The Magic Pill Documentary: Chef Pete Evans Fat As Fuel Diet?


The Magic Pill is a documentary that explains how low-fat diets deprive the body of necessary support that the brain needs to be healthy. It can be viewed through the Amazon streaming service with a small fee.

What Is The Magic Pill Documentary?

There are so many fad diets in the industry today that it can be hard to determine the best one for someone’s particular body. Even if someone is not using a diet to improve their body, health-conscious consumers usually tune into the news and blogs to see what the latest trends are in nutrition. However, there are many ways to incorporate healthy foods, and some evidence suggests that consumers are not getting the clearest picture possible. In fact, The Magic Pill offers a perspective that begs the question – “what if everything you knew about health was wrong?”

Robert Tate directs The Magic Pill, and it offers a unique perspective on seven different people that have various problems with their health. The whole documentary spends a significant amount of time discussing how the governments advocation of a low-fat diet has essentially turned the American public into consumers of “processed garbage.” They expose many of the untruths that are fueled by the FDA, reminding consumers that they cannot even trust the labels on foods nowadays. The entire film should motivate viewers to take more care into examining what they eat, since there are plenty of ways that nutrition has simply become a profit-based industry, rather than health-based.

Every single industry receives help from the revelations that the government puts out about nutrition, supporting the idea that the two are linked. However, one of the biggest issues that The Magic Pill brings to light is the promotion of low-fat diets.

Why Is The Low-Fat Diet Bad?

A few decades ago, the government decided to get behind the idea of a low-fat diet, telling consumers that the consumption of fat was directly related to weight gain. However, their claims only supported a half-truth. Saturated fat and overly-chemicalized fats are the biggest threat, because these are the types of fats that can clog arteries and cause major damage in the body.

Healthy and raw fats are actually great for the body. The brain needs fatty acids and other pure fats to heal various functions, and to create better cognition. The right fats can even improve the complexion, help consumers look younger, and reduce the appetite. Knowing that fat is related to a strong brain, the government continued to advocate for less fat intake, which indirectly “dumbed down” consumers, causing them not to question this information.

By bringing attention to this issue the way that they did, consumers ended up getting it in their head that all fat is bad, because other reports were not publicized. Instead of turning to real foods with natural fat, this information created an opportunity for companies to create foods that were rich in carbohydrates, mislabeling them intentionally as healthier and safer for the body. Adding more glucose to the body promotes diabetes, causes weight gain, and feeds cancer cells, which simply creates new opportunities to bring in profits to the medical community.

The Magic Pill Documentary Experiment And Participants

The Magic Pill is an informative experience for anyone that watches it, but the documentary is not just about offering new information. It also shows an international experiment that seemed simple, but the impact was substantial. During the experiment, they chose seven people to eliminate refined oils and other processed junk from their diet, basically leaving them with meat and vegetables for the majority of meals. Each person had their own set of health problems, including struggles with epilepsy, cancer, and even autism.

The filmmakers believe that changes to the individuals’ diets can curb the issues that they have in their body, which has been a major source of controversy around the film. There are plenty of studies on either side that promote treatment, but this film dances around the idea that every medical problem stems back to nutrition.

Reading various reviews and watching the trailer gives a brief insight to how the changes in diet have impacted the participants. However, to actually find out the end result for each of the subjects in the film, consumers will just have to watch.

Renting The Magic Pill Documentary Chef Pete Evans Fat As Fuel Diet

The easiest way to watch The Magic Pill is through Amazon’s streaming services. They offer the movie in HD for $4.99 to rent, or $12.99 to buy. Once someone rents the video through Amazon, they have 30 days to start watching it. Once they begin the video, the website will grant them access for up to 48 hours.

If the consumer wants to get a taste of what they will see within this movie, they have the option to watch the trailer from Amazon’s streaming page, or from another video website. If there are any problems with the purchase, consumers can reach out to Amazon’s customer service platform.

The Magic Pill Documentary Summary

The Magic Pill dives headfirst into a controversial topic that borders on government conspiracy, but they manage to bring back their message to a personal experience. The participants in the film have very unique circumstances, but anyone can afford to learn more about the benefits of consuming the healthy fats they have avoided for so long.

There are plenty of nutritional lessons to learn in this film, but some consumers may want to seek the guidance and supervision of a doctor while changing their body. The ideas portrayed were performed under advisory, and no one should relinquish their medications or current therapies without being monitored.


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