The Pull-up Solution – Pull-up & Chin-up Reps For Lean Muscle?


The Pull-up Solution is a downloadable workout program available online since 2014. Find out if it really helps increase your pull-up performance today in our review.

What is The Pull-up Solution?

The Pull-up Solution is a workout program that teaches you everything you need to know about doing a pull-up. The workout program was created by John Sifferman, who claims to have “discovered a number of key components that are essential to pull-up training success”.

John has condensed all of these components into his $47 The Pull-up Solution, which includes instructional videos, downloadable guides, and PDF files.

The program is accessible for people of all fitness levels and experience, including people who cannot do a single pull-up, or those who just want to be better at pull-ups.

Who is John Sifferman?

John Sifferman is a fitness coach who claims to have “loved pull-up training since I was a kid”. He started publishing fitness articles online in 2008 and is widely recognized as an expert in pull-up training. After being asked about his pull-up training techniques so many times, he finally decided to condense all of his training information into The Pull-up Solution.

Unlike other ClickBank authors, John Sifferman gives us his real name. It’s not a pseudonym or pen name. You can visit John’s website at

And, unlike other personal training gurus online, John never claims to have celebrity clients or Navy SEAL clients, nor does he describe himself as a celebrity personal trainer. He’s just an ordinary personal trainer who is really good at pull-up training.

John’s bio on his official website describes that he’s been coaching people since 2006, which is the same year he was certified as a personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA-CPT).

John released The Pull-up Solution in 2014. You can learn more about him here. He lives in New Hampshire.

What Will You Learn in The Pull-up Solution?

John explains that pull-ups are difficult. You don’t get better at pull-ups just by doing more pull-ups. It requires dedicated training outside of a pull-up bar, as well as careful technique. Across the series of workout videos in The Pull-up Solution, you’ll learn these techniques in order to enhance your own pull-up performance.

There are two core components in The Pull-up Solution, including a 45 page eBook and a video library.

The eBook walks you through the entire Pull-up Solution system. John takes you by the hand and walks you through the entire process of training to be better at pull-ups and chin-ups (yes, chin-ups are included in the book). The eBook outlines a 12 week program. If you follow that program to the end, you’ll be better at pull-ups and chin-ups guaranteed.

The second part of the program consists of 30 instructional videos separated into four different categories. The videos are designed to be short and information-packed, so you’re not wasting your time.

The goal of the instructional videos is to show you the step-by-step techniques you can use to enhance your pull-ups, minimize the risk of injuries, and turn pull-ups into a full body workout.

One of the core parts of The Pull-up Solution is The 8 Key Components of Optimal Pull-up Technique. Those 8 components include techniques that help you enjoy all of the following benefits:

  • Maximize the results and benefits you receive from pull-ups
  • Maximize the amount of force you produce through your pull-ups, and thereby boost the amount of strength you gain from pull-up training
  • Turn the pull-up workout into a full body exercise so you train more than just your back and biceps
  • How to pack your shoulders properly to engage your back muscles
  • How to perform advanced exercises on a pull-up bar
  • How to grip the bar properly to improve your grip strength and prevent your arms from tiring prematurely

Tying all of this information together are warmup and cool down instructional videos that promise to maximize your performance while reducing your risk of injury.

What’s Included With The Pull-up Solution?

The Pull-up Solution includes all of the following components:

  • Manual & Quick-Start Guide: This is the 45 page eBook that walks you through the 12 week program step by step.
  • Training Video Database: This is a collection of 30 instructional videos that visually show you how to perform different components of the pull-up workout. The videos are led by John.
  • Progress Tracking Journal: This is a chart-based journal that lets you keep track of your improvement every time you train. John encourages you to print it out to keep track.


In addition to the three core components listed above, The Pull-up Solution comes with some bonus features and products, including:

  • Interview with Al Kavadlo About Pull-up Training and Other Bar Calisthenics (27 Minute MP3): This interview teaches you additional pull-up strategies from a world-renewed expert.
  • Interview with Shawna Kaminski About Pull-up Training for Women (47 Minute MP3): Learn pull-up strategies specifically for women from another world-renowned expert.
  • Interview with Ryan Hurst About Pull-Up Training for Health, Fitness, and Fun (55 Minute MP3): Ryan Hurst has a background in competitive gymnastics, and this interview covers his own fitness philosophy and pull-up strategies.
  • Interview with Steven Proto About Pull-up Training for Maximal Strength (2000 Words): Learn how to become an expert at pull-up training from the guy who holds the world record for the heaviest pull-up, as well as the record for the most pull-ups completed in one minute with a 100 pound backpack.
  • Interview with Navy SEAL, Stew Smith, About Pull-up Training for the Military (53 Minute MP3): How to use pull-up training to enhance performance for military, law enforcement, firefighters, and other physically-demanding jobs.
  • Interview with Christian Carson and Ryan Provencher About Pull-up Training for Police and Firefighters (35 Minute MP3): These two are professional firefighters based in Bellingham, WA. They explain how to use pull-up training to prepare for firefighting.
  • Interview with Jeff Kuhland about Pull-up Training for Advanced Athletes and Natural Movers (50 Minute MP3): Natural movement training is a popular trend in personal training. Jeff explains how pull-up training can integrate with natural movement training.

The Pull-up Solution Pricing

The Pull-up Solution is priced at $47 USD.

That’s a one-time fee with no additional billing or subscription. All purchases come with a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee, which is the same guarantee we see with other ClickBank products.

Should You Buy The Pull-up Solution?

The Pull-up Solution is a pull-up training program created by a world-recognized expert. The program includes plenty of additional bonuses that make it the ultimate pull-up training system available today.

The book doesn’t just teach you how to do pull-ups: it teaches you how to perform a full range of exercises using a pull-up bar. There’s a 12 week, step-by-step program included with your purchase, along with 30 instructional videos that walk you through everything.

$47 isn’t a cheap price to pay for a digital product. Fortunately, the purchase comes with a 60 day refund policy that lets you get a 100% refund with no questions asked – so it’s hard to beat that guarantee if you’re looking for a low-risk investment in your health and fitness.

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