of videos to walk them through the different processes.

What Is The Vape Fill?

Vaping is a popular method of using a cartridge with various flavors and (sometimes) nicotine to smoke. There are many surveys that indicate that consumers use these tricks to help them get away from smoking cigarettes, which puts the user at risk for lung conditions, like cancer and emphysema. There are vape pens and cartridges and single-use devices, but the only way to fill them is by visiting a dispensary online or in person. Most dispensaries have a wide range of options for flavors that consumers can choose from. However, the use of the Vape Fill can bring something new to the table.

The Vape Fill offers a heater that lets the user make their own blends from the oils they collect at their local or online dispensary. They implore consumers not to throw out their old cartridges, since they can be used to mix up the oils they purchase. Consumers can also purchase syringes from the website that helps the user extract the small amounts left at the bottom of bottles to ensure that the user can get the most out each one.

Consumers can get oils for the Vape Fill by purchasing from a dispensary, and the official website doesn’t have this option for consumers. The best way to get compatible oils is in a syringe, but the creators at Vape Fill can request this format for the user, if the dispensary doesn’t typically provide this option. Due to the setup, this product is safe for CBD or THC distillate as well.

The reason that this product is such an innovative device is because it puts all the control within the user’s reach. They can use any CBD, THC, or nicotine oils they want in their cartridge, and have the option to create exactly what they want from the products they use. Any flavor and any combination of these oils can be used, which is part of why this heater may be a must-have for consumers that use any kind of vaping cartridges, whether recreationally or medicinally.

Using The Vape Fill

To make a custom oil, the user will transfer the oil from a syringe into one of the tubes of the Vape Fill heater. Then, bring it to a heat that will allow it to go from a thick and sticky liquid to a thinner state. Once it has been heated, the oil can be mixed with any other thin oil. After mixing, allow it to come to room temperature again.

To refill a vape cartridge, start by heating the oil that the user wants to expend, which can be directly in the syringe. Once it thins out, the user can transfer it directly to the cartridge and load it back into the vape pen. To take oil out of a broken cartridge, put the cartridge stopper into the heater, followed by the cartridge. After about 5-10 minutes, the product will be thin enough to remove with a syringe and transfer it to another cartridge.

Unsurprisingly, this device can also be used for dabbing. Put the whole syringe into the heater and give it about 5-10 minutes. Then, the user can push out the desired amount onto the heated nail. Since the syringe is metal, it can safely touch the nail without any damage to either.

During the heating process, the recommended heat that the user should set the device at for any activity is 104 degrees Fahrenheit. However, in the event that the user needs it to be hotter, there is a maximum level of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to the safety restrictions, the device can be left on all of the time, but users should give it plenty of time to cool after turning it off.

Pricing For The Vape Fill

The total cost of the Vape Fill is $299.00. However, consumers need to be aware that the set will not included distillates or syringes. Any orders placed within the United States will be given free shipping.

If the heater stops working, the user can send an email to the company to correct the issue. At the moment, there doesn’t seem to be a return policy in place, but this can be discussed with customer service.

Contacting The Creators Of The Vape Fill

Even though the website is rich with helpful information that consumers can use to make the decision about the way that the product works. However, it there are more details that consumers need to understand, then the user can send their electronic questions to the form at

If the concerns are about a return or getting syringes with the oils from a dispensary, the consumer can send an email to [email protected] instead.

The Vape Fill Summary

The Vape Fill is meant for consumers that regularly use oils from a dispensary, regardless of their purpose. While most dispensaries already have a wide variety of flavors and potencies, this device gives the user the authority over what they use daily. As long as the user remembers to follow the safety procedures described, they should be able to have a positive experience with what the company calls “a science kit for adults.”


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