The Truth About Fats: Kristina Wilds ‘Healing Fats’ Diet Plan?


Society has planted a negative image of fats in consumers’ minds. In reality, it plays one of the most crucial roles as a translator. Simply put, fats are needed to help absorb specific types of nutrients that rely on its presence, like vitamins A, E, and D as well as a wide range of antioxidants. Fats themselves contain healthy properties like Omega-3 fatty acids (mainly DHA and EPA), which are the only sources that can encourage development in infants, mainly in terms of the brain, cognitive and cardiovascular functions. With such a well rounded profile, why are fats considered the enemies, when in reality, they are the supporting characters? Kristina Wilds’ might be able to answer the question.

Kristina WIlds’ the Truth About Fats is believed to help consumers understand the importance of fat and how consuming the healthy types can leave one feeling full, while attaining weight loss. The following review will look closely at the the Truth About Fats with respect to its purpose, the author’s credibility, what the program entails and its affordability.

What Is The Truth About Fats?

The Truth About Fats is a guide that comprises of several tips and knowledge that can help consumers lead a healthier lifestyle. Its objective is to help those who have been suffering with weight gain to finally shed some pounds. The approach in which Kristina Wilds’, the author of the Truth About Fats, takes is contradicting to what society believes because she uses fat to fight against fat.

Wilds’ truly believes that, besides the fact that the health industry trying to rob one of their desired body, ignorance is the key factor that is preventing one from losing weight. The fact that consumers are not able to distinguish the difference between the good and bad fats is what turns them into fools. With her newly created guide, she believes that consumers will finally be on the right path towards success and can eventually prevent myths from influencing their decisions. Let’s take a quick look at her credentials.

Who Is Kristina Wilds?

Kristina Wilds is a health researcher who is certified in Obesity, Nutrition, Mental Illness and Substance Abuse. Her expertise within this broad field, equivalent to over 20 years worth, has helped her and over 100,000 people achieve weight loss, reduce food cravings and most importantly, feel confident about themselves. This, like for several consumers, is a learning experience for Kristina Wilds’, as she is able to assess how fat works in the body and whether it is different across all consumers.

The Truth About Fats ‘Healing Fats' Diet Plan Contents

The Truth About Fats offers consumers fully immersive videos , meals designed for an on-the-go lifestyle, and a program that has been effective for several users. To ensure that consumers are not left out in the woods, life support and updates have also been provided. In addition, the following bonuses will also be offered for free of charge:

The Happy Gut Grocery Field Guide

The Happy Gut Grocery Field Guide helps consumers pick the right foods and the ones that should be avoided. One no longer needs to read over food labels or guess the difference between healthy and bad fats.

Cellular Rejuvenation Secrets Manual

The Cellular Rejuvenation Secrets Manual helps to promote cell rejuvenation by melting away unnecessary fats. It is said to be a 10-day process that might leave one looking and feeling healthier and far more youthful.

The Anti-Anxiety And Stress Elimination Guide

The Anti-Anxiety and Stress Elimination Guide helps to stabilize one’s mood. This is one to consider given that poor mood and anxiety can easily increase one’s food intake even if the individual is not hungry.

The Celebrity Anti-Aging And Weight Loss Secret

The Celebrity Anti-Aging and Weight Loss Secret is an extract that claims to show consumers the different types of concerns faced by well known figure like Alec Baldwin, Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow. By doing so, it’ll motivate one to continue even when results are not so apparent.

Healthy Brain Manual

The Healthy Brain Manual is believed to use nutrition to help increase one’s cognitive abilities like one’s ability to increase focus, concentration, energy and memory levels.

Purchasing The Truth About Fats

Consumers can expect to invest approximately $47 in the entire Truth About Fats guide. The price is worthwhile because it contains several mediums of information, including videos, readings and discussions to enhance one’s learning experience. In addition, several bonuses have also been included to maximize one’s knowledge with respect to healthy fats and weight loss.

The Truth About Fats Final Thoughts

Clearly, Kristina Wilds’ has made it her goal to deliver useful information that can continue to motivate consumers towards weight loss goals. Throughout her guide, she emphasizes on the importance of healthy fats and how they are required to deliver nutrients and the, not-so-obvious, burn fat! While the contents offered are not in depth, it is believed that consumers will immediately receive them upon purchase. An advantage the Truth About Fats has is its convenience, as digit copies are provided, that way even those who are constantly on-the-go can enhance upon what they already know and how to differentiate facts from myths. For more information, check out:


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