The Meta System – Judy Singer’s Natural Weight Loss Products?


The Meta System is a comprehensive weight loss program that helps men and women lose weight quicker and easier.

Men and women looking to lose one to two pounds per week with supplement support will appreciate the products available.

The MetaSystem products help boost metabolism and suppress appetite which leads to less calories and greater fat burn. Please read below to learn more.

What is the Meta System?

The Meta System offers consumers a huge range of products to help them lose weight successfully with supplemental support.

Offered as part of the Meta System line, these products help boost metabolism, suppress appetite, and support the body’s nutritional needs.

The line is formulated for both men and women who have pesky pounds they want to lose and have been having trouble following other weight loss regimes.

The Meta System Products

The Meta System offers a large range of products that help people lose weight by boosting their metabolism and suppressing appetite.

Full product descriptions can be found on the MetaSystem website at Please read below for an overview over the most popular MetaSystem products.

-CortiSystem Natural Weight Loss Program: A series of daily pills that help curb appetite and helps the body crave healthier foods, and is comprised of two sets of pills- CortiSystem TRIM and CortiSystem DETOX.

-CortiSystem TRIM: Formulated to help boost energy and suppress appetite. This supplement utilizes natural ingredients that help regulate blood sugar helping users control their food cravings easier. Additionally, the CortiSystem TRIM pill helps reduce cortisol levels within the body which helps burn fat for effective weight loss. Users simply take one or two pills a day.

-CortiSystem DETOX: Designed to help cleanse the body by helping clear the intestines of toxin buildup and help prevent the accumulation of waste in the future. CortiSystem DETOX uses natural fiber from psyllium husks, black walnut powder, and oat bran powder to help absorb toxins and safely and gently remove them from the user’s body.

-Lipofusion: Helps block fat absorption by the body. Additionally, users will gain a boost of energy and a decreased appetite as well.

-Lipofusion Plus: A formula that helps block fat absorption by the body. Similar to the original product but delivers better results by combining guarana extract, barley flour, oat fiber, ox bile, and lemongrass powder with a host of other ingredients to deliver results.

-TR Yellow: This supplement help boost the effectiveness of other supplements within the MetaSystem product line.

-Protein Enhancer Plus: Helps boost energy levels and improve stamina for energy all day long. Additionally, Protein Enhancer Plus helps support brain health including clarity and memory.

-Metabolic Optimizer: All-natural capsules help suppress appetite and boost energy. This product can be used solo or in tandem with other supplements that are part of the MetaSystem program.

-7 Keto: Enhances the body’s metabolism while supporting both the cardiovascular and immune systems.

-Nutrient Enhancer Plus: Similar to a multi vitamin this supplement helps ensure users have the nutrition they need while losing weight.

-Joint Comfort: Combines glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM which help support joint and cartilage health.

The Meta System Pricing

All of the MetaSystem products can be purchased through the company’s website at

  • CortiSystem Natural Weight Loss Program: This program includes 60 capsules of CortiSystem TRIM and 90 capsules of CortiSystem DETOX for $89.99 (currently on sale from normal retail price $119.00).
  • Lipofusion: Each ninety capsule bottle costs $64.50 (currently on sale from $72.25).
  • Lipofusion Plus: An eighty four capsule bottle cost $165.99.
  • TR Yellow: Thirty capsules costs $64.99.
  • Protein Enhancer Plus: A ninety capsule bottle costs $79.95.
  • Metabolic Optimizer: Each ninety capsule bottle costs $47.00 (currently on sale from $68.00).
  • 7 Keto: Ninety capsules are $19.99 (currently on sale from $39.00)
  • Nutrient Enhancer Plus: A thirty tablet bottle costs $11.50 (currently on sale from $24.95)
  • Joint Comfort: Each ninety capsule bottle costs $12.25 (currently on sale from $34.95).

The Meta System Review Summary

The MetaSystem offers a large range of choices when it comes to weight loss supplements. Whether users are struggling to lose a few pounds or more than twenty pounds, this system can help.

These supplements are made of all-natural products that are commonly used in weight loss supplements due to their ability to bots metabolism, promote fat burn, and suppress appetite.

MetaSystem offers a comprehensive website and an easy way to get questions answered prior to purchasing a product.

Consumers should expect to lose one or two pounds per week while using MetaSystem’s products without feeling sluggish or tired.

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